Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Entire Super Bowl Halftime Show from Pole to Daughter Duet

Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down Her Entire Super Bowl Halftime Show from Pole to Daughter Duet

-You sang
“Jenny From the Block.” -Yeah, we did “Jenny From
the Block.” We did “I’m Real.” No, we didn’t do “I’m Real.” We did “Ain’t It Funny.”
-Yes, you did. -We did a little bit
of “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” We did “Get Right,”
“Waiting for Tonight,” yeah. -And then —
-“On the Floor.” -Let’s just — I just want
to know every step of the way, ’cause I loved it. Honestly,
I was with my wife watching, and I saw Shakira, and I’m like,
“Phew, here comes” — And I’m nervous for you,
’cause I feel like — -‘Cause you know me.
-Yeah, man. And I’m like —
I feel like your brother. -You’re like, “Don’t mess it up! -“Come on, sis! Do it!”
you know? I’m like, “Come on.”
But I go, “Nancy,” I go, “Nancy, watch,
’cause this is — Watch –” -It’s worse
when you know the person. I’m telling you,
Alex was literally a zombie. He was like — [ Laughter ] And I’m walking around right
before I go out in that outfit, and I’m like, “You okay?” [ Laughter ]
-He’s the one who’s nervous. -He’s like, “Yeah, nah,
I’m great, I’m great, I’m great. It’s going to be great.” [ Laughing ] And then I see
a video of him that he posted where he’s like, “Baah!”
like, crazy! He was like,
“I had to let it out. I had to let it out.
I was so nervous.” -I know, I was like,
“Oh, ’cause here it comes.” -Yeah, go ahead. I didn’t mean
to interrupt your story. -No, my gosh, no.
This is exactly — This is what we want to hear,
because this happens — I’m so happy to have you here
to talk to you about this. You come out, and I was like, “Oh, she looks stunning,
gorgeous.” Is that the —
-Empire State Building. -Empire State Building, yeah. Like, you’re
on top of the world. -I wanted it to be like
women were on top of the world. We’re on top of the world
right now. [ Cheers and applause ] And I just start on top
of the Empire State Building and do “Jenny From the Block.”
-“Jenny From the Block.” -That’s what I wanted to do.
-Come on. Right? That’s what I’m talking about.
-You know, I’m a New York girl. -Absolutely. That was the best.
I love that. And are you nervous,
like, okay, like, where’s your foot gonna go?
Are you going to slip? Are you holding it?
-No, I’m good. No, I’m good. -Alright, so I was the only one
who was nervous. -See, because, like,
that’s what happens. Like right before you go on,
you’re like, “Okay,” you start getting
in, like, the zone. That’s why I’m, like,
doing all those crazy things and, like, my face is like
dead face and all. Because you have
to stay so calm. -No, but then you get off
of this thing, and I go, “Okay, okay, get off,
okay, don’t fall.” -“She didn’t fall.” Yay.
-‘Cause it’s all live. And then you’re like, “Oh –” You start going crazy.
I go, “Oh my God! Stop. Now, calm down.” And then you know
what you do to me? You do a cartwheel.
You do a cartwheel. I go, what is going
through your mind in this shot right here? -This was towards the end of
the performance where I danced with this Colombian dance group
called Swing Latino, who’s been on — Yes, who are amazing.
[ Cheers and applause ] And they’re
the only ones I trust to do these type of tricks with. But they turned me upside-down,
and I was like — And it was towards the end.
So I was like — -You already had the win.
You already had the win. You don’t need to do this.
-I wanted to do it. -Oh, my gosh.
-It was good. -No way that —
-Yeah, I wanted to do it. That was a good one.
-And then — And then when —
Dude, when you did — When you did your acrobatics
on the pole — -Yeah, that was the pole — That was “Waiting for Tonight.”
-Yep. -Yeah.
-I mean, look at that. That looks — That looks like — It looks like a painting. [ Cheers and applause ] -That was my little — That was
my little nod to “Hustlers.” -That was your little nod
to “Hustlers.” -My little nod to “Hustlers,”
you know? I was like,
“I learned some pole things. Let me see what I can do.
We can put it in there.” And I just felt again like
it was a very powerful move. It was like,
“Look, ma, no hands.” [ Laughter ] -But, man, oh, man,
you did that. You did like 100 things. I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.
Alright, now, good. We’re good. You did great. Just go. Stop.” -Yeah.
-And then you did the slide. -[ Laughs ] I did do the slide.
-The slide, that never-ending slide.
-Which Benny hates. My manager Benny, he’s like,
“Do you have to do the slide?” -Dude, run up
to the camera and, “fsss!” and slide?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -And you nailed it perfect. -It was my favorite. -Do we have a clip?
-It’s my favorite to do. -Here’s Jennifer Lopez
during the halftime show doing the slide. Check it out. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -Like a superhero. -Isn’t that neat? I have done — I used to do that in Vegas
occasionally. And every time I did it,
you know, there was a time
where I did kind of tumble. So Benny was always afraid,
like, I’m going to tumble and, like, roll. And I was like,
“No, no, I got it, I got it.” -“Don’t roll the dice on this,”
and you did, and it paid off. It was perfect.
-I did. It was good. -And then — And then it got — Really a beautiful moment when
your daughter sang with you. Emme came out. [ Cheers and applause ] -I know. -You got me, man.
You totally got me, ’cause I was like,
“Whoo-hoo! Yeah!” And then I’m like, “Aww, boy,”
I’m thinking about my girls. And you got me.
It was a roller coaster. And she’s beautiful. -Oh, my God. She is.
-And sang. Does she get nervous? -You know, no. She has the performance gene, you know, where it doesn’t —
She doesn’t let it in her mind, like, how big it is
or how it scares you. That’s what you have to do
when you’re up there, you know? You kind of have to control —
And she just — She has that gene, you know, the gene of, like,
“I’m comfortable up here.” -Yeah, “I know what I’m doing.”
-She doesn’t — You know, I think she gets
amped. She, like, gets excited. -Yeah.
-But like a cute excited. Like, I wish I felt
more like her, you know? I wish I didn’t realize
all of the ramifications of all the thousands of things
that can go wrong. Which is what makes you nervous.
-Yeah. -But she just —
She has a good time with it. And I would never make her do it if she felt uncomfortable
in any way, you know? -Absolutely.
-So she was — -She nailed it, and
she sang a little line from… -She was excited to do it.
-…”Born in the USA.” -“Born in the USA.”
-And I love that. I was like, “Oh,
that’s a little Bruce line.” -Yeah, Bruce. -Did you ask Bruce
for permission? -I did, I did, I did. And
he called after the Super Bowl, and he was like, “You girls
can really sing and dance.” -Oh, really?
[ Laughter ] He’s like, “I like that!
I like — You came out! That was great! I loved it! That was fantastic!” -He loved, he loved hearing — He said him and his wife, Patty,
loved hearing the song. He’s like, “It just —
It made us — our hearts — our hearts leap with joy,”
and he was really excited. So, that was a great thing. -I want to show. Here’s a clip. Here’s Jennifer Lopez
and her daughter Emme performing at the Super Bowl
halftime show. Look at this. -♪ Come on, people,
let’s get loud ♪ -♪ Let’s get loud ♪ Latinos! -♪ Born in the USA, I was ♪ -♪ Let’s get loud ♪ -♪ Born in the USA ♪
-Ladies! ♪ Let’s get loud ♪ -You can’t stop being legendary!
[ Cheers and Applause ] That was iconic!
-Thank you.


