Krass! Der neue Shelby GT500 & 350! Ich habe mich verliebt!

Krass! Der neue Shelby GT500 & 350! Ich habe mich verliebt!

This is part 2 of my L.A. trip. Today I will experience something really special. Of course it has something to do with cars. There`s already a beautiful lineup behind me. But let`s start the day right from the beginning. I`m on tour with Andy. It`ll be our last day here in L.A. I would say the last day is the most exciting one. Because we will be able to have fun with one of those beauties. So we will be cruising through L.A. with it. I just can’t wait. Guys I have to ask you this: Which color is your favourite one? The green one? The blue one? The one in red which looks pretty savage. Orange? Leave a comment to tell me which one`s your first choice. Look, there`s another color available. It`s a kind of greyish silver. Looks fabulous. We just had to draw to know which car we`ll get. And guess what I got? I didn`t expect to get the car I was hoping for. The green Shelby GT 500! We`ll take that one for a ride through L.A. now. Let`s discover the interior. That car looks unbelievably amazing! Please have a look at those carbon rims! Holy sh*t! Sorry for swearing! But I`m extremely enjoying the moment. That one would be the perfect funride for me. Now you`ll witness how grown men turn into little boys. I can`t hear a word. That one`s mad! The turning radius is crazy. The hood is huge. And therefore it limits the driver`s sight. The mirrors are tiny and narrow. Due to that the car design obstructs the driver’s view. And I just regognized that the turning radius is way to big. But I`m sure we will manage that. This is the first time for me driving in L.A. I have no idea… The traffic here in L.A. is weird if you`re not used to it. I hope the car will survive. We`re on our way to the mountains. You can already see them. I have to admit that it`s not very easy driving in L.A. for the first time. It`s all completely different than in Germany. I`m hoping it will be more comfortable on the mountain roads. So that we can step on the gas a bit. Let`s get out of here. Poor Andy had to sit on that non existing back seats all the time. Look at the stunning view guys! It`s absolutely amazing. Beautiful! We`ll take some more nice pics right now. All driving scenes have been recorded at a closed area. Sorry to the Ford people! I know that you shouldn`t do that to a car. But it`s so much fun! Where there are some sports cars, there will be coming more of them. Birds of a feather flock together. For example this one: Huracán Performante. Seems to have a full wrapping, doesn`t it? Sure it is! Nicely done! All of the different car colors create a nice sight. You can do such things only over here like creating all the donuts on the ground. All of them are enjoying this! But we have to move on now. BTW: This one`s got 786 BHP. That`s insane. This car is like a weapon. You shouldn`t hand it out to everybody. That one`s epuipped with the Track Package, which includes a carbon fiber rear spoiler and an extremely loud exhaust system. I`m fully in love with that car. I have to say that over and over again. I think the guys are quite happy that I drove the car out of L.A. city. I guess they didn`t dare it because they are used to left-hand traffic. But we made it and the roads here out of town are amazing. We`ve seen a lot of cars already which have been tested on here. We`ve seen: BMW, Porsche and everyhting you can think of. There are some winding roads ahead of us. What you can see here are 2 boys-at-heart. He`s doing some burnouts now. The guys over there are just freakin`out. Look at this guys! Now it`s Andy`s turn! Andy has got a very strong British accent. That`s why I can hardly understand a word. But that doesn`t matter. We communicate with hands and feet. He`s a such a cool guy. I didn`t get a word he said, but that`s okay. That looks fantastic! Perfect lineup! We`re having a break right now. It`s just looks amazing. We will continue with the Shelby GT 350. But first – time for Lunch! And then we have to return to the Airport. Look at this guys! Isn`t that cool? We made some nice shots. Now back to… This is our next test ride. GT 350 with… Manual switch! And propper back seats. Which means Andy can sit more comfortable. I just don`t get why the mirrors have to be so small. I mean, you can`t see anything. We`re now testing the Shelby GT 350. And as you`ve seen the car has a manual switch. Which makes the car even more interesting. Its so much fun driving along the mountain roads. With a manual switch car. You can just shift down and accelerate. It has such a nice sound. It sounds different to the GT 500 but still very nice. You can`t get a Shelby in Germany that easy. That`s the problem. The only chance is to get it imported. I would really want to have one. I would really really want one. This seems to be the paradise guys. For each and every petrol head. Look! Places like this with an even surface can be found everywhere here. What does that mean? Guess what! Yes you`re right! It means donuts! I want a beer. Your mother sweats when she s**ts. As you can see, the boys are teaching themselves swearwords with the help of google. Your grandmother masturbates while standing. We`ve just returned and parked the car in the underground car park. When two boys have to leave their toys behind. I will hit the road to get back to the airport. Meanwhile I`ve arrived at the airport. I mean, how cool was that?! Cruising through L.A. with the Shelby GT 500 and the 350. It was completely insane! At first it`s a bit difficult to get used to the L.A. traffic. But the mountain roads were absolutely amazing! Leave a comment to tell me how you liked the Shelby GT 500! Or the 350! Which one`s your favourite? Manual switch or automatic gear? See you guys in the next video! Bye!


  1. Tolle Shelbys, egal ob 350 oder 500 GT. Damit sind diese Mustangs auf Porsche oder BMW Niveau – und das für einen deutlich günstigeren Preis. Leider muss man sich die über spezielle Händler kaufen

  2. WoW der GT500 passt gut zu dir Sophia?? Beim dem Sound was der 500ter hat?, können alle GTI's oder allgemein alle 4 Zylinder mit ihrem Furz? Auspuff einpacken. Mein Favorit Orange / Schwarze ?

  3. Dein Video gefällt mir sehr gut ?‍♂️Ich fahre selbst einen Mustang GT Mj.16 ,Schalter. Und dass war die beste Entscheidung,die ich je getroffen habe … Der GT 500 ist eine Waffe ,und ich würde ihn in Silber nehmen … Unauffällig ?

  4. Was ist der Unterschied zwischen dem Mercedes und der shelby und der Verbrauch ist kein Mercedes und der ihnen raum auch nicht wass ist der price für mich geht der Mercedes for und der fort 2 Position ach ich kann nicht links fahren wir sind rechts Fahrer der Mustang ist eine Legende 350 und 500 also ich warte auf deine Meinung ich habe eine Freud der hat den schelbi importiert 5 Liter der Wagen ist sehr laut ich lieber Mercedes aber mich interessiert der Verbrauch und die Kosten der importation

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