January 2020 Democratic Debate in Iowa | The Daily Show

January 2020 Democratic Debate in Iowa | The Daily Show

Welcome to The Daily Show,
everybody! Thank you so much for tuning in!
Thank you for coming out! Thank you so much! Let’s do this thing! Let’s get
into it! I’m Trevor Noah! The Democratic presidential
debate ended just moments ago, and we are coming to you live,
people! -(cheering and applause)
-100% live! And I can prove it.
This is how live we are. See this hourglass? See?
The show just started. You see that? Yeah. Now, as we said, the seventh debate just ended, and, with only six candidates, it was the smallest debate yet, but it was also
the whitest debate yet. So, huh? Yeah. Six candidates–
all of them white, which is amazing odds. I mean, even a carton of eggs
will sometimes have a brown one thrown in accidentally. So this was really special. Really, really special. And for a party
that started out so diverse, nobody wanted
to see this happen. I mean, the only person happy
about this was Greta Thunberg, yeah, ’cause the stage was
so white, it reflected sunlight back
into the atmosphere. But white it or not,
this was an important debate. It was held in Iowa, which is hosting
the first primary vote just three weeks from now. And all the candidates
are gearing up for the big day, including Bernie Sanders, who tried to pump
his supporters up. And this was really adorable,
right? He put this Instagram video out of him “rolling out” to Iowa. (laughter) Wow, can you feel the energy? I’ve never been so enthralled
in my life. Now, I’m not commenting
on Bernie’s driving. I just think it’s funny
that he thought this video would psych people up,
you know? It’s almost like he shot that,
and he was like, “Did you see me Tokyo drift out
of the driveway? We got to put this shit online
right now!” And, in fact, I bet, to us,
it was chilled out, but, in Bernie’s head,
it looked like this. -(rock music playing)
-(tires screeching) (engine revs) -(crashing sounds)
-(woman screams) -(tires screeching)
-(engine revving) (sirens wailing) (a la Bernie):
“Fast and furious!” All right.
Now, the upcoming Iowa primary wasn’t the only thing looming
over the debate. The big drama leading up
to tonight was the growing tension between
America’s socialist sweethearts, Bernie Sanders
and Elizabeth Warren. It started when
Bernie’s campaign started saying that Warren only attracts
rich and well-educated voters. And, in response,
Elizabeth Warren hit back. And now it is full-on beef. REPORTER: Gloves off. Elizabeth
Warren and Bernie Sanders trade accusations ahead
of the Democrats’ final debate before voting in Iowa begins. REPORTER 2:
That non-aggression pact between the party’s
two progressives certainly appears to be over. REPORTER 3: The campaigns
now duking it out over a private conversation
in 2018, when Sanders allegedly told
Warren a woman can’t win. Sanders denies the claims,
calling the idea that he would say a woman
couldn’t win ludicrous. REPORTER 2: But then Warren
contradicted him publicly. “I thought a woman could win,”
she said. “He disagreed.” Oh, no! Bernie Sanders
and Elizabeth Warren. Those are the last people
you’d ever expect to go after each other
like this, man. It’s like seeing R2-D2 and C-3PO
become enemies. I mean,
they have so much in common. They’re both on the same side,
they’re both robots and they both deeply regret
appearing in the sequels. Yeah. It’s just like…
(whistling) (a la C-3PO): “Yeah, you’re
right. We should have quit after the third one, my friend.” And to a lot of young Democrats, the beef between Bernie
and Warren must feel like seeing your parents
getting divorced, you know? Which is a situation
that Bernie is too blunt to handle delicately.
Can you imagine him? Be like, “Daddy, is it my fault
that you and Mommy don’t love each other anymore?” He’s like, “Well, we were happy, and then we had you.
