Joe Biden Takes A Commanding Lead Over Bernie Sanders | Deadline | MSNBC

Joe Biden Takes A Commanding Lead Over Bernie Sanders | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. I really think that the democrats should just forfeit this Presidential election. It would save alot of embarrassment and money. Just throw in the towel.

  2. Clyburn and Carrville say, "Shut it down! Enough people have spoken!" Except I didn't get to vote yet – my state's primary is June 3rd. How many thousands is that true of? So, like Republicans with voter ID, voter purging, gerrymandering etc – you just want to stop some people from voting (like me who was voting Warren and will vote Bernie) IF HE GETS THE CHANCE. Becoming an Accelerationist is more tempting daily.

  3. If you care about the planet, your rights as a worker and citizen and don't like getting ripped off for medicine then I'd suggest voting Bernie.

  4. It’s not over yet still more than 50% of delegates up for grabs. MSNBC at it again with manufacturing consent.

  5. Is that I am the only person who think Trump would be most likely to win the 2020 presidential election?

  6. I think we should unite as brown people of different shades blacks, Latinos,asians and minorities
    Black people are not black
    They are dark brown asians are not yellow but light brown I'm Mexican but my skin color is like a dark Asian or a light black person
    Stephen curry like.
    Just thinking out loud

  7. If Bernie loses, I'm voting for Trump. End of story. If the DNC wants to continue ignoring the working class, then I'd rather light the political landscape on fire a fuel the revolutionary passion of the progressive base even more.

  8. Joe Biden will lose to Trump. Biden won't bring Bernie supporters out to vote, and frankly he doesn't deserve their vote. He has shown nothing but contempt for the left, and for the younger generations that want a progressive agenda. If Biden becomes president nothing will change in this country except the rhetoric may be a bit more civil. We will still have millions of people with no healthcare. An entire generation will still be drowning in student debt, and the rich will continue to get richer while the poor sink more and more into poverty. As a Bernie supporter, if I do choose to go to the polls in November, it will be to cast my vote for Trump.

  9. Demented Biden is 1 fry short of a happy meal! The lights are on and there aint nobody home!
    Are we going to allow a Demented mental patient become nominee? Every 1 will vote for Trump 2020 this is scary dangerous and insane! Save America from this lunatic his out of control please! Dnc are out of there frikin minds!

  10. We are only halfway through the primaries. Nice one though, MSNBC. "hE's vErY gRaCiouS." Shut up.

  11. It's a long way to go to 1,991 Delegates. The Corporate Dems want to control us and have us give up. No!
    🔥🔥🔥 ENERGIZER BERNIE 2020!!

  12. the reason california is always in a budget crisis is this, so a home owner in california that is older and has no kids might say, i dont care to invest into a socialist system that creates and maintains services for things like public school and libraries or maybe they are on a fixed income and cant afford to pay market value taxes on their property, and thats valid if the have modest incomes, so al9ng comes prop 13 that caps the tax rate for home owners and actually all commercial property owners as well to 2% if home value when purchased even if that was 40 years ago, so the rax rate pretty much levels off at purchase day value, now this is a big deal in california and really defines what and where california is today more than any other prop which this one became law in 1992, this prop 13 is the reason schools are over crowded and under funded and why california which rated high in quality of education before 1978 when the prop 13 passes now rates at the low end nationally in quality of education, what prop 13 did was save homeowners on low incomes from losing their home to taxes even if the home was payed off, this really epitimises the problems in inabilites of our form of government to deal with fiscal responsibility and balanced bugets, you should not expect a country that is desireable to live in unless it has an educated work force, flag wavers will always say its guns and bullets that made america great, thats false economy, its math science reading and writing that made america great, and its politics thats threating america future, it seems that in california many people not all want their home to have a high market value the highest in the country on the other hand they like low property taxes, this is a failure of capitalism, which is actually in reality a strange blend of socialism and capitalism combined, tax payers want their cake and eat it to, they have created a divide between the haves and have nots and have shifted the burden of labor onto the backs of the poor whom have great difficulty entering college if they cant read and write, they will never make alot of money and provide much to the tax base and will likely depend more and more on social services and live out their lives among the wealthy in dispair and poverty, thoughtful tax codes and thoughtful safety nets is what california needs not more jails and prisons bullets and bonbs, california proved in 1978 that you can have political representation with out taxation now they have to prove you can have social services like schools and such with out taxes, at the moment they dump the labor on mexicans to keep services alive then complain about mexicans, sometimes you cant have your cake and eat it too, this taxation problem is not isolated to big blue thats red baiting this is a problem with the american way of doing things, the american way of spreading the burden and the resourses, as long as policymakers fail to address the underlying issue of sky-high housing costs, voters will cling to Proposition 13’s protections, and this is really the only next logical step to resolve californias fiscal troubles, the answer is rooted in the nature of the military industrial complex and christian americas theology these are cultural questions and anwers once properly addresed will tell all

