Joe: A ‘Confederacy Of Dunces’ Defends President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: A ‘Confederacy Of Dunces’ Defends President Donald Trump | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Joe Seek Treatment. It is Obvious that you are struggling with Cognitive issues, I have seen many people change for the better while seeking guidance of a therapist. We will Pray and support you for a recovery from your disease. We May God bless you and cleanse your unrighteousness ways

  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly but titling this the Confederacy of Dunces is only going to increase the hatred an unwillingness to accept the fact that the president did these things for himself and not for the good of our country. There is a pride that is there in the south that when you use those terms or words anything affiliated with the term Confederate that you inexplicably ignite a discourse between northern and southern beliefs of our country. There's a manner in which to display one's argument without disrespecting or argumentatively placing the opposite ideals in a form of stupidity or saying they are of lower class or education. To intensify such things as journalist to be more opinionated than the actual news itself is not the course to go. In all fairness we should be accepting of our fellow citizens that have been mislead or uninformed of the facts instead of baiting them to argue that they are considered enemies or combatants in our democracy. The responsibilities of the media whether corporate or independent should be that they leave their personal ideals and suggestions at the door into only report the news as it is fact not fiction that is what we the American people expect and would like as our new sources deliver them. To antagonize even the most of corrupt is 2 sensationalize the current mode of listeners and that is also been the match that has also lit the fire of extremist and potential terrorist that we have already seen due to their own views of not being heard and misinformed in today's world. No one's perfect but there is responsibility as a major news media Outlet to not antagonize or debase individuals based upon their beliefs whether it be from lack of information or misinformation. We can do better and it is us as Americans to rise above these methods. Corporate media is already baiting different factions into starting a new trend in Wars on our soil and this is how it starts. It's just like telling the bully that they are small and then they lash out and everyone ends up getting hurt. History is repeating itself on so many different levels have a great week everyone.

  3. Brilliant Joe, 'Confederacy Of Dunces' and Dershowitz saying that electoral interference quid Pro Quos are ok, its comedy at its best! ✔

  4. It's funny,I live in Finland and we already knew that that aid was being held up.My wife and I were on vacation in the Ukraine and all their news was about the money being held back and why,what could be happening.We were not in the war zone,but their war was very clear on church walls with pictures of their dead soldiers all over them.Trump is guilty,plain and simple once again.

  5. Trump has got to have something over lying Ted. And Grahampa Lindsey. Devin Nunes and Moscow Turd Mitch. $$ or what? Like dominoes let's go.

  6. cute joey a confederacy why not say a union or a group slick little joe wanting americans at each others throats sick guy loser

  7. Here they are again…shape shifting demonic reptilians….Free Masons and Joe almost losing it until he touched his nose and touched his glasses…true demons here.

  8. A bunch of Yankee carpet bagging racist Mofia , are Who Trump represents. If you don't fall in this catagory, he is not representing you, even if you did vote for him, and do go to his rallies.

  9. The Trumpists dehumanize themselves for the Big Trumpo Mussolino. What a disgrace for law, international law, and American values. Is this what is left of the Empire America, a Trumpo Mussolino adoration, a total denial of values and truth? Please do not bother with my country or any other anymore. Start building a Crypt for the Trump Mussolino, and bury yourselves with him for eternal adoration close to him.

  10. Who cares what media whores like "Morning Joe" and his gal pal Mika Brzezinski, ( daughter of New World Order Zbigniew Brzezinski ) say about one frigging thing ?????? TULSI GABBARD FOR PRESIDENT. BERNIE FOR V.P.

  11. The president don't even read the article we have not seen his taxes he have not been Fair since he been in office he called people out their names he don't have no respect for whites or blacks this man is bad for business and he's his partners and need be out of our race and out of the seat of the president

  12. #Trump's Defense #Lawyers looking like #Dunces on #NationalTV #EMBARRASSING #SHAMEFUL & #IDIOTIC #ArticlesOfImpeachment Trial #Jan2020 #USA

  13. "A Confederacy of Dunces" — ah, yes. The great novel by John Kennedy Toole – submitted to the publisher by his mother after his death. It is great stuff.

  14. Joe!!! Your corpse reference should be made into a political cartoon and put on the front page of the N.Y. Times. Simply Magnificent to say the least. P.S. I've rewinded it 3 times and somehow I still want more! Great reporting. (Plus hearing the fact that you freed yourself from the bondages of the now completely disfunctional Republican Party, in my book, your credibility is through the roof. -Much respect from a new fan of your work; keep pushin 'cause in the midst of all the deception We The People need someone to "tell it like it is!"

  15. Jesus Christ— Its hard to believe these nasty evil liars. That's despicable Scarborough for you.

    And this stupid woman married him.

    Joe is dangerous.

  16. But democrats have been trying to take down the president of USA. Since January 2017. .
    The coup has started , impeachment to follow. How did they know in 2027 that they would impeach right before the election
    You all forget Clinton had committed 11 felonies , beside the blue dress.

  17. Shame on Alan – shame on the Trump Defense Team – shame on Republican Senators – shame on the Republican Party – shame on the Republican voters – shame on America. Trump is an embarrassment – but he’s not a surprise. Shame: that’s the Republican legacy.

