Komatsu achieves breakthrough performance with Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

[MUSIC].>>Komatsu is
a leading manufacturer of mining and earth-moving
equipment around the world. Our customers buy
Komatsu machines to do a job. And if we can use technology to
help them do that job better, they will see significant value. The fuel for innovation and digital disruption in
our business is data. But data itself is not enough, we need to turn that data
into actionable information. In the past, it that could have
taken as 20 or 30 minutes to prepare the information we needed
before visiting a customer.>>We have three different sources
for data warehouse environment. One is our business
application, Dynamics AX. We have a telemetrics data source, which is ICT and
our fluid sample data.>>With so much data, we need to have
some structure around it. We established the INSITE Fleet
Management Center and the idea was we want to put the data at
the center of our business.>>When we’re looking to
build our platform we came across TimeXtender and
their Discovery Hub tool.>>TimeXtender helps companies
create a data estate by moving from a collection or patchwork of tools to an integrated data
management platform. Our tight integration
between Discovery Hub and Azure allows organizations to
operate in a hybrid environment.>>We use Azure SQL Database
Managed Instance as our data estate platform where we store all this data
as a single point of truth and ExpressRoute to
connect to Azure cloud. We use TimeXtender as automation tool which brings the data across
from various different systems. We are able to tell them when
they are due for a service, when they should get a part. If we know a service
is being performed, we know what parts are required. The biggest benefit
of moving to Azure was the flexibility
and the scalability.>>Migrating our BI platform to Azure SQL Database
Managed Instance we achieved a 49% reduction in costs and about 25% to 30% improvement in
the extraction of that data.>>We can use
this information to make predictive recommendations
to our customers. Now, with the click of a button we can get all
of that information, and that allows us to
get to a customer faster and to resolve their problems
as quickly as possible. The right information at the right place at
the right time is the key. Whether it’s to our staff
or to our customers.


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