KJ Apa Teases “Wicked” Surprises After Riverdale Graduation

KJ Apa Teases “Wicked” Surprises After Riverdale Graduation

-How’s everything going
on “Riverdale”? -It’s going well. We’re just coming up
to our last three episodes. So everyone’s kind of ready
for a break, I think. -What a season, though.
-Yeah, bro. -It’s been cr– I mean —
-I know. It’s been crazy. The story lines have been
pretty wicked. -Fantastic.
-Yeah, yeah. -It’s so fun.
If you haven’t watched it, it’s great binge watching,
by the way, I will say. It goes by so fast.
But this season, you can — We can all tell
what kind of happened. ‘Cause I was like, “Wait, what?” -Yeah, but we did a terrible job
of keeping it under wraps, I think, because — -Well, in a good —
I don’t know, in a fun way. -He was meant to be dead,
but clearly, he wasn’t dead. He was on set every day with us. [ Laughter ] -Sending Instagrams and stuff.
Just saying, like, “No, you got to pretend
you’re dead, Jughead. What are you doing, man?”
Yeah, but it was — But anyway, I like the — ‘Cause you never know
where the plot can go. That opens it up for —
-That’s the thing. I think that’s the interesting
thing about next season is we can go anywhere.
And I don’t think — The only kind of spoiler
I can give people is it’s not your typical, like,
graduate high school and then, you know — -What happens after.
-Yeah. It’s gonna surprise
a lot of people, I think. -Really?
-Yeah. -And congrats — Knock on wood, but it just got renewed
for Season 5. -Season 5.
-So that’s a big deal. [ Cheers and applause ] I heard that you — I heard that you were getting — recently getting into
vinyl records? -Yeah. And I heard
that you love vinyl, too, bro. -I’m a big vinyl —
-Yeah. -I do. I love vinyl records. -I love it, bro. I love it. Last year, a really good friend
of mine, Dimey, who’s one of the lighting guys
on “Riverdale,” invited me to his house. And we’ve been
listening to records. Like, he’s introduced me
to so much new music. And it, like, really forced me to listen to albums
from start to finish. -Yeah. What do you like about — Putting — Like, physically
putting it on or — -I love smelling them. I love —
[ Laughter ] I love the smell of old stuff. -I like the smell of books. -Yeah, like old books.
-I love books. -As a kid, I used to,
like, dig things up, and then the next week later, I would dig it
back out of the dirt and then —
[ Sniffing ] You know, and pretend that I’m
discovering for the first time. Be like —
[ Blowing ] -Oh, yeah!
You’re like Indiana Jones. [ Laughter ] That’s a genius thing for kids. -But vinyl kind of
has that effect on me. -Yeah.
-I love it. -I love looking at —
I mean, Quest is a big — He has one of the biggest
collections I’ve ever even heard of.
-Legend. -What are you up to now, Quest?
What number around? -Probably 170. -Whoa.
-170,000? [ Laughter ] -No.
-170,000. [ Laughter and applause ] Just a building — He has a building of records.
-And you listen to all of them? -Not even 10%. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[ Laughter ] What album would you
recommend I get if I don’t —
Maybe I have already, but — -Okay, do you know Boney M.? -No. Boney M.? -Yeah.
-No. -Boney M.,
“Nightflight to Venus” is one of my —
It will trip you out, for sure. -Yep.
I don’t mind a little trip out. Boney M., “Nightflight?” -“To Venus.” I would recommend,
you know, maybe a glass of wine and to listen to it
at nighttime. -Really?
-Yeah. It feels like you’re about
to get onto a spaceship and fly to space. -Oh, I love that.
-Like, literally. Yeah, yeah. -Quest, do you know Boney M.? -Yeah, they’re the sample
for “Barbra Streisand.” [ Vocalizing ]
-Yeah, exactly. Yes. -Have you heard this?
[ Beatboxing ] Do you know it?
-Yes. -Yeah. [ Laughter ] -What? But you get to be musical
in this movie. -Yeah, bro.
-Which I love that you did this, because we’ve talked before,
and I know you’re in a band and everything.
But explain what this movie is. And this is a true story? -Yeah. It’s a true story
about Jeremy Camp and Melissa Henning —
Melissa Camp. And, yeah, I had the opportunity
to be a part of it and to play Jeremy Camp and sing
his songs and tell the story. And I think it’s a really
powerful message for everyone. Everyone, you know?
-It’s beautiful. -I’ve never been so proud of anything
that I’ve been a part of. -Is that right?
-No, yeah. And I got the opportunity
to watch the movie at the premiere Saturday night
with everyone in the theater, which was a crazy experience. But, yeah, man. It’s crazy to go
through something like that, and I was terrified
before shooting it just ’cause of
the responsibility, and then watching it
and being so proud. -Did you at one point not want
to do it? Like, “Uh…” -Yeah, I turned it down
a couple times. I turned it down a couple times. I spoke to Andy Erwin
and Jon Erwin, the directors of the movie —
Absolute legends. And I spoke to their —
spoke to them about their vision for the film and, you know,
their faith in God and stuff, and I just kind of
had to sit with it for a bit, and I just kind of
pushed myself off the edge and decided to go for it. -Yeah. You got to risk. -Yeah.
-You got to risk it. Right? -I think when you have
those anxieties before tackling a project,
I feel like usually that means you got to do it, you
know? -Good for you.
You did a great job.


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