Kejriwal 5 year Report Card | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

Kejriwal 5 year Report Card | Analysis by Dhruv Rathee

Hello friends The Aam Aadmi Party has completed five years (of rule) in Delhi. A lot of promises has been made Come, let us see how many of those have been fulfilled and how much progress has been made in Delhi Come let us produce a report card of 5 years of the Kejriwal government In this video, I will do an analysis of education, healthcare, electricity, water, women safety, pollution and issues like governance and economy I will give numbers out of five in every criteria and later we will see what is the overall score of their performance over five years If you are unsatisfied with any of my rating or numbers, you can write it down in the comments below Come let us begin Let us begin with healthcare, which has been talked about a lot The Kejriwal government had proposed a three tier healthcare model Mohalla clinics, Polyclinics and Hospitals All the basic needs of the people in Delhi with regard to healthcare will be met by mohalla clinics Here, more than 100 essential medicines and more than 200 diagnostic tests can be availed by people for free for which, earlier, the people had to queue up in private hospitals and take consultations from doctors A lot of time and money was consumed. (This) is available for free in the mohalla clinics If there’s a bigger problem than that, then there are polyclinics for those And all the critical, life threatening surgeries were assigned to the hospitals It had been promised in the manifesto that more than 1000 mohalla clinics would be set up and more than 125 polyclinics would be set up But in reality, only 450 mohalla clinics and 25 polyclinics were set up The reason behind this (failure) is stated to be the problems in acquiring lands to set up mohalla clinics The permission could not be granted due to the LG of Delhi So the conflict that persisted between the Delhi government and the LG in the first three years the works lay pending because of that But work resumed quickly right after the judgement of the Supreme Court was announced A majority of the mohalla clinics, (out of) 450 in total, were set up in the last 2 years So, work has begun quite recently and most probably this problem will not crop up in the future But the priority accorded to healthcare by the Delhi government is quite visible by their budget 9.5% of their budget of 2015-16 was designated for healthcare which was then increases to 14% in 2019-20 Due to which you could say that the mohalla clinic model was successful In fact it has been so successful that Madhya Pradesh has decided to adopt and implement it in its state It was so revolutionary that the former Secretary General of United Nations praised it The former director of the World Health Organization praised it The ex Prime Minister of Norway praised it Additionally, another useful scheme that the government had brought in was that if you are getting any critical, life threatening surgery done in a state government hospital, and that hospital puts you on a waiting list of more than 30 days, then you can get your treatment done in any private hospital for free The government of Delhi will bear the cost for it So in my opinion, keeping these reasons in mind, in the matter of healthcare, the Kejriwal government gets 5 out of 5 But some of you might say that they deserve a 4 out of 5 because they did not set up as many mohalla clinics as promised But in my opinion, it is not their fault that there was a constant, ongoing with the LG With regard to water, they had promised in the 2015 manifesto that 20,000 litres of free water would be given to every family every month And they did as they had said They have kept their promise over the past five years, due to which Today, 13 lakh household incur a Zero rupee water bill But they had also promised a piped water supply to jhuggi jhopri clusters and unauthorized colonies But the March 2019 data of the Delhi Jal Board shows that they have been able to supply piped connections to merely 7 jhuggi jhopri clusters And even now there are more than 400 jhuggi jhopri clusters and more than 100 unauthorized colonies without piped water supply The promise of supplying clean water has only been partially fulfilled India Today had conducted an independent investigation recently where they went to 9 different constituencies in Delhi and took the water samples from there and tested whether they were fit to be used as drinking water or not So this investigation found out that 5 out of 9 samples were drinkable but 4 of them were not fit for drinking So that means that around slightly more than 50% is fit for drinking, but, water is not fit for drinking to a large extent Maybe this is the reason why, over the next five years, the Kejriwal government has promised that they would supply clean water as well as ensured a 24*7 supply of water We will have to wait and see when that is fulfilled but for these five years, I would like to give merely 2 out of 5 for matters of water After healthcare, education remained the biggest priority for the government There was a lot of publicity and praise for the schools in Delhi and in my opinion, this praise is justified The kind of infrastructure built and facilities added in the schools was not second to any high end private school I had made a ground report on this in this video which you can watch by clicking on the “i” button I’d gone to Delhi schools and shown the facilities there As soon as you enter the