  18. You literally have AMERICAN POLITICIANS protecting a man that was encouraging espionage against a citizen IN A COUNTRY HES IN CHARGE OF. This needs to be settled with FANGS out. This situation is ABSOLUTELY pathetic! If I were president, I would just tell the CIA or the FBI. But no, this double agent in the white house calls his handlers before using any domestic resource…and to me that alone is incriminating. You could ask ALL the republican cocksuckers if they would ask foreign countries to investigate domestic citizens and theyd all say OF COURSE NOT but theyre willing to die at the feet of a weaker man. We truly are back to the days of a mongoloid monarch.

  19. Witnesses and documents might help determine if abuse of power and / or obstruction of Congress is impeachable or not

  20. After reading comments from MSNBC videos and Fox videos it is apparent that we Americans are on 2 entirely different planes of reality. Time will tell which side was on the right side of history. Until then we should be examples to our children and be adults.

  21. Time to bust out the exhonneration pens !!! Don't worry Nancy, we'll save one for you, since you like pens so much. Can't wait to see the expression on your skeletal face !!

  22. It is sicking to watch the leader of this country totally ignore the truth the end is hear and because the we people of this nation let happen we deserve what is coming way worse than Bush Chaney

  23. Joe is correct about the Trump lawyers. But, the problem is that the President has 40% of the U.S. population that accepts him.

  24. Giuliani's father went to prison for being an enforcer for an organized crime syndicate. That should tell you a lot about him and the people who hire, believe, or use his work for testimony.

  25. The Republicans will forever more be known as the Traitors of 2020! Banana Republicans All of Them!

    All elected after the citizens United decision, making it possible for super PACs to get unrestricted, unlimited amounts of cash from anyone, especially the elitist CEOs and money grubbers of corporate America. they even get their money from foreign governments (since they do not have to disclose their donors anymore – just like how the NRA got tens of millions of dollars from Russia in the last presidential election) so you can pretty much imagine who they’re really working for!

    They know how their bread is buttered, so they serve their masters rather than America. Time to eliminate the Traitors of 2020!

    Vote blue no matter who!

  26. Schiff said in Impeach testimony Mika's dad testified. For what purpose? Mika isn't saying; but then again, the deep state is politically incestuous.

  27. Go watch the video of joe Biden your not getting the money don’t believe me call barrack, and then say it’s debunked ?? Fake news Clinton news network wannabe

  28. I can't believe this show full of rhetoric and twisted facts. The acquitted DJT ratings from gallop poll are on the rise. Yinz just don't acknowledge facts and have been out touch with Americans of all ages. John Bolton, grasping for straws. You laugh at your own annoying JOKE, PITIFUL !

  29. Joe you make my day great ! It was ridiculous to watch the defense of Trump were is the the honesty and the truth? ??? We are not stupid ! Shameful!,

  30. Hey MSMBC. It's SO obvious that Chris Matthews is on someone's payroll to badmouth Bernie. What a clown. I used to watch you … sometimes Chris. I'm dead to you now Chris. You're a dinosaur fool. At least Joe is a voice of reason … at times.

  31. We actually needed to hear the evidence. All these “dunces” did was defend the president and block important facts. What a dumb decision 🤦‍♂️

  32. You all may get your day in the sun as well. There is plenty of opportunity to bring a lot more witnesses in on these political crimes.

  33. Trump was the whistleblower on CREEPY Joe Biden corruption . Democrats are not outraged about CREEPY Joe Biden expanding CLIMATE CHANGE IN UKRAINE WITH TAXPAYER MONEY ? PLUS HUNTER BIDENS KICKBACKS OF TAXPAYER MONEY ?


  35. What is the Trump lawyer saying”no single witness…” no witnesses because you lawyer S and GOP didn’t allow witnesses to come forward. This is why majority of parents are stopping their children from being lawyers because they are educated liars. Though there are some lawyers who believe in God and are doing their jobs in a truthful manner. Lawyer S is not one of them.

  36. Why do we have the same old hairdressers later??? The same old crooks. You know Lev Parnas is Rudy Giuliani kids godfather. That is how close they are connected. You are killing me Joe! LMAO!. It is funny but not funny.

  37. I am dying here. Can I get a witness. You know Rush limpdick was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. In both lungs. I can't help it. All that nasty finally caught up with him

  38. Dunces, well I won't tell you what you are. Wouldn't be stupid enough to watch or listen to you. The ignorant watch you, bet your glad that there are a few left.

  39. Confederacy of dunces,basket of deplorables,You people never learn. You can't argue against the results of Pres.Trumps successes,so you name call! Liberals seem to be rather simple minded folks.

  40. Bill Cosby said he did it a trump said he did it that is corruption why bill got to go to jail and Trump still in office

  41. A confederacy of dunces, yup ,that’s the path to a united country. Keep it going, KILLER . How many people have had a coworker wind up dead in their office ? I know of a few , they’re in prison.

  42. #trump2020 #walkaway #blacksfortrump
    #maga Trump is simly crusing it at every level.
    The democrats are just do nothings, they have been like a dog chasing its tail, like trying to impeach Trump since his first day in office, which means the impeachment came before a crime was committed. when Trump didn't commit crimes the Democrats just made them up.

  43. So-called "progressives" is a mental illness. Unfortunately, my Democratic Party of FDR, JFK, Mike Dukakis, Tip O'Neil, and even Bill Clinton, as well the so-called mainstream media have succumbed to the the same malady.
    Trump in 2020!

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