Know Your Schitt’s Creek with the Schitt’s Creek Cast

Know Your Schitt’s Creek with the Schitt’s Creek Cast

-Now, after six seasons, you guys have gotten
pretty close. I wanted to see
just how close you are in a game we call
Know Your “Schitts Creek.” Here’s how the game works. One of you will wear
noise-canceling headphones while the other three answer
a question about you. Then you’ll take
the headphones off, and we’ll see
if your answer matches. Make sense?
-I’m scared. -Let’s do this. Eugene, the first question
is about you, so please put these on. -You have to put it
over your hair, Dad. -Oh, boy. Oh, boy. -Okay.
-No, you don’t. -I wonder if it’s gonna
touch your hair. -What’s the biggest pet peeve
Eugene had to overcome on set? -Oh. -Something to do with food? -No, his hair. -Oh, maybe it’s the hair. It’s the hair. Getting his hair wet. -It’s “The Drip.”
Getting his hair wet. 100%. -Yeah, that or working
with his kids. [ Laughter ] -Eugene, here we go. The question was,
what was the biggest pet peeve Eugene had to overcome on set? -[ Laughs ] -No, you can’t put it back on! [ Laughter ] -Oh, “The Drip.” The episode in the show
when my hair’s soaking wet and I have to… -Wow, that’s what they all said. [ Ding ] They all said that. That was it. -Catherine said your kids
were a close second. -[ Laughs ] -A close second.
Nothing comes close to the hair. Anyway.
-Alright, here we go. That’s it. That’s the music.
It’s working. Alright, Catherine.
This is for Catherine. Alright.
-Wait, wait, wait, wait. -What’s the hardest Catherine
laughed while shooting? -[ Exhales sharply ] I would say it was a scene
called “Allez Vous,” and it was a scene that she — -She and I were selling
[Clears throat] cosmetics to the town, and it was just a sad, desperate
sales pitch that was not — -But you had some
of the product… -Dan’s face was orange.
-…on his face, so he looked bronzy,
bronzy, bronzy. -It was bad. It was — -Catherine started the scene and could not look at him
without laughing. That’s my guess. -You guys agree? -Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-That’s the one? Alright. Alright. Catherine. Okay.
Alright, ready? -I was afraid to look
at you ’cause I thought, “What if I find out
I’m a lip reader?” [ Laughter ] I actually kept my face away.
-You just found out now. -Wouldn’t that have been
a wonderful discovery? -Yeah, but not here.
-The question was, what’s the hardest Catherine
laughed while shooting. -I bet that’s easy. Um… I think it was when Daniel and I were doing
“Allez Vous,” and — [ Cheering ] [ Ding ] -Whoo! -Because he was so — David, the character
was so nervous trying to sell this product, and he had also tested
out the tanning cream, and it was a yellow, orange, and he looked like
a goldfish caught in headlights. [ Laughter ] -Not wrong.
-I couldn’t stop. I was so unprofessional. -Those are, like,
the best moments, though. I love it.
-We are two for two. Not that I’ve been counting
or that I’m competitive, but… -Yeah, you guys know each other. -They do that. They do that. -This could have gone
really bad. Imagine we know nothing
about each other. Just failed every question. -Well, here we go.
We have one more. Alright, on the show, the
Rose family fell from riches. In real life, how did Dan make
his first dollar? -Oh, didn’t he work at Baby Gap
or something? [ Laughter ] -Gap Kids. -Oh, yeah. -Aww. -Well, babysitting before that? -No.
-No entertaining your guests? -Uh, no. [ Laughter ] -Did any of your guests
know you had a son? -No babysitting ’cause
he doesn’t like kids. [ Laughter ] -And kids don’t like him.
-Another fact. -Yeah, Gap Kids. -He’s really getting into it.
He’s very serious, yeah. -You guys ready?
Alright, Dan, here we go. -Yeah. -On the show, the Rose family
fell from riches. In real life, how did you make
your first dollar? -My parents dropped me off
in front of a Gap Kids and said very clearly, “Do not come home
without a job application.” And I don’t want to say
that that’s, like, motivated me to be
a compulsive over-worker, but it definitely hasn’t
not done that. [ Laughter ] [ Ding ] -Gap Kids!
That’s correct! Yes! -Whoa! Best that we’ve ever done!
-Oh, my goodness. -This is amazing. I love this. -Alright, three for three. -Annie, it’s up to you. I mean, the pressure’s on.
Come on back. -It’s a great song on there. -Thank you. -Okay. -Got it. -Okay, ready, guys?
-Mm-hmm. -What’s the biggest fight Annie
got in on set? -A fight? -Fight? -What’s, like,
the coffee too cold? -Fist fight with me? -I would say she’s never
gotten into a fight about anything on set. -We got to think of something. She must have. -I just don’t want to
lose the game. Um… [ Laughter ] I don’t remember a fight. -Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. -I would say this is
a trick question. She has not gotten into a fight. -She’s a lovely Canadian girl. -Yeah. [ Laughter ] -This is so Canada right now. This is unbelievable. -I don’t know.
We’re not into conflict. -Got you. -She’s, like, too nice
to get into a fight, eh. -I know. I’m sorry. -What if she says,
“Oh, which one would it be?” [ Laughter ] -Alright, here we go.
Let’s see if the answer… Okay, good. -Okay. -Making it super anxious
over there. -Oh, yeah. Tell the truth
on this one. Boy, oh, boy. [ Laughter ] -I’m scared a bit. -Oh, so am I. -Alright, the question was, what’s the biggest fight
Annie got in on set? -Biggest fight I got in on set? -Yeah.
-Oh, um… [ Laughter ] It was with Dan. -What? [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Buzzer ] -What? -Yes, of course. You’re getting close. -Are you tearing us apart? [ Laughter ] -You’re close. -And it was about pizza. Do you not remember this? -No!
-We got into, like… We got — We got into a heated argument about which dirty fast food
pizza is the best, and you got so upset that you
ordered five different pizzas from five different places and made us have a taste test
at lunch. -That is accurate. [ Laughter ] I thought more… -Oh, my God! Guys, I think that was the best
game of this we’ve ever played. You guys really know
your “Schitts Creek.” -Thank you so much.
-Thanks. -Give it up for the cast
of “Schitts Creek”!


