– great resource for free math games and skill practice (can create worksheets as well – great resource for free math games and skill practice (can create worksheets as well

Hi everyone it’s Brad today we’re taking a
look at math Gamescom which is a free source for math games and skill practice
what I really like is the option to go on and you can search by grade so if
we’re just gonna choose that’s just safe they’re great here you could search for
the skills or you could scroll down and let’s just select this one right here
multiplication by ten so if we do that you can see there’s a video playing
because you could upgrade to remove all the ads if you’d like to and to do that
you would just need to select the SUBSCRIBE well you can let this go and
go ahead and if you’d like to you can see how you could share this skill with
your students on remind on google classroom but you can also do this you
can also go ahead and select a printable worksheet when you do that you can see
the number of pages one two three and four let’s go to four right now and in
compact you can see how many questions there are and about the average class
time to go in and solve it you can select download worksheet give it a
little bit of time it’ll generate and I’ll come up as a PDF and you can print
this out and share this with your students also at the very end is an
answer key which is great to have if we go back you can see at the very top then
there are ways you can go ahead by skills so if you selected fractions you
can then go through and see if I grade as well if we go to games the ones that
are starred are ones you would need to subscribe to you also go through by
standards you can see them all right there
and then by worksheets you can see all the number worksheets there so there you
go there is math games that come any questions let me know thanks for
watching ticket

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