Joe Reacts To Chris Matthews Retirement | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Reacts To Chris Matthews Retirement | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Chris got pushed out by politically correct republicans, you know those republicans who say they hate politically correctness.

  2. What are you talking about? At 74 he should have retired 10 years ago and made room for younger people. Its not fair to stick to your seat forever thinking you are not replaceble. I have found it hard to listen to him yelling at me for some time now..

  3. LMFAO! Chris Matthews head has got to be about to pop clean off his body knowing he won't be able to participate in the 2020 presidential run or bash republicans and "commies" every two seconds at MSNBC anymore. Now that he can't "vent" anymore, I bet he is a heart attack waiting to happen.

  4. Another Hypocrite bites the dust. What he promoted is what ended his career, the snowflakes got you! Cowards and Hypocrites.

  5. Laura Bassett says she’s being attacked after Chris Matthews accusations! What did she expect from hypocrite Liberals?

  6. They kept saying how human he is, human, human, human. With maximum bias, he certainly wasn't a journalist, he ceased to be that decades ago.

  7. He deserves retirement, never backed down from no one and he went after everybody!! Great stuff, THANKS!

  8. Funny how MSNBC tries to constantly pin something on Trump but when they have proof of wrong doing by their own, THEY OVER LOOK IT!! What a bunch of hypocrites!!!

  9. Well gotcha culture strikes again. I didn’t always agree with Chris but I usually watched his show. I hope he finds another outlet where he can express his opinions.

  10. I saw the video script when Chris interviewed Warren after the debate. In my opinion, Warren, a politician, and as you all know, about politician in general, and her character in particular, she just fired up to advertise herself… she is really mean, and i'm really scared about this type of woman. The 'me too' movement sometime become too extreme… this way,….( everything is extreme should not be good, period). Chris, you can feel he is a good person.

  11. Nana Naana, Nana Naana, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye, the very first civil right we have. "The first amendment" Really people it's one mans opinion, on a TV show…. change the channel if you dont like it.

  12. I wonder what he did that MSNBC is covering up. It looked like a firing to me, a forced retirement. He’s better off. You can’t pay anyone a compliment anymore in our PC society without the other party getting all bent out of shape. Enjoy retirement, Chris. And tell all the old fogies we have in Congress to do the same instead of futilely hanging on to the past, it always fails eventually. —From a retired baby boomer.

  13. He was a worthless piece of Crap and like all Crap he got flushed down the toilet. He was not the first and he won't be the last. MSNBC needs some Mexican American commentators as we are now the soon to be Majority. We are tired of these old White Men and Women.

  14. "Human"? Scarborough, Brzezinski and Kornacki knew him personally and can get all dewy eyed but Matthews has a long history of making bizarre comments and got worse over the past few years. He also routinely interrupted and talked over guests on his show. I tried but couldn't stand to watch it.

    Like so many of the bloviators — left or right wing — he didn't retire early enough and his most recent weirdness will dominate his legacy.

  15. This and the whole MeToo movement is why I will NEVER vote for a woman president. White male privelage? It doesn't exist. Women have it so easy, they can literally accuse anyone of anything and get their way without due process. If that's not privelage I don't know what it is. Let's be real, MeToo is a joke and consists of women complaining they were on a date with men they weren't attracted to or rich enough

  16. Omg. They stole the speech that Admiral Kirk made at Spock’s funeral? Really? For a political hack with almost NO audience??!

  17. Thank you Chris, I watched you regularly, will miss you. We definitely need your warrior attitude. Be safe, happy, and keep involved.

  18. Chris was my all time favorite. Honest in his opinions and truth…you ml beleived him. He shall surely be ml missed..There should be a way of working things out. Do not forget about the person. To much nll is geared towards the subjects. Everybody nll handle bbn things differently. Theres a lot bbn to say for experience and how the veiwers feel..Not until theres a mass difference from the veiwers he should still be on his job. Hes bbn the best..

  19. Retire!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣they fired him you don’t start your show announce your retiring go to commercial and your gone then someone else finishes please stop lying

  20. How ironic that the liberal, anti- free speech cancel culture policies that he championed took him down. Your chickens have come home to roost and it's a beautiful site to behold.

  21. I am so sorry to see Chris Matthews go. MSNBC can now replace him with a dull predictable PC dud. Morning Joe better watch out too! The Cancel Culture longknives may want to continue their party.

  22. Cancel culture , woke nonsense and identity politics is why the democrat party is so disgusting to the average, rational citizen

  23. So these mouth breathers support the woke, cancel culture crap then eulogize their colleague with fake tears? Unreal

  24. TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME is a sickness that strikes again many more will fall from MSNBC one would think some are demon pocessed

  25. After reading all these comments and thoughts…OMG! America is full of Haters, I think they got this from TRUMP, which is all chaos and turbulence. Act your age people, Are you 50 going on 15 ? Shame on you…America has gotten dumber.
    There is no space for "haters nor losers" in this Country..and I am ashamed seeing how this Country took a turn to worsen… May God help us "Making America Educated Again."

  26. Chickens coming home to roast for chris (suspected WS) mathews. Ironic how these white guys are taken down by the same white women they enabled. #OgunWontHeDoIt 😁✊🏿

  27. I agree with you. As a public servant and former soldier of the UASF and Hispanic female of single status who planned her children.

  28. He was a man from a different era and I related to him and fully understood his points of view. I wish the president had a 10th of Matthew's convictions or ethical standards.

  29. Democrats are PC NUTCASES , You cannot even look at a Woman these days without it costing your job !!!!!!!! This is why TRUMP WILL WIN !!!!!!! 😉


  31. I enjoyed hardball but the when kieth oberman was fired where was Mathews doesn’t feel the same when it’s you does it Chris

  32. After my initial response and some time to reflect, I'm convinced that this war upon masculinity is something that I can't align with. Just when I'd thought that there was nothing that could have kept me from the election booth in order to remove trump. I see this example of toxic feminism at its finest. Now i contemplate staying home on election day and washing my truck.

  33. is this guy gonna cry????  haha… Hey Rachael & Chris, you clowns talked your crap for three years and now you really look like clowns, and now that you bad-mouth Bernie & Socialism, you got fired… haha MSNBC is a dumpster fire

  34. Chris Matthews should have never been pushed to quit. I'm sick of people who dig up some thing that some one did or said twenty years ago. People always change. Holding that against him was absurd, and any one involved in his demise, should be fired. He had more respect than the president. Look at what the John Wayne International Airport is doing. Talk about immature.

  35. Would slicing off everyman's testicles, so the Me Too generation can wear them as a crown and have their emasculated soy bois grovel at their feet make them happy? It won't, but having a show called No Balls may.

  36. At the end of the day, Matthews was just another pseudo intellectual hypocrite, who had no difficulty bashing those who were not as “correct,” as he was. Like all the frauds at MSNBC, Matthews railed against those who were guilty of committing the same sins as him.The louder these pseudo intellectuals shout the more likely they are guilty of the sins they heap on others.

  37. Chris Matthews retirement? LOL… yea, right. By MSNBC's fake news standards, C. Matthews sometimes didn't stick to the fake news script.

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