Lana Del Rey – Doin’ Time (Official Video)

Lana Del Rey – Doin’ Time (Official Video)


  1. Come on Luna Give us some real white gurl soul shit. The beat is hitting on this but the words come on. Get in the zone. Your voice always hits the spot. Do something our girl Harly Quinn has finally broke up with that damn clown, we all done with clowns come out to play Luna.. We love u.

  2. LANA DEL REY: I'm out
    DOTTIE: but you haven't watched the movie yet
    LANA DEL REY: I don't have to watch the movie Dottie, I lived it.

  3. annoying cover song that is burning us out due to being overplayed on the radio AND kinda lame that not one single scene was filmed in Long Beach…if you're gonna sing or "represent the LBC" then do it correctly!!

  4. Trippy, a lot of people don’t know this but the instrumental at the end is also sampled on the wu tang clans unreleased album

  5. Gotta admit. First heard this on a radio station (weirdly enough these days) that I don't even like that much. But when they play this, I always crank the volume up HARD! Now that I know it's Lana Del Rey, I'll be following her future works from now on. Beautiful yet uniquely lower voice, and a surprisingly genuine demeanor on camera (compared to many other female artists I see online). Very impressive, excited to see more…

  6. I'm not sure anyone should ever try and cover this song… Some things are just better as they are.. Like any sublime song ever, including songs sublime covered theirselves lol. Once sublime sings it, it should NEVER be touched again!!!!!! I wouldn't even enjoy sublime with rome singing this particular song lol! Jeez… this shouldn't bother me as much as it is but it does 🙁 To be fair I really really wanted to like it. If you're a big sublime fan like I am, I am sorry this happened :/

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