Lev Parnas Remarks On Role Of Devin Nunes In Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Lev Parnas Remarks On Role Of Devin Nunes In Trump Ukraine Scheme | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. Parnas, I totally agree with you! When we see these politicians sitting in positions they don't deserve, we know they are liars, thieves, crooks, working against their own Countries interest. Nunes gave himself awhile ago! Remember the White House lawn incident? He was back paddling then. He DID NOT want the truth to surface! Crooks on the committee! I will state this again, and again, and again, Trump is playing chess, and people are his pawns! He has no King, Queen, Bishop, Rook, Knight, only pawns!

  2. He just SAVED his LIFE, it's all out there BEFORE THE TRIAL which EPSTEIN DEAD BEFORE the trial while in prison BEFORE he could SPEAK PUBLICLY. GREAT LAWYER

  3. Scary!!! This guy knows the stuff was Scary!! And He called his Lawyer?? Come on!!! Traitor as well!! You can’t clean out now!!! You’re on way in it!!!!!!

  4. Full frontal american government corruption for the world to see. The west does not have a moral compass to be telling others how to govern, but they do have the threat of war and destruction. Overthrow the western world and you will be that much freer.

  5. Let me see if I can Miss Cleo this. Evidence grows. More crimes revealed. GOP response… Nothing to see here folks… Fake news… This is Trump being Trump… Hunter Biden… Joe Biden… Hillary… Look at those job numbers folks… and the nation forgets all of this and moves on till the next horror is revealed. Rinse. Repeat.

  6. Trump surrounds himself with underachievers like Nunes who will do anything to hold on to the little bit of power he grants them.

  7. How long before trump says this isn't evidence of anything, that it's 3rd party information. It won't matter how convincing the evidence is, trump supporters don't care that he's a criminal as long as he (pretends to) protect the unborn child…………… while he rapes the living ones.

  8. It seems America has even more corruption than Russia. How on earth does the president get away with 3 years of self-serving corruption? Surely it’s time for a long hard look in the mirror America

  9. Oh NO not our own Devin? How does that pan out? such a fine, upstanding, "intelligent" trustworthy pillar of justice like Devin (watch it or I will sue you) Nunes. I am surprised…………….

  10. After Watergate 48 Republikkkans went to prison. I can't wait until Devin Nunes and all those Republikkkan traitors are locked up.

  11. Devin Nunes … another corrupt lying crook. Republiclown corruption at an all time high. If you accept all this and you still fail to remove … you Republiclown cowards will never recover. You sold out the country‼

  12. I don't understand why the Republican Party is not being investigated as a criminal organization. They are like a combination of the Mafia and the KKK. What the heck are we doing allowing these crooks to get away with this.




  14. Leg Parnas MSNBCs newest paid contributor. Like Avennati , Cohen, Comey, Clapper all known liars and leakers. Each either in prison or on their way to prison. Parnas included.

  15. Is there anyone on Earth who doesn’t KNOW how GUILTY Trump is? AS SIN! About that much. His fans know it, especially. They WANT a single party, Putin Style dictatorship. You can count on BIG international distractions on the day they shove Trump’s, “trial,” through the Senate, in under an hour, with his CONSPIRATORS sitting on the, “Jury,” shouting, “Not guilty! Next!” A, “Trial,” with no witnesses or evidence ALLOWED? . . . Even SUGGESTING that would have been enough to start a Revolution in the old days. What’s WRONG with you, America? 2020 is so OBVIOUSLY RIGGED! They just don’t want you to WAKE UP! . . . SMH

  16. Whether you like it or not Trump has a right to know what Biden is up to, the same way CNN And the Dems want to know Trump is up to or had been in p to.period. I simply can't get what is it p to.🤔

  17. For roughly 9 months I have nightly recordings on my YOUTUBE TV of the RACHEL MADDOW SHOW! She is an awesome interviewer and has been my favorite for some time now! Like Tony da Tiger would say! "SHE'S GREAT"!

  18. This just keeps getting better and better… is there anyone in Trump's orbit that said at one point, "uhhh… this sounds really illegal"?

  19. Just More Lies from these Disgusting Dem-o-Rats and their Ilk.We are all sick of the Sham and ready for it to be over.Let ''our'' President run our Country as he has been doing. A Great place to live and work.

