Michael Williams Sings Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2020

Michael Williams Sings Lauren Daigle’s “You Say” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2020


  1. Way to go Nick. I was scared nobody was going to turn. I'm glad Nick did. This guy has a great voice and needs to be on the Voice. He's got great potential. I enjoyed his performance.

  2. I'm glad that the message of this song reaches the world! Our truest identity is in Christ – and what He says of us matters the most. ❤️

  3. I had the pleasure of being able to see him at kings island during the summer. I’m so happy for you Michael!

  4. Not necessarily into the choices he made to change up the song, but he's got power and range so there's always potential

  5. I know this guy! He sings at my parents’ church and he is SO amazing. I’m so excited to watch his journey unfold on The Voice!

  6. I’ve gotten the pleasure to meet and work with Michael many times and I absolutely love him I’m so happy for him!

  7. he’s so cute and he’s so handsome and he is young and he is same age as me and he can sing and really and really wanna have him win this year ❤️❤️

  8. he is amazing!! he’s sung at my church for a couple years now & it’s always so great to hear him, he’s got such a pretty voice & is such a nice person, so deserving 🙂

  9. YES!!!! I was lucky enough to see him perform all last summer at a theme park, and he was stellar. He was the swing and knew four sets of songs/choreo for four different guys, and killed it no matter what he sang. Also incredibly kind and humble. So happy for you, Michael!!! ☺️

  10. Awesome song .. one of the best of the last 10 years .. I didn't think this was very good at all .. he is young with lots of potential so with some coaching he should be fine.

  11. I do not understand. Sometimes they turn around by nasal and typical country voices, but they don't do it with more versatile ones. Some lack polishing, but that's what coaches are for, to teach …

  12. He actually reminds me of Nick when he sings. He has an insane range and voice but he’s also gorgeous so that’s a perfect mixture

  13. It was not a perfect audition, tbh. But come on, he deserves better than one chair turn! That's what a coach should do, to check and correct his flaws, mold him to become better performer. Way to go Michael! I hope you go far, and prove those 3 coaches wrong!👏👏💪💪🙏🙏

  14. I think a different arrangement would’ve made a world of difference. I think he started too high and should’ve used his great upper mix as like a surprise woo high note moment rather than staying up there the whole time. Also there were a lot of pitch issues, but I agree that he has a lot of potential & good on Nick for recognizing it!

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