  13. Bernie Sanders is a designated fall guy he's only there to give the illusion of hope. The system was rigged from the beginning.

  14. Sanders lost to a guy running for the Senate on Super Thursday…funny. Seriously, Sanders is finished….no way the DNC is gonna let him in the club…he’s no street fighter and his socialist message is completely out of sync with thinking American’s values. The DNC can easily wipe him out with their super delegates even if he did get ahead.

  15. Endorsements from losers that really says what MSNBC is all about. I'm sure all of them got an offer to work in the White House if Joe china became governor. LOL

  16. If it was not an establishment move, then why are the exit polls not adding up, why are there so many ppl on social media reporting voter suppression for voters that would most likely vote Bernie?

  17. It's not going to happen, Joe.
    Is Joe incapable of standing onstage alone or does he need a carer there for reassurance?

  18. If anything is going to change in the Democratic Party, Progressives need to make it clear they're not voting Biden for President. Lawrence O'Donnell explains why:
    Search for: " Lawrence O'Donnell explains how Corporate Democrats think"

  19. Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War, supported the Wars in the Middle East, overthrew Gadafi in Libya (destabilized the region and now there open slave markets of west African migrants), supports Intervention and regime change in Syria, funded the Saudi Arabian government with weapons of mass destruction to cause genocide in Yemen. Joe Biden has a terrible voting record, supported disastrous foreign policies, and has a scandalous past; Joe Biden is the candidate that would get obliterated by Trump. Biden is not getting my vote!

  20. Noam Chomsky just did an interview for the Tribune..available to read for free online.
    This is whay he says about Bernie's supporters and the role of Corporate Media:

    The reason why Sanders is vilified in the media pretty much across the spectrum is not so much because of his policies. It’s because he has inspired a mass popular movement which doesn’t just show up every four years to push a button but is acting constantly — pressuring — to achieve changes and having some success. That’s frightening for the business class. The role of the public is to be passive spectators and not to interfere.

  21. Where is the audience?? I want to see Mr Biden speak for more than ten minutes. He has changed his demeanour for the worse. I fear for his health and stamina.

  22. Please have mercy on Bidan. For the sake of his mental health it’s time for him to drop out. Propping him up the way the media and DNC have is sad.

  23. A message for Biden's older supporters- Dementia Joe will lose to Trump. You better get your cat food recipes ready, because Trump and the Establishment Democrats will cut your Social Security payments. Bon Appétit!

  24. It's hard for Bernie even if he goes knocking on doors. First, have to find the non-trump doors and then have to find the Democratic doors, then have to find the Socialist Democratic doors. Ay yay yay Bernie.

  25. So, the simple solution. Biden should have a black 35-year-old lesbian Muslim woman for his running mate. That will make everyone happy!

  26. You Democrats, is this what you intend to vote for as the entire United States becomes like California?

  27. Prediction: Corrupt DNC “delegates” choose senile Biden even though Bernie is the popular choice… Trump wins re-election. Obviously.

