Liiketoimintasuunnitelma (3/7) | Tuotteet ja palvelut | Business plan: Products and services

Business plan
3. Products and services Products and services It is important to productize services Do you sell products or hourly rates, or ready bundles? Describe the products and services that you’re planning to sell Where they are bought from, what they cost, and how they differ from your competitors’ products and services. You can add up to 6 product and service groups So if the price list is very extensive, as for a hair salon, put the average price, or the most popular price in the product group The price list can be attached to the business plan The written products and prices are automatically added to the columns of the sales calculation You can edit them here, or later on in the sales calculation Prices are written without VAT and the product and service groups need to be explained, what they include and what the client pays for Entrepreneurship empowers!

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