You do the math.” So, with Bernie and Warren
moving dangerously closer towards open warfare,
it’s not surprising that the candidates were asked
about it at tonight’s debate. And Bernie was adamant that
he never said what they said. Senator Sanders, Senator Warren
confirmed in a statement that, in 2018, you told her that you did not believe that
a woman could win the election. Why did you say that? Well, as a matter of fact,
I didn’t say it. Anybody who knows me knows
that it’s incomprehensible that I would think that a woman could not be president
of the United States. There’s a video of-of me
30 years ago talking about how a woman
could become president of the United States. All right,
this is completely true. Bernie does have a video
that came out from 30 years ago, all right– it’s true, he does– where he said,
he said in the video he thinks a woman
could be elected president. Then again, we can’t really know if this was recorded
30 years ago, because the guy has looked
the same his entire life. Like, for all we know, maybe every time Bernie gets
in trouble, he just records a new video
and then makes it look old. You know, like if someone
accused him of hating dogs, all of a sudden, a video
would pop up of Bernie like, “Hello, it’s 1985, “and I want to say
I definitely do not hate dogs. “No matter what they say about
me in 2020, I do not hate dogs. “I said it today in 1985. Okay, I got to go.
My Uber’s here.” So, Bernie, Bernie was sticking
to his story that he never said
a woman can’t be president. While Bernie
was on the defensive, Elizabeth Warren attacked, saying that maybe none
of these men could be president. I think the best way to talk
about who can win is by looking
at people’s winning record. So, can a woman
beat Donald Trump? Look at the men on this stage. Collectively,
they have lost ten elections. The only people on this stage
who have won every single election
that they’ve been in -are the women, Amy and me.
-So true. -(cheering and applause)
-So true. And the only person
on this stage who has beaten
an incumbent Republican anytime in the past 30 years is me. -Goddamn.
-(cheering and applause) (whoops) Not since Kill Bill have I seen one woman obliterate that many men… in one fell swoop. I mean, forget the wealth tax. Warren just deducted two balls
from every man on that stage. That’s what she did. “Take two from you,
take two from you.” So, Bernie says
he didn’t say it. Senator Warren says
he did say it. And she definitely won
this exchange, although it would have been
a much cleaner victory if she didn’t come back
a few moments later to create one
of the weirdest moments we’ve ever seen in a debate. Just to set the record straight, I defeated
an incumbent Republican, uh, running for Congress. When? 1990. That’s how I won.
Beat a Republican congressman. -Number two…
-30 years ago. Of course, I don’t think
there’s any debate up here. Wasn’t that 30 years ago? I beat an incumbent
Republican congressman. And I said, I was the only one who’s beaten an incumbent
Republican in 30 years. Well, 30 years ago is 1990,
as a matter of fact. But I don’t know that that’s
the major issue of the day. (audience groaning, clamoring) Okay, that…
that was the most unnecessary nitpicky argument you will ever see
in a presidential debate. You know what it felt like? It felt like we were watching
an old couple fight in a diner. That’s what it looked like.
You know, it was just like, “I thought you said
you were getting an appetizer!” “Yeah, I am. I’m getting soup. That is an appetizer.” “No, soup is a side!” “No, if it comes before
the meal, it’s an appetizer!” “My father was right. I should have married
Stu Greenberg.” “I am Stu Greenberg!” (laughter, applause) So that was a…
that was a pretty tense moment between Warren and Sanders. But there was another tension that had to be addressed
tonight, and that was between the U.S.
and Iran. And the question the candidates
were asked was, “Why would they make a better
commander in chief than the current
commander in tweet?” I sit on the Senate
Armed Services Committee. I worked with our generals, with our military leaders,
with our intelligence. I am able
to work with Republicans. I am able
to bring people together. I’ve been in the U.S. Senate
for over 12 years. I bring a different perspective. I worked internationally around the world for decades. I traveled,
I met with governments, I met with businesses,
and I understand how America interacts
with other countries. Wait. Hold up.
So Tom Steyer over here thinks he can be commander in chief because he went on a lot
of business trips? That’s… ‘Cause that’s basically
what he said. It’s almost like, he was like,
“That’s right. Vote for me. I’m Delta Diamond Medallion!” (laughter) It’s a weird reason,
but-but look, to be fair to him, to be fair,
Tom Steyer did go on to say that he thinks being
commander in chief is more about judgment than experience. And I’ll be honest.
In that, I agree. ‘Cause here’s my thing. Every candidate makes it sound like they’re experts on
the military, when in reality, the generals give
the president options, and the president
just picks one. I don’t care
which president it is. Like, even Trump, when
they conduct these operations, they give him options,
and then he picks. He’s not planning the operation.