  20. Good old Devin Nunes, the guy who hires illegals at his family dairy farm, then calls himself republican. Just like his dear leader who hires illegals at all his resorts.

  21. Guy facing federal charges and goes on national tv and then discloses communications between himself and his attorney

  22. An associate of Rudy Giuliani , this is so very stupid, we saw the transcript of the phone conversation President Trump had with with Zelensky, so this is just more reiteration of the same dumb Dem. Oh we got him now BS. Truth Is Joe Biden and Son benefited from a Quid Pro Quo. The world knows It and If President Trump Is Impeached the Dems. will suffer at the polls, Millions of people are tired of Liberal dictatorship and this act will seal that party's fate.

  23. Republican Senate : For Whom the Bell tolls, It tolls for Thee…Sadly VENAL BUREAUCRATS & Cult of Gullibility will just SCREAM FAKE NEWS!! I'm not a Devout Man , But I can relate to the concern in these tumultuous times !🙏

  24. Noam Chomsky said that the republican party is the most devastating organization in history. I fully agree with him and they have so proven.
    I can't believe this is happening in this country. Some decades ago, the death row would be very long.

  25. Uh uh uh…I'm going to prison for a long time and I need to try and get less time so I'm going to go on the biggest FAKE NEWS channel and lie my way out of prison

  26. Uh uh uh…I'm going to prison for a long time and I need to try and get less time so I'm going to go on the biggest FAKE NEWS channel and lie my way out of prison

  27. Oh it’s really getting good now. Have a nice day Donnie and republicans. Fox is busy this morning aren’t they? Hehe
    Edit: 29 dislikes. Hmm who can that be?

  28. The entire Republican party is a criminal organization and everyone involved needs to be thoroughly investigated. America, you have to get these people out, vote in numbers too big to manipulate, protest, call them, email them, tweet at them… you are now responsible for saving your Republic from this criminal organization.

  29. I've never heard so much whining and crying like a bunch of babies… Democrats what are y'all going to be like in 13 years after Donald Trump jr. Presidency is over

  30. Bwahahahahaaaaa! So what. None of this matters. Nothing is going to happen to trump. Politicians are above the law and this is further proof. Don't forget the media's role in this.

  31. BIDEN is the CORRUPT person.

    Perfectly normal for all to investigate what BIDEN & SON were doing in Ukraine.

    BIDEN is/was a totally weak & terrible presidential candidate. Hes also DUMB. Also a PEDO.

    TRUMP never worried about BIDEN. Have some common sense here.

    None of those Dem candidates can hurt Trump. He's much too tough for them.

  32. Bill Clinton by himself had a BJ. by an intern in the oval office and the great numbskull Ken Starr impeach him. cheatoo. trumpo bonespurs have these mafia group in the government and outside help from other country to cheat in the next 2020 elections. big difference turtle McConnel Moscow Mitch.

  33. Thanks, Rachel Maddow, MSNBC. This firsthand interview and report developed behind the scenes for some time, thanks to Rachel's diligence and skills as a (True) journalist. She does her network proud. America thanks you, for the truth, Rachel! Pivotal! Damning! Slam Dunk!

  34. High Nunes at the Cocaine for All (aka Devin Intervention?)
    Was Nunes in on the Drug Deal?
    Were there facts that he tried to conceal?
    He knew about it at least
    And the Palms that were greased
    According to Lev Parnas’ squeal

    Well now he will just have to pray
    That the story will just go away
    Devin’s intervention
    Won’t merit a mention
    If Mitch McConnell has his way

  35. Please Democrats,to protect your vote go to your local town office and vote Absentee ballot! I urge you to because voting machines will be hacked again by some foreign country,they are doing this as we speak!!

  36. THAT'S WHY they are all under DJT's spell! All of them have a stake in this thing. I knew it I knew it I knew it! Time to vote in a whole new Congress!!!!!

  37. So Rachel at 1:30, 1 minute after he falsely claims he met with Devin Nunez, instead of probing further into this guy who is a criminal, why do you consider his words more creditworthy and jump into bashing Nunes a duly elected congressman? Are you that biased? Did this criminal tell you what you wanted to hear? You know he is not under oath when he talks to you. You can’t be that dumb to trust everything criminals like him say. So much for that Rhodes scholarship that you got. The foundation wasted a scholarship on you. You are a disgrace to journalism and a farce.

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