Joe: President Donald Trump’s Manchester Rally Is A Reminder For Dems | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. (H.R. 1111) drafted by Barbara Lee (D-CA-13) jan 2017. Department of paecebuilding act.
    Is a bill by the democrats signed by all the democrat in the house, which gives the U.N. control over United States of America..

    Note. All those dems are in violation of their oath to the constitution. A breach of contract


  3. I must ask the American People do they want to have a Republic do they want to still have Democracy or do they want to have a Trump Dictatorship here in the United States of America,

  4. The President of the United States Donald trump my team to study 2020 MWC.If there is funding and equipment and resources.It is unprofitable to study the virus 2020.The difference is infection today or in a month.Continue studying the virus until the beginning of 2018.My team is difficult to work 90-2014. 200 people and there is no money for bugs. Georgia's war no money, etc. Ukraine 2014-2020.There is no money for Ukraine in 2000-2013.13,000 dead bodies.Everything is unprofitable .Killing is profitable.Clear.Without money, it makes sense.China pays 10 billion .my team is paying $ 5 billion to isolate the virus in 2017-2018. 2020 .dollars'.For us to score.Cheaper.The crisis and the virus.Barcelona is waiting for us.Save the profits of it companies.

  5. Vote for Trump in 2020! You will feel better about yourself and your self esteem will soar. Also your halitosis will clear up and your butt won't hurt after the election. Keep America great and elections fair!!!
    Vote Republican!

  6. Here's the problem: There are far more stupid people in our country than there are intelligent people. There are probably more people who are racist than people who are not. So…now that these people have a president who suits them so well…how does Trump NOT win in 2020? When you look at the crowd at these rallies you see MORONS. You can't reason with them. You can't change their minds. An articulate, caring candidate is the LAST thing they want. So again…how does Trump NOT win in 2020?

  7. Trump Rallies incite hate, lies, fear, bigotry, disinformation, racism, ignorance and most of all a blind and sheepish compliance.

    At Bernie's Rally yesterday he had noteworthy speakers and an equally large crowd despite the fact that the democratic field is split between at least 4 frontrunners meaning when Bernie is nominated his rallies will reach EPIC proportions

    At his rally he and his speakers promoted and spoke the words: LOVE, COMPASSION, EQUALITY, EMPATHY, GENEROSITY… SEE THE DIFFERENCE AMERICA. What type of country DO YOU WANT to live in??? Hmm???

  8. Mind you, I am aware that Hillary won the popular vote and it was the Electoral College that put Trump in office. But I fear that as the IQ of Americans continues to drop, and as the effect of propaganda outlets such as Fox and The Epoch Times continues to increase, candidates like Trump WILL win the popular vote. Then what? Quite the conundrum…what do we do when the democratic process that we are fighting to keep Trump from destroying will only get us leaders like Trump?

  9. trump has made being a white collar criminal legal! trump and the republican Senate have completely destroyed our systems of government. Only the super wealthy are above the law. They are not held accountable for their crimes.

    Thank you republican party, the super rich could not have done this without you. The super rich have won, the rest of you lose!

  10. Trump's a genius. He holds his rallies in blue states and gets 100 times more people than Dem candidates do. Joe Biden can barely fill a bowling alley.

  11. This is the President of the United States leading a chant calling for the arrest of one of his main political rivals. I do not know how this doesn’t alarm more people… How is the President not seen by more of his followers as a potential authoritarian strongman? I never thought we’d be having this conversation in America.

  12. Trumps rally’s make the Democrats rally’s look like book clubs Trumps gonna win 2020 get the House back and another conservative Supreme Court Justice! Poor Bernie gonna get burned again by the Democratic Party 🎉

  13. A quick look at Trump supporters, many of them in the front side are the same supporters from other states…
    I am sure they are getting paid.

  14. The White House unveiled its budget proposal on Monday, part of which appears to contradict the promises the president made to save safety-net programs like Social Security and Medicare.

