1. Google assistant sucks. Google is so behind. Search something, check a text message when it comes, then try to go back to what your searched for and it's gone like you never searched for it. Or try to navigate using Android auto with Google assistant and it can't even hear me. I have to unplug and replug my phone while I'm driving. Great hands free google. Your ecosystem is terribly broken. There's no simple way to take notes, check the grocery list, look up reminders. It should all be within a couple of clicks. Google now was wag better. Swipe away cards, better UI, all it needed was quick access to all your productivity apps like reminders, notes, calendar etc. Get your head out of your but Google and start making apps for people that are simple and easy to use. I've been using Android since 2009 and it isn't getting better with time, it's getting more broken. Unfortunately I don't want to switch to apple due to cost so I'll stick with my pixel 3.

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