    The stupid DNC wants Trump to win because they personally profit. We want healthcare, education, fair wages, tax reform, justice reform, and most importantly POLITICAL REFORM. #Bernie2020

  28. MSNBC is a joke. They're the Other Fox News. Most these people probably going to grab drinks with Chris Matthews and Alison "Nakers" Morris after the broadcast.

  29. "This was not a democratic party operation" said the Democratic party operator, Nicole Wallace. Niiiiice.

  30. Make sure to knock on doors and make phone calls. Joe Biden can't defeat Trump. This will be 2016 all over again if we don't fight until our last breathe! ✊ Bernie2020

  31. no matter what — I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR JOE BIDEN. He is a warhawk. He can easily be persuaded to start another war. IMO Trump and Biden are too much alike. I just can't do it. I'll vote green or write in bernie if tht is possible. #neverbiden

  32. Thanks for brainwashing boomers, cable news! We need to break the stranglehold of the corporate media on our democracy.

  33. He's old he's creepy and now we see signs that he is mean"
    on top of that add in his forgetfulness and inaccurate memories.

    all signs of senile dementia, in other words, his rubber band has snapped,

  34. Bernie stay the course you are going to make him look exactly what he is at the debate…a silly SENILE old man, confused, and outclassed. If he can find his way out of the men's room and to the stage

  35. obama gave rise to trump and trump gave rise to biden. it is necessary to have a biden stepping stone, i feel, to ensure there will be a more diverse, progressive democrat to take the baton as the next president. cause without biden, you might not be able to get rid of trump asap

  36. Amazing that republicans get to be excited for their candidate, meanwhile democrats are only supposed to be excited that nothing will fundamentally will change.

  37. Yes Joshua!!!! You got it!!!! I don't know why they put you on. I do not trust msnbc. Maybe you are just trying to appeal to potential biden voters in some strange way. Anyway whatever the agenda. You are right. It was an establishment move!!!

  38. We won't vote for @biden… Or Bernie or bust to be honest… People 65+ do not speak for the future; the media made them panic for the now. We go back to Obama and rather trump destroy all the politicians hacks in our party. Y'all joining forces already destroyed the party! Bernie needs to go third party!

  39. Biden doesnt have brown people, he has black people. Its a difference. Brown people are Latins Hispanics Muslims & Indians and etc.

  40. Joe Biden's vision is to keep telling us that Medicare For All will cost an extra $35 trillion. Just what the medical insurance companies want him to say. A lie.

    the facts: Medicare For All will replace the cost of the current private insurance system. Medicare For All will reduce complexity and administrative costs. It will eliminate insurance profits.

    Yale Study Says Medicare for All Would Save U.S. $450 Billion, Prevent Nearly 70,000 Deaths a Year

  41. Wow, the American people are about to run a guy with Alzheimer's disease against the GOP….looks like we are going to get four more years of Trump.

  42. Is anyone else not expecting an average chance of a 40 in 100 minority veep? practical surprise, with Biden? Over-due mathematical prediction for 2020.

  43. Obama and Biden sent my only brother to Afghanistan to get killed for military industrial profits. Now he is gone. Why should I vote for a warmonger like Biden?

  44. Bernie Sanders is holding the Democratic Party hostage.
    Bernie held the Party hostage and helped elect Donald Trump in 2016.
    Bernie is holding the Party hostage again.

  45. You know what, the last Democratic nominee without winning either Iowa or New Hampshire was Bill Clinton in 1992. And you know he had stopped George HW Bush to be re-elected. That’s the same pattern of this for Joe Biden!!

  46. The faces of the new Democratic Party. All centrist Democrats. Nothing will change and they'll fight tooth & nail to protect their corporate donors. Same old same old. The voters who have voted for Biden in the primaries don't come crying when you don't get your M4A. Cause it ain't coming..

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