    Among the cuts, the proposal — which is for fiscal year 2021 — would impact Medicare prescription-drug pricing and disability benefits. The proposed budget also suggests changes to Medicaid and food stamps.

    But this budget proposal does come just a week after the president said he would protect these programs. “We will always protect your Medicare and we will always protect your Social Security. Always,” he said during the State of the Union speech on Feb. 4.

    He also said last month he would save Social Security, and that the Democrats would destroy it. “I have totally left it alone, as promised, and will save it!” he tweeted on Jan. 23, after being criticized for saying entitlement programs would “at some point” be on the table for cuts during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    “This budget foreshadows a broader attack on seniors’ earned benefits that President Trump hinted at in a recent interview, when he said that cutting ‘entitlements’ is ‘the easiest of all things,’” said Max Richtman, president and chief executive officer of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, referring to the comments in Davos.

  15. Joe: These people are INTENSE and they STANDING BY THEIR MAN and if democrat think they are gonna be able to just elect anybody to win. They are sadly mistaken…

    Okay so if we elect a moderate somehow magically we can persuade those people to switch over.. LOL this is why I love opinion hosts.

  16. So gone are the days of seeing the US President address the nation in front of a crowd with both dems and repubs… what is he afraid of…? He seems to only speak to HIS people.. that’s what hitler did….

  17. It wouldn't surprise me if Trump started a "WAR" and then suspended the "ELECTIONS" as a national emergency….
    This criminal President is more than capable of trying those tripe of actions… I also think the GOP would support him with an action along those lines…

  18. then I was right that people like you wants a Evil Nazi Trump Dictatorship and don,t want a Republic or Democracy any more become more like Nazi Germany is that the idea,

  19. Ok, get to his blatant and dangerous lies about buses full of fake voters in Massachusetts. These are very dangerous lies and about how Dems want to take all their money.

  20. Trump keeps winning, winning, winning !!! We love Trump !! We have Biden, Biden is a corrupt money laundering, bribing crook !!! Biden will be served with the articles of imprisonment !!

  21. I don't understand the Americans. Your economy is doing well, you now rely less on Saudi Arabia as Oil is being extracted within the US.
    He is tough on immigrants who breach their visa conditions. he has temporarily suspended the Trade war with China. Not my business, as I am not an American but aren't these good things?

  22. Wait a minute. How does Trump comparing someone else to the snake. As being blasphemous Are you saying that Trump or this other person is God. How is that Blasphemous unless you don't know the meaning of blasphemy. Are you a snake worshipper?

  23. Is Trump building the wall or not, talk about that wall more proudly Trump, put a tone when you talk about it, kkkk everyone who likes wall please barks with me for Trump the word "wall" bark saying "wall, wall, wall' is funny, msnbc too, please barks with me…

  24. If you are one of the fans of TYT, you dont need to worry about this, since according to Cenk Uygur, the President resigned in 2017

  25. I truly believe that Trump is afraid of one opponent. Joe Biden worries Trump. Trump is pretending as if he is worried about Bernie. Trump rather run against Bernie, than Joe Biden. Trump is intimidated by Vice President Joe Biden.

  26. The level of imbecility in Youtube censorship has reached abyssal depths. Now it has come to that you can't write in the comments the name of the most important figure of WW2 and one of the most influential figures of the XX century. Can you imagine that incredible level of idiocy…? Just try it, write the name of the Fuhrer in a comment and see it deletted. So dont be surprised if a few years down the road Youtube will delete your comment if you even mentio the name of Donald Trump in it.

  27. Manchester i hope they get an epidemic coronavirus first seeing that Trump is cutting the budget to fight it lol that be ironic

  28. Yes he did try to get his supporters to do that, but I'm for Bernie anyway. So. He's winning. I have no idea who these other 2 people are. Pete and Amy. Sanders will win the nomination and the election.

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