Mark Levin: Dems’ impeachment case has been an embarrassment

Mark Levin: Dems’ impeachment case has been an embarrassment


  1. The Democrats? Are….one world order people.
    1 World….. government.
    Look out for the, " chronovirus .
    I would hate to live in L A., California. All face masks are being bought up in the USA.
    And get this. No…face mask…will protect you from the… chronovirus! Tim. ExUS Army….Vet

  2. Mr. Levin,

    Can’t anyone
    see what is going on? Nancy Pelosi and her henchmen are trying to overthrow our
    government. I wonder how much she is getting paid to do so?

  3. The Democrats are responsible for the Decline, Decay, Decadence , and Destruction of the greatest country in human history

  4. I think the Democrats should pay for this circus. Why not, they have deep pockets. Why should the taxpayers foot the bill?

  5. "IF this is true," it would be an impeachable offense." "IF I was Jeff Bezos, I wouldn't be on my 8th hour sitting at this desk staring at a couple of monitors." See how that works, Dems? It's absurd and certainly not 'news.' sad and pathetic. Our media sucks! The liberal media cannot sink any lower. They have lowered the bar as low as it can go.

  6. People need to wake up to these elitist secret society Illuminati types they live in the world of lies and they use their lies to control and manipulate those around them and that's exactly what they're doing and they've been trying to do this to the president for 3 years now's all a form of witchcraft that's what they're doing ..people need to wake up these people live in the world of lies and they can be very slick to make you believe that their lie is true.. that's why it's called witchcraft don't listen to these people..

  7. Mark i am as angry as u. I am one of the forgotten americans. Trump gave life back to me. I literally want all of those swamp creatures taken care of…

  8. NOBODY is talking about what is ACTUALLY in Bolton's book! It's just speculation. HOWEVER….per the NYT Article (you have to wait until the 4th page posted online), HERE is what they say happened at the August, 2019 meeting being referred to. READ CAREFULLY about the actual subject matter:

    "In his August 2019 discussion with Mr. Bolton, the president appeared focused on the theories Mr. Giuliani had shared with him, replying to Mr. Bolton’s question that he preferred sending no assistance to Ukraine until officials had turned over all materials they had about the Russia investigation that related to Mr. Biden and supporters of Mrs. Clinton in Ukraine."

    Ok…did you get that? If the above is accurate, Trump was asking about the RUSSIA INVESTIGATION – and the materials Ukraine had that related to Biden and Hillary's supporters. The RUSSIA investigation that had been finished. NOT about Hunter Biden and Burisma.

    A nothing burger.

  9. Ok this guy is Another one. Who thinks Trump cares about him. What a fool put his ("C__k in your mouth while you lie..shamefull that fox news is so up his rectum it don't stinks…Frank n.y.

  10. I'd like to see Rudy,hired as a court appointed attorney,to represent,We the People to sue MSM for libel slander,and a threat to National Security.Put their financiers out of business.

  11. I can't believe I once considered myself a lefty Dem. I am disgusted by what the left and the DNC have become. This impeachment is a pathetic sham. They are afraid (if not certain) that they can't beat Trump ESPECIALLY because their 3 year sham blew up in their pathetic faces.

  12. When will the AMERICAN PEOPLE say to the PELOSI the Schumer the den of corrupted DEMOCRATS and say in the name of GOD stop Harassing the PRESIDENT and allow him to do the People's work a $40 millions price tag for the Muller report what will the Impeachment FEASCO cost ? LORD HELP THE HELPLESS AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM THE DEMONIC DEMOCRATIC PARTY 😠😤😈

  13. Democrats can't change the fact that Trump won the election
    If you can't do anything about it then let it go. Democrats are still stuck in the past

  14. What I love about this impeachment trial is that Donald Trump could shoot Greta Thunberg with a crossbow through the head and the Republicans and the Senate will still acquit. This is how God is blessing America. TRUMP2020.

  15. YOU ROCK MARK!!! Thank you so very much for putting the TRUTH out THERE for all these jerks and losers to watch!! Go get your gum scumbags and "CHEW" on this…..

  16. In any impeachment of an elected official ALL witnesses, that are RELEVANT to the CHARGES should TESTIFY under oath, in OPEN session, closed only when testimony creates a true national security risk. You're overturning an election here. in my opinion to demand, or settle for anything less than the above is un-patriotic, partisan, BS.

  17. "New Toolkit: A Food Waste Challenge for Groups" Food System Sep 10th, 2019 | By Sustainable America – let's do things better – let's not waste food… and let's recycle..

  18. If Bolton has proof Trump , The Trump party and Fox are going down , if Bolton has proof then fox will be exposed for all the lies they have told the American people

  19. "Albuquerque mayor: Here’s a crazy idea, let’s give homeless people jobs" (2015)- well done! No one can do it alone! let's support that great effort of this mayor today- don't ever let this idea die…America the strong! innovative and people humbly serving one another. let's get one with KAG now and help this mayor and pres Trump.

