Mahisha to Maxie: “You Need a Support System” | Mind Your Business with Mahisha | OWN

Mahisha to Maxie: “You Need a Support System” | Mind Your Business with Mahisha | OWN

-Take me through a typical day. -Uh, well my days start at, like, 5am. -I go downtown, from 9am from when the fabric stores open, til they close at 6. And then I go to the store from 6 to, like, 9. And then I go to sleep at 9:30. And then I get up to do it all over again. Lord, Jesus. -Oh my gosh. -You’re sacrificing a lot. -Oh, everything. -You’re sacrificing everything, personally… -I’ll get emotional. Every time I talk about that. -What part? -Because it’s just, it’s really hard, so hard, more than I can express. -To do it all, girl, I know. Listen, you can’t tell me I don’t know. I know! -But you know what, you need help. You need a support system. Honey, if I did not have a support system, I would not be here today. You need to delgate, have people do these things for you. It may be an investment, but it’s going to be worth your sanity. -Yeah, no I understand. And I’ve always wanted to get a team, but like I said, capital is always a thing. And I always have to invest in my next thing. So I’m always saving for my next thing. -Start with one. One key person. -Yeah. -Right hand. -I know what Maxie’s going through. She has been doing this for so long by herself. There’s almost too much to bear. But, she’s gonna come to terms with some really hard truths. She needs help.


  1. Thats how i feel, literally my life is waking up getting ready going to work getting out go do some errands, work some more at home and its like that 24hr of the week, I’ve lived on my own since 19 im 21 now and its though and hard because whenever i feel like breaking down i cant and i have to keep it in me and just deal with it because no one is next to me pushing me forward so i understand we all do need a support system, i thank god for my mom because without her id be a mess right now

  2. It makes you feel like a robot. I still get up like my kids are going to school and they're done with school. My problem is shutting my brain down so I can sleep. I'm always thinking about tomorrow.

  3. I enjoyed this episode. She was the most focused and organized business owner so far. I can't wait to see how see continues to grow. Please keep this show going, I love it.

  4. I feel like BW are the ones who always seem to endure a lot of things by themselves without any support. It’s so draining. We’re not superheroes we also need help

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