school, there is this hall. It is air conditioned with ACs installed all around. And there’s a stage that has been decked up Around 54 of such quality model schools have been made in Delhi in the past 5 years 30 new schools and 20,000 new classrooms have been constructed over the past 5 years Although,in the manifesto they had promised that 500 new schools would be built This could not have been made possible due to the The allotment of land comes under the purview of the DDA, which is under the Modi government SO, the 500 schools could not be built but the 20,000 classrooms If you assume that there are around 40 classroom in every school then these 20,000 new classrooms would amount to 500 new schools Sp we can say that they fulfilled their promise Delhi’s education model has been so successful that the Maharashtra government has declared that they would seek inspiration from the Delhi education model and implement it in their own state A new story in 2017 had featured in which more than 900 students left private schools to join Delhi government schools because they felt that better facilities were being provided in the latter And they were provided free of cost, unlike in the private schools, which charged money for it Today, 3 government schools of Delhi are counted amongst the top 10 schools of India So these changes that are being made is not solely on the basis of infrastructure Systematic changes are being implemented For example,the teachers were sent to Singapore, Finland and London for training Changes were brought in the curriculum as well. For example, the happiness curriculum was implemented The entrepreneurship curriculum was implemented This was made possible because the government has spent tremendously on the education sector 27% of the 2019-20 budget was spent in education, which amounts to 14,000 crores So there is no doubt that the government should get 5 out of 5 in the field of education In public transport, free metro and free bus rides were provided for women recently It has been promised that this would be made free for the students as well over the next five years Phase 4 has been approved for the expansion of the Delhi metro The construction had started in December 2019 and would be completed by 2024 but the Kejriwal government had promised that they would bring in 5000 new DTC buses But the reality is that the count of buses actually reduced as of March 2019 In 2010, there used to be 6,200 DTC buses By March 2019, their number fell to 3800 So there has been a negative performance in this area But recently, the government woke up and in November 2019, Chief Minister Kejriwal flagged off 100 new DTC buses These new buses have GPS trackers, Panic buttons, CCTVs and they even have hydraulic lifts for disabled people They also said that tenders have been issued for 3000 new buses which would arrive in the next 6 months But as of now, they have yet not arrived and since the promise had not been fulfilled over the past five years, so I’d like to give 1 out of 5 to the government in matters of public transport In matters of women security, the promise of Bus Marshals was fulfilled. They did what they had said For the next 5 years, it has been promised that Mohalla marshals would be deployed to enhance women security Regarding CCTVs, 1.4 lakh CCTVs have already been installed but this raises a huge issue of privacy regarding who can access and view the footage of the CCTVs and whether the privacy of the people is really being protected In matters of street lighting. the government sprung into action really late Last month in December 2019, they started this process in which they brought in a new scheme under which more than 2,10,000 street lights would be installed all over Delhi There would be automatic sensors in these lights that would switch on automatically if someone passes by and if there is no one below, they would go out But this process has started in December and it would take 4 months for the street lights to get installed As for the rest with regard to women safety, law and order comes under the Modi government and we can’t say much So out of 5, I’d give a score of 3 Even in matters of electricity, the Kejriwal government did what it promised Households get free electricity until 200 units and full subsidy is granted A subsidy of 50% is provided from 201 units to 400 units Due to this, 14 lakh households in Delhi incur zero rupee electricity bill Additionally. the government also did not let the power tariffs rise due to which there has been a negligible increase in the bills for the rest of the people in Delhi in past 5 years Compare this with the rest of the states. For example, in Uttar Pradesh, the electricity bills were raised by 12% by the government last September in 2019 Recently, the Kejriwal government has come up with a new electric vehicle policy the aim of which is, to make sure that by 2024, out of all the cars in Delhi, 25% would be electric vehicles A lot of subsidies have been included in this If you wish to buy an electric car, then you would get a subsidy If you want to get an electric charging station installed in your house, then you’d get a subsidy Keeping in mind all of these things, there’s nothing to complain about here Hence the government secures a 5 out of 5 in matters of electricity Pollution has become a huge disaster in Delhi, NCR and the rest of North India in the past few years Although the main reason for this is the crop burning season in Punjab when the pollution peaks but an extreme effect of this is witnessed by