Meghan Trainor Reacts to Footage of Herself Singing with Her Soca Band at Age 13

-I can’t breathe!
-Wait. Why? Come on. -This dress is so tight,
but it’s so worth it! [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh. It is worth —
It looks gorgeous. -Thank you.
-We did some research on you, and we found out that you do —
you actually are used to changing genres of music because you sang
with your family. I want to say, do you remember
a band called Island Fusion. -Island Fusion.
Oh, my God. Yeah. -Island Fusion.
-Island Fusion. I was 13 years old
when this started. -Talk to me about Island Fusion. -It’s my uncle,
who’s from Trinidad, my auntie,
who’s not from Trinidad, but she’s a soca queen.
It’s hilarious. She’s great. And then,
my dad plays keyboards, and my little brother
played bass. And then our friend
was the drummer. And we killed it.
We were great. We would play, like,
soca music, pop music, and then I would go in and play
my own original pop songs. And I’m like 15, like —
-They were like, “Who are you, man?
Come on. Let’s play some cover songs!”
-I was like, let’s not. -You’re like,
“That’s Meghan Trainor.” -Literally, I was like,
“Can we cut my originals? This is embarrassing.
No one knows these songs.” -No way.
-And now I’m going on tour with Maroon 5.
-Yeah, come on! That’s what happened.
-That’s what happened. -How many people — How many
people would be at these gigs? -Seven and my nana.
My nana — my nana was like — She was like 89 or something. -She would come
to all of the gigs? -She went to the clubs.
-Really? -‘Cause that’s where
they would have us. You know?
-Where would you play? The Chicken —
-Chicken Box. -What’d you say?
The Chicken Box? -Chicken Box.
You been there. -Shout-out to the Chicken Box
in Nantucket. -Chicken Box.
Hey-oh. -I told you last time —
-It’s small. -It’s a very small —
But it’s an awesome place. And there’s chicken wire
all over the back. -Is that what that is?
-Oh, yeah. -Oh, yeah.
-And somebody was like, “Dude, you want to go and have
drinks and whatever at –” Because we were there
and we were leaving. It was probably like 11:30
or something in the morning. And I go, “No.
It’s too early. It’s not even open.”
They go, “Oh, it’s open.” -They’re open.
All day long. -Dude, this place
is pretty real deal, man. It’s awesome.
You’re a legend over there, pal. -I don’t know.
I haven’t been in so long. -Oh, you got to go back.
You have to go back. -I know, I have to go back.
I miss it. -What songs
would Island Fusion do? Do you remember any?
-Oh, man. We sang a lot of
the pop songs at that time. So, like, Ne-Yo.
-Did you ever do Pitbull? -Yeah, yeah!
-The reason why I know is because
we actually have a tape. [ Laughter, audience “Oohs” ] Here’s Meghan Trainor…
-Jimmy, no. -…and Island Fusion…
-Jimmy, no! -…covering Pitbull’s…
-Jimmy, no! -…”Give Me Everything.”
Take a look at this. -Jimmy, no! -Come on, come on, come on!
Two, three! ♪ I want all of you tonight ♪
-Yeah! -♪ Give me everything tonight ♪ ♪ For all we know,
we might not get tomorrow ♪ ♪ Let’s do it tonight ♪ -I mean, come on.
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s a star right there.
-No! -A star is born!
-Oh, my. -In the Chicken Box.
-I have always been doing this. -Yeah, oh, yeah.
-What is that? -No, I liked it.
Come on. -She was cute.
You hear how nervous she was? ♪ Tonight ♪
-No, it was great. -How did you get into music
at home? Your parents
are very into music? -Yeah. My dad actually
taught music on Nantucket. -Yeah.
-And he’s an older dad, so all of my friends —
their parents would be, like, “Your dad was my teacher,”
and I was like, “Oh, no.” That’s, like —
That’s crazy. So, yeah.
But he’s a legend. He would wake me up
every morning, playing keyboard
and singing to me. -Really?
-Yeah. -And what would mom be into? -Yeah, dad would play, like,
soul and funk, and he thought
he was James Brown for a while. And my mom
would play ABBA and Madonna. So I had the best — And then,
I would have my soca songs. And like, I had
the best genres of all time. -What was your brother into?
-Rap. Yeah. -Oh, yeah?
-Yeah. -My brother thought he was,
like, a young Eminem, too, at one point.
-Really? -That was a great phase. -You got to bring that tape
next time just to embarrass him. -That tape —
That’s a good tape. That’s a good tape. Do you remember
your first concert? -Nsync. -Ah!
[ Cheers and applause ] Wow.
-Yeah, Nsync. Nsync was my first concert ever, and it was so loud,
and I was so scared. Because I was like, “Why?” And then,
they did the turnaround, like, “Just Got Paid,”
something with the booty. And I was like —
I thought, like — You know how you’re young and
you’re like, “Boys are icky.” I was like, “Boys are great.”
Like, I was like — [ Laughter ]
-Your voice got really deep. -I was like, “I’m into men.”
[ Laughter ] I was like, “Oh, my God.”
-“Boys are beautiful.” -That was the first time
I was like, “I feel some type of way
about this man onstage.” [ Laughter ] -Have you ever told
Justin Timberlake? I’m sure you’ve met him.
You ever told him that’s your — -I’ve barely met him. I screamed at him once, like,
“I love your wife’s TV show!” ‘Cause I didn’t want it to be
all about him, you know? I thought,
“This will switch it up.” [ Laughter ]
-He loves his wife, too. -And he was like,
“Isn’t it great?” And that was it.
-That’s good. -He’s great.
You tell him I said hi. -I definitely will.
-Okay. -“Treat Myself.”
Let’s talk about this. I love —
-Yeah. -I knew you were coming out
with a new one. I’m so excited.
It’s finally out. You have Nicki Minaj on here.
You have Pussycat Dolls. -I do.
-15 tracks. It’s a beautiful record.
-Thank you. -Do you have favorites?
You can’t really say. They’re all your favorites.
-My brother — Both my brothers wrote
“Lie To Me” with me, so that’s like a really —
like, a close one to my heart. And also “Funk.”
You’re gonna love “Funk.” -“Funk” is a jam?
-It’s a funk song. -It’s like my girl version
of “Uptown Funk.” But, like,
total different concept. -Love it.
-Yeah. [ Light laughter ] -When do you go on tour
with Maroon 5? -I go on tour —
That’s a great question. -Yeah.
-Summer. -Yeah, in the summertime.
-I think. -Yeah, that’s gonna be fun.
-It’s got to be summer, right? -Do you know Adam
or any of those guys? -I met him after the Super Bowl.
I hung out with him and his mom. They were so cute.
-Yeah. -After the Super Bowl, and I was
like, “Great job, man.” -They’re talented guys, man.
-I did not belong there. I was at the cool party. -What are you talking about?
You totally belong there. I would love to see you guys
do something together. -I know.
-That would be amazing. -Adam, let’s collab.
-Yeah, I know. You got time.
I mean, before the show. -Maroon 5.
-She so fun and so talented. What song are you doing tonight
for us? -I’m gonna sing my new song, “Nice to Meet Ya,”
featuring Nicki Minaj. -Yeah!
That’s what I’m talking about. [ Cheers and applause ] We love you.
-I love you! -You are the best ever.
-You’re the best! -Meghan Trainor, everybody!

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