  1. Honestly Jimmy Fallon is a horrible interviewer. He's perhaps one of the worst talk show hosts there is. There were so many questions about idea conceptualization, preparation and other things that could have been asked about the phenomenal performance. But no, it's mostly Fallon's nonsensical bs.

  2. Look. All I’m saying is I’m not one of those feminists I want to lay in bed and be treated like a princess. None of that “all genders are equal” shit idk why I’m saying this here but I am

  3. 🍏🍏 your lips are like honey

    කොරිඩෝවේ එහිදී එහි මිනිසුන් ගොඩක්

  4. Shakira hands down stole that performance – its not that JLo was not great by any stretch of imagination, but Shak was THAT great, oh-my-man, what a woman!!!

  5. She is taking all the credit but the entire world knows that it was trend because Shakira was on it. JLO = Local, Shakira = Global

  6. You know what, Mr. PREACHER MA N. there is an a big, usually Red, burron on your tv controller. It wiipl turn your TV OFF. I have used it often. It workks like a charm when there is something I dont want to watch. Try the fucker. Tell me how it goes.

  7. She was being interviewed for HER portion of the performance… they both did great but her responses were according to his questions… #LATINOGANG🇵🇷

  8. Why not mention Shakira, it was obvious why she was in the SB now.
    Shakira Killed it! JLO did ok but can’t move like before.

  9. Sliding in that outfit was, ouch hope nothing pops out…
    She may say it was her favorite but it didn't look like that…sad that she has to be half naked to be great show…

  10. Wooooo, Go JLo! While singing born in the USA she was showing the Puerto Rico side of the flag, American was on the other side.

    Hahaha “Look ma no hand” 😂

    Hey and what about Shakira? Maaan come on you have to get Shakira on or at least talk about her.