the people in Delhi And no major steps have been taken by the government Reactive steps have been seen on the part of the government For example, the odd even rule, which was brought on only when the pollution aggravated The government started distributing masks to children in school to save themselves from pollution This is another very reactive step Not a lot of steps were taken to control it beforehand Pollution free Diwali was a great step taken by the government Light shows had been organized Talking about water pollution, Yamuna remains as polluted as it was before or maybe it has become more polluted The same white colored foam is visible in Yamuna till date The promise to clean up the Yamuna has been a total failure but a ray of hope is visible Last year, the Delhi government inaugurated India’s largest sewage treatment plant The construction (of it) was inaugurated It has yet not been completed. It will be completed in 2022 So we might see an effect of it on the pollution in the river Yamuna Pollution might somewhat reduce But as of now, I’d like to give the government a score of 1 out of 5 in matters of pollution A huge contrast is being witnessed in matters of economy While the GDP of the entire country is falling and the economic conditions are weakening such signs are not visible in Delhi The state GDP of Delhi in 2016-17 was 7.5% In 2018-19, it rose to 8.6% So the GDP figures for Delhi increased On average, a person residing in Delhi earns three times more Their income is three times more as compared to an average Indian So you can see how much more well off the people in Delhi are as compared to the rest of India The tax collection of the central government has begun to fall in the negatives But Delhi has been showing record growth in its tax collection As of 2018-19, there was a growth of 17.6% in tax collection in Delhi The Delhi budget has doubled in the past five years due to this record tax collection It has grown from 30,000 crores to 60,000 crores. It is an astonishing fact! because five years ago, everyone was saying that if the Aam Admi Party government comes to power, they would give out free water, free electricity and free education and the entire economy of Delhi would crash because of the freebies But the exact opposite of it is happening What are the reasons behind this? Kejriwal claims the reason behind this is that they have reduced corruption They have increased the efficiency of the government This efficiency has increased due to educated people, due to which, the economy is sailing so well despite handing out freebies While in the rest of the country, the taxes are rising but the economy is falling So they get 5 out of 5 for this outstanding performance I’ve put the rest of the remaining things in this criteria of governance For example, they had promised free Wifi. As of now, 100 Wifi hotspots exist in Delhi They had launched it in December which gives out 15 GB free data per person, per month and they claim that 11,000 new Wifi hotspots would be ready in the next 6 months A record rise has been witnessed in the minimum wage which is another great thing According to the CAG, Delhi is the sole state in Delhi to run with a surplus budget This shows how well the economy of Delhi as well as management of money has been going No corruption scams have been seen in the government over the course of the last five years Talking about unique schemes, one of them was door step delivery of public services If you have to get your driving licence renewed or want to get your income certificate issued then it would be delivered at your doorstep Earlier, one had to go stand in long queues in offices This was an interesting scheme. Another one was Farishtey Yojana You would be awarded with a sum of 2,000 rupees if you helped any accident victim and bring them to the hospital Due to this Farishtey Yojana, as on February 1, 2018, more than 3,000 people have been saved So, overall,in governance, I’d like to give a score of 4 out of 5 Had I been doing an analysis of any other state, then I’d put in 3 more criterion corruption , Law and order and cleanliness but in the case of Delhi, law and order comes under the purview of the Delhi police which in turn comes under the Home ministry and is BJP controlled Cleanliness comes under MCD which is BJP controlled And with regard to corruption, the anti corruption bureau was under the Delhi government until 2015 After that, it was taken away from them and now comes under the central government So it makes no sense to analyse the performance in all these cases because they do not come under the Aam Aadmi Party So viewing overall, adding up all the scores, the total of the report card amounts to a score of 31 out of 45 In percentage, this amounts to a 69% approximately You tell me what the score amounts to in your opinion. You must have also given out scores So what was your total? Write down in the comments below If you liked this video, then share it You can also write down your suggestions If I have put in a wrong criteria, so the next time I do an analysis of a state government, then I would try an improve these criterias If you like my work, you can support me On or you can become a member on YouTube by clicking on the join button Upon becoming members, you would get exclusive benefits like special badges custom emojis, whatsapp groups that is for special members google hangouts that I do especially for members and patreons We will meet in the next video Thank you


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