1. Love the indian accent,you know.But this proffesor has taken it in a whole new level,you know.Anyway good introduction to db,you know!

  2. actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually ,actually, actually the video is nice..;)

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  4. boring. drab. if i was in his class i would sleep right in front of him. these iit profs need to learn how to deliver a lecture and how to make it interesting.

  5. Thank u sir u just explain everything about dbms vry easly n after listening to this i got idea behind dbms thank u sir

  6. Thank you! whoever has made these transcripts possible. for those of us who are hard of hearing, this is really fantastic! click on the box on the About line.

  7. Worst lecturer….I was trying to focus but it make so Awkward by stoping at every sentence or word by "Aa".

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  9. Thomson david no one askd you for a suggestion and you are no one to judge my comment please mind your own business

  10. Hey there!
    I m not getting a topic videos in perticular sequence.
    So please tell another way to search these videos whre i can get in sequence.
    Thank you.

  11. look at his fucking speech its very slow and he seems very lay and even he is not interested to teach ,obviously  its a  wastage of time….video quality is very bad.. so there's no need to wastage money to upload this fucking lecture series.its SUCKS

  12. The lecture is extremely good. Take a practical database application and shows complete development. End to End development of the application using lamp stack is shown.

  13. I had huge hope from this series of video. While watching them i felt that the teacher is going really slow but i dared not to skip ahead a few minutes as i felt that i might miss out something important. At the end of each video i would say to myself the next one is going to be important and in this way i watched the full series in 40 days.
    It was a full wastage of time. i wasn't able to solve my university exams question with its help. Had i spent so much time some place else i might have scored full in my semester.

  14. Watching this in 0.5X speed would be a good torture technique for CIA. Any terrorist would crack after 10 minutes. But joking aside, the professor probably has something very important to say, but unfortunately he's not very excited about his subject.

  15. This is an excellent introductory video for someone starting out in the field of databases. I would definitely love to know the internals of how one website is allowed to have access to other wesbite's or corporation's databases, does that have to do with something legal?

  16. why there is no option to speed up the video to 2.5x
    and I have just one question… was this video been recorded in 1997…

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