Lev Parnas To Maddow: ‘It Was Never About Corruption’ | All In | MSNBC

Lev Parnas To Maddow: ‘It Was Never About Corruption’ | All In | MSNBC


  1. Wow, as a jewish lesbian from NY, I have listened to Rachel for years, and it is so sad that she has been put in the position to spread propaganda by the news company she works for, I followed her for many years. but I'm so sad to say that I think she has been duped. She has had many bombshell interviews, but this one is so blatantly obvious that I have to regretfully cross over to other sources to get news

  2. It is most believable that Lev’s partner, Igor, will also soon come on MSNBC to tell his side. People who wants to do the right thing can now find a way around the GOP Senate to testify.

  3. If I was a middle eastern world leader, I would be afraid of being murdered by missiles. Trump will try to change the topic by murder once again. Just like the last time.

  4. Trump claims he's innocent. It's a witch hunt. So all he has to do to is publish his tax returns, allow the Mueller report to be made public without redaction, and for witnesses to testify at the impeachment hearings. He won't because that would be the end of his presidency and lead to him and his cronies going to jail. I just can't understand why his supporters can't see through him.

  5. Lev Parnas helps Rudy implicate Joe Biden then the Feds indict Lev on illegal campaign funds and threatens him to recant the story he told Rudy

  6. Part 2 of Rachel’s Parnas interview is Thurs Jan 16 on Rachel Maddow show, MSNBC. Try to see Part 1 that aired Jan 15.

  7. Two major flaws with rachel’s false narrative: the investigation started in 2014 and included freezing bank assets. Trump wasn’t even in the picture then. 2015 VP biden openly bragged at the CFR that he got the ukraine federal investigator fired, thus temporarily halted by 2016. Read the last part and then watch biden brag about covering for his son while VP at the CFR for yourself.

  8. If you have an open mind and compare this to Watergate then you have to admit that Watergate was like illegally feeding the Pigeons in the Park..

  9. Google should remove this video It’s a cut and pasted clip and cut manipulated video amateur cut and using different video pieces and segments from various irrelevant videos and sound manipulated rubbish in order to “ fool” other “ fools” It’s so absurd and idiotic it dies not belong on any outlet and again material is so manipulated Google should have removed it a long time ago even if it’s simply irrelevant

  10. And the entire GOP trying to hide the truth, saying Trump fighting corruption in Ukraine … Yeah while he was stealing charity money back home? ….. Give me a break

  11. Hey MSNBC
    What is this BS with one minute, two minutes clips? Why don't you post the whole episode? If I want to skip a part, I can fast forward.
    you are wasting my time.

  12. The Democrats and the MSM get there best witnesses just before they go to prison, totally upstanding, reliable and very credible.

  13. Lev is talking now because he's afraid that Trump will get Bill Barr to Epstein him!
    It really is that simple. If he sings it all out now Barr would have less reason to knock him off plus he would be much higher profile, so more safe as everyone would know who did it.

  14. History will not look good for the DumboCrats after all this comes out. The Corruption of our government after 8 years of Obozo!

  15. Loser cry baby dem-orats. Again this will go no where. Another fake bombshell from a fake news network. Trump has done every thing to help this country while you cry baby snow flake woke fools do nothing but hate this country. Save this country and wake up. The dems are ruining this country with their liberal laws. Vote republican. Trump 2020.


  17. Maddow crakin da case… again… and again. Yall are sooo easy. Half baked BS. At least find some new adjectives, sheese. Surely one yall have a thesaurus.


  19. Check how many times that Lev parnes has been arrested in the crimes he has committed. You will be shocked! This man is the next Michael avenatti.

  20. Come on America,we aren't that uneducated to figure out that the redacted emails is totally a cover up to protect Trump! Come on people we need a fair trial!!

  21. Please Democrats,to protect your vote go to your local town office and vote Absentee ballot! I urge you to because voting machines will be hacked again by some foreign country,they are doing this as we speak!!

  22. His story won’t hold up under cross examination if called as a witness. Just like all the democrats witnesses failed in the house inquiry under cross examination.

  23. @MSNBC Why chop up the interview in seconds long segments? This is important things. I will downvote all of MSNBC YouTube clips I watch from now.

  24. The delusion continues.
    Trump has been the most investigated American to ever live and this is all that they can come up with.
    The whole anti-Trump movement has backfired against the deep state.
    Nancy the fraud had more than enough time to bring this "evidence" to the house.
    Bring this guy in and it will be more of the same, hearsay. No factuak evidence .
    Trump wins again.
    Why do you idiots want to be controlled by the deep state? Why do you want the government to control every aspect of your life ?
    Trump will go down as a great American Hero and it's too bad that many of you don't see him that way.
    I guess it's like the left who tried to impeach Lincoln.

  25. G00gle “Parnas lsraeI” heck:G00gle every Trump crony with “lsraeI” and you’ll see who’s really behind the collusion.

  26. At the time I wrote this comment there were 44 dislikes.
    First thing I thought: "Well that covers the administration."


  27. Trump and Giuliani are courrpt it was wicked lawlessness all republicans will be voted out it was all about Trump selfish motives

  28. Mad cow and Msdnc get their notes directly from Zuckerberg
    And it's more than clear roll of l e v
    Has made a deal and is getting millions from Zuckerberg

  29. Here's one thing that is missed by The mad cow crowd
    Rudy Giuliani is a private citizen unless they have proof Trump ordered an investigation they don't have crap
    On the other hand Rudy Giuliani the private citizen might have dirt on crooked Joe Biden

  30. WE GOT HIM NOW Russia
    WE GOT HIM NOW Ukraine
    WE GOT HIM NOW Taxes
    WE GOT HIM NOW Russia
    WE GOT HIM NOW Ukraine
    WE GOT HIM NOW Russia
    WE GOT HIM NOW Ukraine
    WE GOT HIM NOW Taxes

    Impeachment… duh, we don’t got him at all.

  31. Mr. Parnas looks somewhat depressed. It's best that he doesn't live in any building more than a single story. Many depressed Russians have a history of committing suicide from very high buildings.

  32. It was always about corruption….the Obama/biden corruption. I notice that Mad Cow doesn't mention Parnas meeting with commie islamist John Brennan in 2016 does heshe? Nope. Lying thieving SOB'S!

  33. You'd think they'd be laying low after all the attacks in NY and NJ. But they enjoy being victims so they keep pushing

  34. 'Deal-maker' thought taxpayer dollars were his personal piggybank to buy dirt on a political rival and exonerate scuzzy Manafort? Throw that bum out!

  35. I still think it's so sleazy that Trump had Gouliani out there making dirty deals as if he somehow represented the USA . Ughhhh how far we have fallen 😭 in the eyes of the world.

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