He’s not there like, “Okay, Alpha Team,
you’re gonna go in low. “And then, pew, pew, pew. “Then the bad guys over the top,
then the grenade, “and then, you’re gonna be like,
‘Baba, baba, baba, baba, bah.’ “And then, I’ll jump in,
and I’ll be like, “‘Take Eric! Take Eric!’ And then we all win.
We all win.” (laughter) It’s not happening.
It’s not happening. (applause and cheering) Now… I’ll be honest with you. Other than what we just saw, there wasn’t much new
in this debate. They touched on health care,
trade policies, impeachment, and to be honest, it was more
of the same, you know? Bernie wants Medicare for All,
Biden thinks it’s too much. Klobuchar says
she can win Republican votes. Buttigieg says he brings
something new to the job, -which is a fake I.D.
-(laughter) All in all, today’s debate
wasn’t that exciting. And I guess this is what happens when you only have white people
at your party. -(laughter)
-You know? Yeah. There’s no Kamala
to spice things up. There’s no Cory
to do the Carlton, you know? There’s no Andrew Yang
making it rain. So now, the big the question is, how will this debate
affect the race going forward? Although to be honest, I think
the real question should be, do these debates
even matter at all? Because if you think about it, the debates used
to be the best way to get in front
of the American people. But with two billionaires in
the race, the game has changed. Just look at Tom Steyer,
for instance. He’s far from a household name, he has the charisma
of a clipboard, but recent polls…
recent polls show him surging to second place
in South Carolina and third in Nevada. And one guess
for how he did it. RACHEL MADDOW: So far,
the candidates combined have spent $17 million
on political ads just in the state
of South Carolina. Of that $17 million, $14 million of it was spent
by Tom Steyer. Same thing in Nevada. His Nevada-only ad spending
is more than all of the ad spending by Biden, Warren and Klobuchar
combined nationwide. Yeah, that’s right. Tom Steyer is spending more
on ads in one state than other candidates have spent
in their entire campaign. And clearly, it’s having
a big effect on the polls, which shows you how effective
advertising can be. If you just show people
something enough times, eventually they’ll be like,
“Yeah, I like that.” -That’s why Cheerios is a thing.
Yeah. -(laughter) That’s the most popular cereal
of all time, and it tastes like
if bread farted. (laughter) And it’s not just Tom Steyer who’s using giant ad buys
to jack up his poll numbers, because the real bling king in this race is
Michael Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg here,
the former mayor of New York, has been spending big so far. You’ve seen all
of his advertisements. He expected to spend
around ten million, as well, during the Super Bowl. In total so far,
he’s on track right now to spend $200 million
on advertisements by March. That is more
than Barack Obama spent in the entirety
of his 2012 campaign. And Bloomberg has said
he would spend a billion dollars if, uh, you know,
if he needs to. Yeah, we are seeing
some massive spending from Michael Bloomberg,
former mayor from New York, and Oompa Loompa
with a Swiss bank account. Because he’s close to shelling out
more in a few months than Obama spent
in his entire campaign. And he said he’s willing to throw down a billion dollars
to beat Trump. A billion dollars.
I mean, at that point, why not just offer Trump
a billion dollars to step down? -(laughter)
-He’ll take it. I think he would take it! Come on. The man is wearing
a discount weave. We know he needs that money! -(laughter)
-He needs that money. (cheers and applause) You offer him a billion dollars,
he’ll take it! And honestly, nobody knows if it’ll stop
at a billion dollars. It could be more.
Bloomberg could go further. The man is worth $60 billion, and he doesn’t mind
spending his cash. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked
if pretty soon, Bloomberg’s ads
were just taking us hostage. Like, they just started
looking more like this. MAN:
This is Mike Bloomberg, a successful mayor,
a renowned businessman, and he’s bought all the ads
on every channel. If you don’t vote for Mike, this will be all you see, day after day,
month after month, until you’re begging
for the My Pillow guy. If Mike loses even one primary,
he’ll take over all of TV. He’ll host the Oscars. He’ll be the new star
of Black-ish. He’ll be the next bachelor
and all the bachelorettes. So if you want your TV back,
you know who to vote for. I’m Mike Bloomberg.
Don’t be stupid, America. Oh, what a terrifying future! We’ll be right back after this
message from, like, Bloomberg.
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(cheers and applause)


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    But, for the record, November 1990 was 29 years and 2 months ago. So Bernie is technically correct.

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