  1. Fan since day one!!! I'm so obsessed with Schitt's Creek it's pathetic…🙄😁🤷🏽‍♀️, such a GREAT show, gonna miss you guys…💕

  2. This represents what our Canadian humour is all about and this was one of my favourite TV shows of all time. I can't believe it's coming to an end so soon.

  3. This is one of those mediocre shows that people just like either because they watch everything or they watch practically nothing.

  4. This segment on Fallon is strangely funnier when the people answer incorrectly…because you learn more fun things!

  5. I just love that every video I watch of Dan Levy I continue to have affirmed that he is in fact 90% David in real life.

  6. Bad form they didn’t ask a question about Annie. She always seems to get short shrift when interviewed with the cast. A shame because she is a true comedic talent!

  7. It's kinda dumb that they have to show the logo every single time the say the title. Surely after the first time it's completely unnecessary?

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    No one ever claims Asian children are "too Asian" and have to be chased down with "Diversity."
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    Diversity means chasing down the last White child.
    Diversity is a codeword for White Genocide.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

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  10. I can’t believe this show is ending. Seriously such a special thing they created. I’m so grateful it exists.

  11. I adore & deeply love this cast..bring back schitts creek!! I've watched every single eppisode,many many times..I miss it so!

  12. Dan probably dressed her. I made Eugene cry at the end of the shoot, in 'Hockley Valley', Ontario. We were at 'basecamp', in a farmer's field (ext: Motel location). As I was opening the door to Eugene's ride home I shook hands with him and said "Eugene, I want to thank you for my time on this show. And you know how 'shitt$ flows downhill?" Eugene asked "pray tell?" I said "so does 'sweet'….in my fourty, odd (and I mean 'odd') years in this business I have never worked on a show where everyone, and I mean everyone, felt respected, valued and cared for". He hugged me, and said "Allen, I will never forget what you've just said". Then he cried…so did I. They are all, such lovely people. I miss working with them all, including that, damn skippy, Transport Department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. American Pie= AVE!!! im robo version avetor 101 AUTO like cliked)senk for good memories when everyone is so tender =HA catched

  14. I guess I'll just say the obvious, but I find it super hypocritical for network television to censor words like "shit" (which you have to speak/sound out) but won't censor speaking a word with the exact pronunciation "Schitt", which though a name and not the same thing is still the same sound. Yes, I get the joke/irony of it but still doesn't make sense to censor profanity in the first place if you're gonna say something that sounds just like it, contextual or not. Might as well have an Vietnamese cooking show called Pho Kyu. smh

  15. That doesn’t count between Jim’s dad and his son he knows everything about his son he should not be answering the questions

  16. it is so weird hearing Catherine’s real voice after hearing Moira’s hilarious accent and seeing how chill Alexis/Annie is in real life 💀

  17. The best thing about this show’s journey is watching a future writing legend in the making. Dan Levy has a bright future.

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