Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Final Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Final Trailer

I tell people my sister moved out west. ♪♪ YELENA:
You’re a science teacher. YELENA:
Your husband… he renovates houses. YELENA:
You’re thinking about moving but you’re gonna
wait until the interest rates
go down. NATASHA:
That’s not my story. [NATASHA laughs] ♪♪ NATASHA:
Before I was an Avenger… …I made
mistakes… …and a lot
of enemies. YELENA:
His call sign’s Taskmasker. YELENA:
He controls the Red Room. YELENA:
They’re manipulated… …fully conscious,
but no choices. NATASHA:
I should have come back for you. How many others
are there? YELENA:
Enough. [Drumming intensifies] ♪♪ NATASHA:
We have to go back to where it
all started… …so they never do
that to anyone again. ALEXEI:
We are family… ALEXEI:
we fight with you. MELINA:
You won’t win. MELINA:
I always found it best… …not to look
into the past. YELENA:
Okay, you got a plan or shall I just stay,
duck, and cover? NATASHA:
My plan was to drive us away! YELENA:
Well, your plan sucks. ♪♪ NATASHA:
At some point we all have to
choose… …between what the world
wants you to be… …and who
you are. [Drums intensify] [Heavy gunfire] NATASHA:
I made my choice… NATASHA:
…I’m done running. ♪♪ YELENA:
Woo! ♪♪ NATASHA:
Here’s what’s gonna happen… MELINA:
Natasha, don’t slouch. NATASHA:
I’m not slouching. MELINA:
You’re going to get the back hunch. ALEXEI:
Hm, listen to your mother. NATASHA:
Oh my God this… ALEXEI:
Up, up! NATASHA:
Alright, enough. All of you. YELENA:
I didn’t say anything, that’s not fair. ♪♪


  1. B-O-R-I-N-G
    enough of these prequels, sequels already.
    Avengers -end game meant the ending for me from this franchise.

  2. Aren't all movies now totally straight to Netflix due to the Coronavirus? Btw it's a great thing if movies simply drop online the day they are released… People just have a watch party at home. Stay Safe

  3. Remember what Tony Stark said after Natasha dead in Endgame:
    "Do we know if she had family?"

    The answer is 2:08
    Yes, I'm crying.

  4. Taskmaster better survive this movie and go after Spider-Man and then form his own team named Thunderbolts while his true identity remaining an absolute secret throughout his presence in the MCU.

  5. Why marvel is releasing this movie now as it gonna impact huge on its revenue due to spread of corona virus.

  6. Come on man marvel, you guys made one of the best vfx movie, a billion dollar record , the best de aging, and yet still stuck with taskmaster helmet design? Why man? Come on, i was hoping that the first trailer i saw taskmaster helmet i assume it just temporary and changed through out the movie, but in final trailer, it still like that? Come on man, why not the skull design? Is it brcause china? Yes? Hm i aint no racist , but listen, The chinese wont go to the theater to saw this movie, and without china , u guys will make a hit million or billion, becausr everyone love black widow, so dont expect to much and lean for china, come on feige, dont do this like that, ๐Ÿ˜–

  7. These Trailers Are Just amazing!
    Dc is Also Trying to Make them better like Da wonderwoman Trailer!
    I hope The movies are far enjoyable than the trailer!

  8. I'm pretty sure Taskmaster copied cap's skills along with black widow, black panther, Hawkeye and Spider man's as well

  9. Should've released the movie on International Women's Dayโค
    High alert on empowerment, such fighting skills and badass moves๐Ÿ˜

  10. Looks good but honestly the over the top cgi fight scenes with stuff falling out of the sky and unrealistic reflexes is now a massive turn off for me sheโ€™s only human and I expected a grounded sound story with Jason Bourne or John Wick like action set pieces but marvel just had to shove the superhero โ€œstakes are highโ€ scenario down our throats, I blame fast and furious and superhero franchises for taking away realism and grounded action for this nonsense smh

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