Lana Condor on Dissing Barack Obama for “Queen Michelle” and the To All the Boys Trilogy

Lana Condor on Dissing Barack Obama for “Queen Michelle” and the To All the Boys Trilogy

-Last time I saw you was at the big giant Met Gala
here in New York. -Yes, that was so crazy
because, number one, the Met, I, like, I worship,
and I’ve always wanted to go. And I remember, I saw you from
across the room. And I was, like,
“Man, I was on his show. And I sure hope
he remembers me.” Because I absolutely loved
being on your show. And then you came up,
and not only did you, like, give me a hug, but — I don’t know if you
remember — you helped me with my train as we were going
into the dinner. And I was, like, “Okay,
so he remembered me, and he’s helping me
with my train.” It was, like, such a —
I was so starstruck. -Oh, my God.
-I was. -Yeah, I do remember this.
Oh, my God. Look how gorgeous. Come on, I remember that.
-Yeah. -Yeah, so you needed help
with that train. -Yeah.
-That’s not me, but I wish it was.
[ Laughter ] I wish it was me.
Yeah, whoever that guy is, yeah, not too shabby. You got to do something
very cool recently. You traveled to Vietnam and
worked with Michelle Obama? -Yes.
-How did this come about? -I don’t know. Okay.
So I got a call. And I have a scholarship. I’m from Vietnam and I was
adopted from Vietnam. And I have a scholarship that
puts Vietnamese girls through high school education. And she has the Girls
Opportunity Alliance, which is all about educating
young women. And our values, you know,
coincide. And all of a sudden I got this
phone call, like, “Would you like to go to Vietnam
with Mrs. Obama?” And I was like, “Uh, yes! I absolutely would.”
-Like, “Now? I mean, I could pack
a bag quick.” -“I’ll leave now.”
-Yeah. -Exactly.
And so we went. It was my first time going home
since I was adopted. So, I actually, I got to visit
the orphanage where I was from
for the first time. -When did you leave?
At would age? -I was 4 months old.
So I was a baby. But the orphanage is now
a nursing home, ironically. But the curtains, the paint,
like, the windows, everything was the same. And then right after that I got
to go work with Mrs. Obama and speak to girls about
the importance of education. And I stayed up all night long for, like, months, thinking,
like, “How will I greet her?” Because —
-Yeah, no, I understand, yeah. -Like, it’s not the monarch,
so you don’t bow. -Nope.
[ Laughter ] -But she’s my Queen.
[ Laughter ] So she’s kind of like,
I don’t really know. -Yeah.
-And so I ended up being like — I just froze.
And when she walked in, I was, like, frozen. And then I was like, “Okay, I’m
not going to give her a hug. I’m not going to make any
sudden movements because the Secret Service”
like, I don’t want to be — Like, I don’t want to —
you know? -No one’s going to
snipe you out. -I don’t know.
[ Laughter ] And she just came in and like,
gave me a big hug in her beautiful arms. And I was like, “I love you.” -Yeah, yeah.
-She’s amazing. -I know.
I love her, too. Here’s you with
President Obama, too. -Yes, I also met
the one and only. -What did you say —
what did you say to him? He’s pretty cool.
-I blacked out. I made — okay, the
honest-to-God truth is I met him after I had met Mrs. Obama. So, I was really just living
in her world. And when I met him,
I was, like, “Hi! Like, you know,
I think you’re so great, but I think your wife
is even more amazing.” [ Laughter ]
And then I was like, “But why did I say that?” But he was so kind.
‘Cause he was like, “I get that all the time.”
[ Laughter ] And I was like, “Oh, God, okay.” -I want to talk about
the movie. “To All the Boys
I’ve Loved Before.” That was a giant hit. I would say one of the first,
like, kind of Netflix movie hits that everyone was talking about. So much that you made
a sequel. -Yeah.
-And I think — The first one was great. I think this one is
a little bit better. -Really?
-Yeah, I like it, yeah. -Oh, my gosh.
-Because, “P.S. I Love You.” I liked the plot twist to it.
And I love you and Noah. -Yeah.
-You and Noah Centineo. -Mm-hmm. You guys have —
-He was just on your show. -I love that dude, man.
I love him. I know you love him too.
-I do. I really do. Listen, we were just talking
about it the other day since we’re doing
all this press to promote “To All the Boys:
P.S. I Still Love You.” And we were talking the other
day and I was like, “Thank God
we don’t hate each other. Like, this would be
a miserable experience.” ‘Cause we spend so much time
together. -Yeah.
-But he’s so great. And the movie’s awesome. And it’s a trilogy
in the books, right? So we were hoping to get
a sequel. Then when we got it, I was
excited because I felt like Lara Jean had a lot more to grow
as a young woman. And she’s doing a lot of
things for the first — -Will there be a third one?
-Yeah. -Oh, really?
-We finished shooting it. It’s done.
-Wait, what? That’s done? -Yeah.
-The third one’s done as well? -Mm-hmm.
-No way. -Yeah, so we shot 2 and 3 — -You gotta come back
for that one. -I know.
You’re going to get sick of me. -No, I love you.
Are you kidding me? But for this one, how do you
want to set this movie up? There’s, like, another — -There’s — it’s, like, a true,
honest, true love triangle. -Yeah.
-There’s a new character, John Ambrose McClaren, who’s played by the amazing
Jordan Fisher. And he kind of comes in
and rocks the boat. And we had the premiere a couple
days ago, and we had a bunch — like, the fan screening
and everything. And people were going nuts.
They were, like, screaming at Lara Jean,
like, “Why?!” [ Laughter ]
And it was awesome. -Isn’t that fun?
Well, we love you. I want to show a clip.
Here’s Lana Condor in “To All the Boys:
P.S. I Still Love You.” Take a look. -Dear John Ambrose, I hope
this letter finds you well. Have you continued your interest
in politics and diplomacy? I’m sure you’re even more smart,
considerate, and adorable. What am I saying? I can’t say that.
Dear John Ambrose, what lovely penmanship you have. When I saw your name
on the envelope, my heart skipped a beat,
and then I — Oh, my God. I cannot do this. Do I have to tell Peter
about this? -Whoo! [ Cheers and applause ] Lana Condor, everybody.


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