  11. Honestly if J.Lo did the SB Half-time show alone (w/o Shakira) the video will not reach 100M especially with her stripper-like perdormance. It will not be as famous as it is now. I think most of the viewers are Shakira fans all over the world and only watched because she's performing. I myself is guilty of that! I only watched because of Shakira. I have not even watched previous Halftime performances, I have watched replays just recently. I think NFL & America should give credit to Shakira that their egg-ball football got known worldwide, or else Non-Americans will not bother watching NFL (which Americans claim it as the best sport 🤪).

  12. People need to calm down. Most of the spectacle was cause of all the dancers. Without all that it was just two middle aged strippers lip singing for 10 minutes.

  13. Shakira nailed it! True talent! How are you gonna compare a MULTIPLE Grammy award winner, to JLO? really?? Shakira is pure talent!

  14. Top of the world? True. The soul destroying "world" that God truly hates.The world that is spiritually dead and rotting, meaningless, soul destroying, hedonistic, vain, foolish, self-exalting, numbed by money and consumption, excessive, proud, whorish and blinded by the god of this world. The pole that she is standing on comes right out of the pit of hell! Spiritual death and all of its demonic kingdom was on full display.

    It grieves me to tears that she loves this and others applaud it.

    This world is dying. Corruption and destruction is everywhere. Wars and famines, immorality, pollution, global pestilence, authority and rules being undermined. A global pandemic breaking out on this earth. Right now!
    But still, only oblivion.
    This half-time show was a vile display of arrogance and hatred towards God and a full embrace of evil.

    Please! Repent of all of that is worshiped here as life and living and turn to Jesus for forgiveness and for a heart that loves Him and rejects these wicked things. He is coming soon to judge this world.
    He is our only rescue and refuge.

  15. OMG, it is Jennifer Lopeeez!It took me some time to learn her name. You know names matter. Like this is Jennifer Lopeeez, this is Britney Spearrrrrs , this is Barack Obamaaaa and not someone else, LOLZ

  16. Hola soy army y xf pregunten a bts q xf vengan a bolivia los amo..!! Plis..!! Siempre los ame gracias a ellos sontio asi q mi deseo es q vengan ya sé q nuestra economia no eata bien en mi pais pero desearia conocerlo y no desde mi celu quiero escucharlos y no desde mis audigonos quiero abrasarlos y no desde mis sueños plis..!!!

  17. Americans are gonna be triggered BUT the main reason why the whole world was watching the Super Bowl halftime show this year was SHAKIRA, she is a GLOBAL artist (I'm Italian)!!

  18. Jenny, you are likable but can you stop claiming yourself to be a New Yorker to the core when you know good and well that you and Alex will not give up that LA residence nor education for your kids.  You already made it super big and you don't have to keep saying it to keep the fans.

  19. Jennifer Lopez's song list for Super Bowl:

    Jenny from the Block –
    Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix) –
    Get Right –
    Waiting For Tonight –
    Love Don't Cost a Thing –
    On The Floor –
    Let's Get Loud –

  20. JoLo and Shakira has one of the best half time shows in Super Bowl history, definitely In my Top3…
    And the fact that they are two strong capable Latina women who are mature and oh so talents made it even bette—the dancing was moi caliente and that pole dance was amazing…Watching her sing with her daughter was sooo inspiring as was Shakira’s call and response in homage that her Lebanese roots!
    Brava, ladies 💕💕💕

  21. He should have ask her why she look mad all the time maybe she was worried how she was gonna too what shakira did shakira was all smiles , she sing way better play guitar, drums dance 100 times better and can twerk

  22. I'm sorry Shakira stole the show from the beginning. J lo is gettin to old for this game, her performance didn't come close. Not to mention Shakira looked beautiful, J Lo looked trashy with that outfit.

  23. Whenever I hear Jenny from the block I always just think of her as a teen like everybody must have had a crush on her back in the day ✨

  24. Shakira next to jlo showed what real natural beauty is. Always found jlo fit af, but Shakira been hiding a lil, man, she's a pretty woman

  25. I know this is J-Lo’s interview but can we just point out the fact that shakira was banging those drums like a BOSS!! Love it. And loved Emmy on that stage too. Definitely born to shine like mom and pop

  26. I love Shakiraa but is disrespectful how many people is against JLo! She is feeling HER moment! Was one of her best performance and was on the huge SPORT event of America ! Like Shakira in 2006 and 2010 in the World Cup ! So stop with the negative vibes to JLo -.- BOTH WERE AMAZING IN DIFFERENT STYLES

  27. Suppose you told the people in an Asian country that they had to allow millions of non-Asians to immigrate to their country every year and to intermarry with them, so that, within decades, the Asians would be a minority in their own country.
    Suppose that you told them that they were evil racist nazis if they refused to do this.
    Do you think they would buy this? Of course not! What kind of self-hating Asian would agree to this?
    But this is what anti-White White people are doing to their own people.
    They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

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