Know Your Fab Five with Queer Eye’s Fab Five

Know Your Fab Five with Queer Eye’s Fab Five

-Now, after four seasons, you
guys have gotten pretty close. But I just want to see
how close you are in a game we call
“Know Your Fab Five.” Now, here’s how the game works. One of you will be wearing these
noise-canceling headphones while the other four answer
a question about you. Then you take the headphones off and we’ll see
if your answer matches. Makes sense?
-Okay. -Alright, here we go. Antoni, you put on
the headphones first. -We’ll pass it down.
-Yeah, thank you. -Oh, yeah. -God, it’s like “Miss Universe.”
It’s like “Miss Universe.” [ Laughter ] -Alright, ready? Alright.
So, Antoni — Antoni can’t hear. -Can you hear? Can you hear? We love you. -Oh, good. He can’t hear.
I love it. Alright. [ Laughter ] Alright, when is the hardest
that Antoni laughed while filming
and what is the story behind it? -Ooh. -He laughed pretty hard when
Jonathan snotted himself when we’re — when we were doing
that — the cheerleading thing. -Oh, yeah. Yeah.
-Oh, yeah. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Tell me about it. -You were sitting there in
your little cheerleading outfit and you laughed and you snotted.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ] -It has to be one of the scenes where he’s eating something —
-No, no, no, no. The scene where Shannon —
he gave away Shannon. -Oh, yes! -The engagement.
The engagement. -We had an engagement episode. -He didn’t laugh.
He didn’t laugh. -He was embarrassed.
-He was mortified. -Yeah, I don’t know.
[ Laughter ] -Not when did he cry. So, laugh — you think when
Jonathan snotted at himself. -Yeah, Jonathan snotted himself. -Yeah, yeah,
that was a pretty — [ Laughter ] -Alright, alright.
Okay, take it. Alright. -This is the weirdest song
ever played on that. [ Laughter ] -I know. it’s perfect.
I know. it’s so good. The question was when is
the hardest that you laughed while filming and what is
the story behind it. -The hardest that I’ve laughed. Oh! [ Laughter ] Oh! Oh! Okay. Okay, so, it was actually
when — it was — [ Laughter ] It was during our press shoot
for season — -Yes! -Wait, it was during our
press shoot for season four. -Yep. -And we were dressed
as cheerleaders. -Yep.
[ Laughter ] And Jonathan tried to do
a really sexy pose. And he sneezed. And he got, like, a cup of
boogers in his beer. [ Laughter ]
They went everywhere. I actually peed myself. [ Cheers and applause ] -You got it. -Of course you got it. -This is for Tan.
-Tan? -Yeah.
-Oh, I’m sorry, Tan. [ Laughter ] -It’ll be fine. -By the way,
I think Bobby’s probably gonna get all these answers. -I’m shocked we got him to put
those on over his hair. -I know.
[ Laughter ] -Can you hear?
You can’t hear, okay. Perfect. -Can you hear?
[ Laughter ] -Jonathan has described Tan
as the smartest of the five. What is the dumbest thing —
[ Laughter ] What is the dumbest thing
you’ve seen Tan do? -Oh, my gosh.
He put on that camo halter top. -No, that was one of the most
beautiful things he’s ever done. -I know what it was. This is gonna be
really embarrassing. He’s gonna hate me for it.
When we were in Japan, he pretended
that he had food poisoning because Tan loves a pastry
and Tokyo has the best pastries. And he tried to tell us
that it was food poisoning from eating
too much mini pastries. -He wasn’t sick?
-He had the stomach flu, and he was like,
“Oh, it’s from pastries.” And we were like,
“No, you don’t get the flu from eating baked goods.”
[ Laughter ] And it was the dumbest
’cause he thought we were dumb enough
to believe him. -Wow! So, alright, alright. -He was violently ill. -He had a halter top on
in season three. Like, it was a camo halter top. And I think that was the dumbest
thing he ever did. -Or the blue mohawk. -I think the answer is Tan has
never done anything stupid. -No, it’s the blue mohawk. I’m gonna say —
he’s gonna say — He’s gonna say the blue mohawk. -Okay.
-He will? -From season one.
That’s what I think. -Okay. -That’s really the worst.
-Thank you very much. By the way, that is my album.
[ Laughter ] Be careful, yeah. The question was
Jonathan has described you as the smartest of the five.
That’s really nice. But what is the dumbest thing
that they’ve ever seen you do? What was the dumbest thing
you’ve ever done? -Ooh. Gosh, I do a lot of —
Don’t hate on me. I don’t do much stupid stuff.
-Right? -Oh, my God. -However, there is one. It wasn’t what I did on set,
but I think I told you all I met — I met Viggo — I met
Nikolaj from “Game of Thrones.” -Yes.
