Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses


  1. @garyvee Gary! great #AskGaryVee
    today! what is the best way to sell ones business idea to seed investors?

    is it mixing confidence with humility with a sprinkle of urgency? Or something else all together? #seedinvestment #branding #startup #business

  2. She's got it… you can tell. So happy for her! It's just a patience game from here. It's so cool to listen to people who actually get it & are actively deploying it.

  3. Small Businesses need to use more social media sales channels. If you want help with yours add me:

  4. Hey Gary! Thinking 🤔 of creating a multiple discipline company, I don't have funding for the clothing store part of it yet, so first I will be offering services such as Social Media management, Event coverage (photography, video and graphic design ), my question is how do I convince companies that still use old media, like news paper, TV and billboards to shift their budget towards Social Media?
    My background is that I live in Botswana, Africa. Worked as an intern for an IT company and have been active as content creator freelancing for different people and business

  5. Like influencer marketing for nat’l brands. But local, it’s tough to find quality influencers for many cities

  6. Inspirational video. Marketing a business is always the sticking point for people just starting out in business.

  7. Great video! A good marketing strategy is so important for small businesses. One really helpful tool I use for making video ads is Promo ( ). Definitely check it out!

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