Mapy Google w artykule – Joomla To Proste #19

Mapy Google w artykule – Joomla To Proste #19

Hello to you in the next episode of Joomla is simple my name is Marcin Równicki and in this episode I will show you how simple way to place Google Maps in the article. So that you can show your client how to get there, for example to your store or other location So I invite you inside. So the first thing we need is we will need to install “Embed Google Maps” on our site free addition which is of course a big plus, we can take advantage of this additional Google Google Maps with the version without the classic map API and of course the map that requires the API the final effect will look more or less the way we have an article we have a picture of ourselves and at the bottom we would they wanted it to be a map on Google Maps. for example, it will be a castle in Będzin because why not. So for starters, let’s go to the plugin itself, I will not show the installation itself. Because it is obviously very simple. We are going through extensions and we find ourselves in addition, after installation, you will need to turn it on naturally Let’s go to him and the first thing we really have to do is choose the language, choose your language Polish language we can change the information about the map enlargement here Let’s take a few basic things that we can use If you have a page after https It is worth to note that he used the https protocol Here you have room for keys if you just need it in the world as well as loading asynchronous, for example, but in our case it will not be necessary and save all the settings with you after enabling this add-on. Save me, let’s close So let’s get to the articles, because I use K2, I’ll show it to K2 but it does not it does not matter, we could do it the same way in the articles And so we go to the article of the lock of Bedzin because we would like that. So, as we are in the article now we go downstairs, I have a special map like this and it would be good to be here Google Maps map displayed. So let’s use shortcodes Google _ (underline) map Google _ (underline) map And now the question is what to put in the medium to make it work for us. So let’s get to Google Maps Let’s write Będzin Castle We have a location, so in that case we copy it. We enter our article but we would like to so that at this point in this article the map is a bit different than what we would normally like let’s assume a little bigger, so we’ll use pipeline addresses after our name and enter Wearing height and width let’s 750 (Pipeline) 450 if we have done everything correctly, then we write down this article and our Map should appear just in the article on the front page.
Let’s check if we have saved the changes and so let’s move on Wearing a stone front.
Let’s refresh the page. And as you can see the map appeared to us much larger than before where to take the shortcode And how to apply them all we have in addition in the description simply. Here we have what syntax we can afford use optional course if we would need something else to look different than standard. Because all the standard settings you have here and here you can use them If you need to use the API A key then you have to go to Google Maps and here yourself generate your own keys. But maybe it’s a bit simple in some future episode of Joomla. And how simple putting a map I think that each of you has certainly managed If you had any problems then leave a comment simply under the film I will try to answer each individual. If you want to be up to date, of course subscribe to the channel 🙂 If you liked this tutorial, you know Paw up or did not like that paw down. My name is Marcin Równicki and I thank you cordially for your attention and see you in the next episode of “Joomla is simple”, keep warm. Hey Questions can also be directed at [email protected] Thank you for subscribing.


  1. Ankieta do uzupełniania zajmie wam to max 180 sekund 🙂 Pomoże to mnie Tworzyć dla was bardziej wartościowe rzeczy.

  2. Czy jest opcja zamieszczenia mapy w module (własny)? Chciałbym użyć w module accordion z sp page builder (wysuwane menu), ale coś tam nie trybi i wyświetla się short code

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