-Beautiful, beautiful man. -Jaime.
-Yeah. -Oh.
-Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. -Yes, yes, yes.
Okay, so, I met him. He asked for a picture,
wonderful. I said, “Oh, I’ll do
a video for your daughter.” Because his daughter
is a big fan of “Queer Eye.” And I kept calling him
Viggo Mortensen. Viggo. “Yeah, sure, Viggo.” So I did the video of him
saying, “Your dad, Viggo, is, like,
the best dad on the planet.” And then I walked off,
left him with the — I went back and sat in the car
with my publicist. And they’re like,
“That’s not Viggo Mortensen.” [ Laughter ] -Oh, my gosh. That is a bummer.
-So sad. -We said it was
when you put the — I said it was when you put
the blue mohawk on. -I said, “Tan has never done
anything stupid.” -I don’t do stupid things. -I said, you know, remember when
you wore the camo for the — -That wasn’t stupid.
That was adorable. -That was so cute.
-Tan, when you ate — [ Laughter ] When you ate all the pastries
and you told us you had the flu. -That was bad, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -But what I will say about
that camo is my titties — my titties
have never looked better. [ Cheers and applause ] -This last one is for Jonathan. -Okay.
-Alright. -I’m so excited. This is going
really well for me. -You’re gonna love this song.
This song is so good. -I just need to say something
really quick. Bobby, you need to be on your
best behavior for this question. You’re on national television. -Oh, my goodness.
Jonathan, don’t warn us. -We don’t threaten. [ Laughter ] -Okay. Jonathan brings positive energy
everywhere he goes. What is his most obvious tell when he’s starting
to feel cranky? -Ah.
-Oh. -“I hungry.”
-No. -“I hungy.”
[ Laughter ] -“I hungy?” -When he yells —
when he yells, “Julie!” -That’s his assistant.
-That’s his assistant. -When he says “Julie” —
-“Julie!” -“Julie,” we knew it.
-Like that. -We know to tell Julie to run.
-I want to hear “I hungy.” What is that?
-“I hungy.” -She gets hungry.
-Yeah. -“I hungy. I need a snack!”
-“I’m a hungy baby.” -We have two things. “Julie!”
Or “I’m hungy.” -“I’m a hungy baby.”
-“I’m a hungy baby.” -The best one, “Where is she?
Where is she?” -Oh, yeah, it’s “Where is she?” -He’s referring to his coffee.
“Where is she?” -“She’s cold. Why is she cold?”
-“Where is she?” -Okay, yeah, it’s any of those. -Alright, alright, alright.
Jonathan, Jonathan, here you go. -I already know
I hate you so much. [ Laughter ] -Alright, Jonathan, it’s very —
it’s actually — the answers — there’s three really good
answers. But anyways — -Don’t let us down, Jonny. -You bring positive energy
everywhere you go. What is your most obvious tell when you’re starting to feel
a little cranky? -Well, you know, anytime I’ve
been around these four too much, it’s —
[ Laughter ] It’s something that — I’m just
kidding. I love them so much. I usually —
well, what I said before, when I saw your guys’ hands
going like this, that makes me feel like I must
do this with my hands. [ Laughter ] -You are so uncomfortable
right now. -No, I — what I — I feel like
what I do is, like, I feel, like,
there’s a lot of toe tapping. I also will do, like,
a very clenched — like — -Oh, yes, you do. -You love a clenched —
-Yeah, yeah. -Oh, yeah. You do do that.
[ Laughter ] -And his temple twitches.
-His temple twitches, yeah. -How long does it take
to run that errand? -Yeah, yeah.
-Yeah. -You know?
I’m a fan of punctuality. Okay, like, God?
Like, from other people. -How about do you recall saying,
“I hungy?” -Oh.
[ Laughter ] I’m normally in a good mood
when I say that. -Or “Where is she?”
-When you said — -“Where is she?” -Either “Where is she?”
or “Julie!” -“Julie!”
-“Julie!” -Oh, yeah, that is — yeah.
[ Laughter ] -That is it.
-That’s it. -That’s the take right there.
-That’s it, yes. -Guys, give it up for
the Fab Five, everybody.


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  3. Don't you just love how talk show hosts always pretend like they have read, watched or listened to the book, show, movie or song of the guests respectively? Ye, they totally don't work hard… they totally don't put in like 80+ hours a week. Boy, they sure seem to have a lot of free time don't they?

  4. I didn’t look at title and was like this guys are all pretty gay what the fuck us going on then I realised what they are from lmao

  5. usually my eyes are locked on Tan whenever I see him in a video, but damn I cannot stop looking at Jonathan and admiring him. he looks fabulous!

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