  20. God bless you! We the people thank you, the Constitution and the Declaration thanks you for defending the truth! Amen. 🕊️

  21. Democrats and MSM are liable for their lies and slanderous defamation of this president. Call this what it is. It's a reckless, seditious, treasonous coup by criminals trying to cover their asses. All the crimes of these swamp creatures are going to float to the surface for all to see. Exposing the Bidens is a prelude to what will be released on the Clintons, Obama, Clapper, Brennen, Comey…etc.

  22. Democrats are all Communists. If they don’t afford due process to the President ! What do you think they’ll do to you ????

  23. There should be a way to punish these people…get our tax money back and put on real needs…if a common citizen files fake charges they would be locked up…should be a lot more serious and a higher crime for the representatives to do the same

  24. I'm laughing that news outlets actually was using news from Buzzfeed as a valid source of info. That's like using articles from the glamrags at the checkout stand.

  25. Well mark we're gonna have to put up with it until they get put in jail Whenever that may be I'm beginning to wonder if they're ever gonna get put away their so corrupt and all they do is try to go after this president is done nothing but good things for this country

  26. I disagree with the title, this impeachment has been the best thing in the world. The sheer amount of hypocrites being exposed is sorely needed.

    Who would thought crooked Trump is just what the doctor ordered.

  27. tRump is an embarrassment. Telling Bolton exactly what he wanted from Ukraine and you nits are still lying about. Always wanting to shoot the messenger instead of listening to the message.
    Boy this guy sure learned to talk good with tRump's mushroom in his mouth.

  28. Clinton was impeached over actual crimes , was convicted, even lost his law license, and refused to leave office, … huh?

  29. The clowns heading up the BS witch-hunt are running the most troubled states. With the biggest jobless, homeless, junkie, and educational problems.
    Why don’t they clean up their own states instead of trying to make the rest of USA as bad as their sh!+ hole states??

  30. Only sheep in the Cult of Dear Leader Trump call the TRUTH a betrayal. When you will accept no evidence and no one's testimony that Trump did something wrong you are truly BRAINWASHED. Open your eyes, clean out your ears, and smell the coffee.

  31. If you believe this man you have not been watching the actual trial. All the lies and false republican claims have been debunked.

    There is a reason FOX is not showing you that.

  32. Mark Levin I Agree with you 100% !!! On all of the Sham of a Impeachment is is and has been nothing but a Sham It is The Adam Shiff show it is so sickening Thank you Mark Levin God Bless you and yours I do Agree with everything you have talked about on this Video Sir Amen USA

  33. President Trump For Office 2020 Let's Continue to Drain The Swamp and Continue to Build the Wall and secure borders and let's work on the Homeless problem here in The United States Of America In Jesus Name Amen USA

  34. I came across this video as a recommendation, and my biggest qualm with this and every other partisan rant is the blame. It's always the Dems or the Republicans do this or that. Can't we just do WHAT IS RIGHT 4 THE PPL. Most of us are in the middle, like 70%+. I think what Democrats are doing is terrible water off tax payer money, I'm sick of hearing about nothing, but there Republicans give it right back! I'm registered Republican but I hold some ideals that align with the Democrats policies. Certainly the socialist crap can be nixed, but the Judeo/christain influence on govt policy can go to. The best way don't Force your ideals on others, goes for both sides! Get a Governor, senator, or representative to do for their constituents and I will be their biggest supporter regardless of party affliliation.

  35. Mark, can you please represent me in an parking ticket case against me. Or any case ever against me. You rock Mark..

  36. Overthrow all these liars, cheats and self serving thieves from office! These people vote their own raises, separate healthcare from Americans and have priveledge above all of us that they have not earned. We the American people have been and are being manipulated to hide the degenerate actions of these pathetic career politicians.

  37. Mark I get it. President Trump didn't say anything suggesting demands, threats or bribery. Only one problem though. He showed up to work. 👨‍💼👨‍💻 Dems just hate him. 😔
    Trump 2020

  38. Its very ironic that President Trump has accomplished more in three years than most Presidents in eight years yet he takes more political abuse than any of them. Real sad.😔
    Trump 2020

  39. Heh. Heh…. Pelosi do not conduct the Impeachment by the rules… and no vote to support this move was carried as required by the Constitutional Law of the USA!… She does pretty much like a free lance lawyer… no respects for anyone or anything just like a lunatic women "high on opiods"… or even worse could be very very high on "Adrenochrome just like Hillary" did we think so?… bottom line, there was no any criminal activity committed!!!….. what a circus court prosecution.. a very grevious SHAM!…

  40. sources say that POTUS is considering the televised hanging executions of Obama, Biden, Comey, Schiff, and a band of traitors on a custom built multiple gallows on the White House lawn at the 2020 election; followed by a gala fireworks display. (available in HD)

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