LIVE Small Business Marketing Challenge! (Local Marketing Ideas and Tutorials)

LIVE Small Business Marketing Challenge! (Local Marketing Ideas and Tutorials)

Hey there! If you have seen any of my YouTube
videos then you know I like to provide a lot of small and local business marketing tips,
techniques and strategies that I use have tested, and I know that work. I don’t provide
a lot of fluff, statistics or reasons why you should be doing something. I’m a strong
believer getting to the point showing you what works and basically putting my money
where my mouth is. Hey guys, I’m Brandon with and I’ve been helping
small and local business owners bring in more local customers. And I want to invite you
to follow along as I undertake the largest marketing challenge that I have ever done.
I’m going to be taking a local-based business with almost 0 online presence and building
a dominating marketing campaign. And the best thing about this is I’m going to be documenting
the entire process. I’m going to be showing you what I did, why I did it, how I did it,
any software or programs that I used, everything is going to be documented. And the reason
why I’m documenting everything is so that you can follow along and see what I’m doing
and then implement these same exact strategies in your business. And by the end of this campaign,
I hope to have this business taking up multiple spots on Google for all of its keywords. And
we’ll be doing this through their website, directory sites like Yelp, video marketing,
and a few other techniques that all work together to really drive in local customers. And the
reason I’m doing a live challenge like this is that so you can literally see the results.
You can see what we did, how long it took, and the results that we got from it. This
entire live marketing challenge will most likely take place over the next month or two.
And I’ll be documenting everything on my website and my YouTube channel so you guys
can easily follow along. And we probably won’t start for another week or two because I’m
still working with the business owner to get everything in order that we can really do
this right. But, check out what I have set up for you guys right now: if you guys click
the link right below this video you can get early access to the business we will be working
on so that you can see it before we start, you can also get signed up to get notified
when we start, we will give you guys access to MP3 recaps of every single update, you’ll
get my insider thoughts during the entire test, and we’ll notify you when every update
is live. But at the end of this live marketing challenge
we’ll also be picking 5 people or business owners who signed up for our newsletter to
receive free coaching from me so that you guys can implement these exact same strategies
in your own business. So be sure to check out the link below this video or you can go
to to follow along, get these bonuses, and your chance to win
free coaching from me. I am really excited about this, and I really hope that you guys
follow along ad we can make this a great marketing challenge.
Hey, you haven’t clicked over yet, what’re you waiting for? This marketing test is going
to be awesome! And I shouldn’t be telling you guys this, but if you click over I might
have an extra bonus for you that I didn’t include in this video. So be sure to click
over right now or visit at soldwithvideo/lloc and get that bonus. I’ll see you guys on
the next page.


  1. Hey thanks so much! That means a lot and I hope you learn a lot from this Live Challenge. It will be fun and hopefully help get your service company some new clients!

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