Is Merus An Angel Connected To Moro in The Dragon Ball Super Manga?

Is Merus An Angel Connected To Moro in The Dragon Ball Super Manga?

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number 54 now officially in the history books many fans within the Dragon Ball
community seem to be begging the question on the idea of Maris having any
ties with Wiest the grand priest if in fact he is an angel a fallen angel
somewhat of a hybrid nepheline type of angel if perhaps he’s demonic in nature
perhaps maybe a demon and angel from one of the previously erased universes and
to that we honestly don’t know but we are going to find out in next month’s
issue of the Dragon Ball super manga for Dragon Ball super manga chapter number
55 but one of the most popular theories going around in the community right now
is the fact that perhaps Maris is some kind of an angel directly tied with
moral as we are going to be touching up on this and many other concepts that you
guys have presented on my previous videos today and with the current
circumstances involving the Dragon Ball super manga with moral giving our heroes
two months until he arrives on earth you can rest assured that all hell will
break loose but the question is with everything that’s going on right now who
or more or less what exactly is Maris and what exactly does Maris know that
he’s keeping hidden from Goku while training with him inside the hyperbolic
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Dragon Ball and anime as one of the absolute biggest battles within Dragon
Ball is looming over the horizon that being moral Sadam bow 7 3 Shima Rica and
Yuma potentially battling against Goku Vegeta Gohan piccolo Jaco Krillin and
maybe perhaps the androids 1718 and Maris having to be there with majin buu
and the die kayo you can only imagine as to the level of carnage that’s about to
happen within the Dragon Ball super manga but before we end up getting there
we need to figure out the identity and the reasoning behind Maris and his
introduction within Dragon Ball super now from the beginning Maris was
introduced as a very mysterious character of course having to be pointed
out by Vegeta first there was something eerily off about Maris that seemed to
have caught Vegeta’s attention and ever since the beginning many people were
wondering how exactly he was able to catch Goku and Vegeta off guard with his
Raygun how he was able to hold his own against Morel and now trailing Goku
along by giving him clues and not wanting to eat or needing the ability to
eat to stay alive having the exact Wing Chun fighting
style as weas does but also bearing the knowledge of a power that only the gods
are aware of but cannot possibly achieve and that’s ultra instinct so within the
community a lot of people are putting out this idea that perhaps Maris is in
some way shape or form directly connected tomorrow in being the
counterpart to a god of destruction in being his angel now although this
concept may sound wacky and it may fall outside of the realm of possibility at
this point never say never and never hope for anything outside of what TOA
animation can present because if this were to be true then it kind of would
make sense in the idea that an angel cannot possibly destroy its own
governing subject being the fact that angels are supposed to oversee what the
gods do but keep a neutral position and not taking any action in doing anything
good or evil which is very interesting in the fact that we see is actually
consulting the grand priests in changing the laws of the angels but if in fact
this were to be the case and this theory ends up being true then what a theory
that would be in the fact that more was once previously a god of destruction and
with Maris having to solely make that choice in doing the right thing in
becoming a part of the Galactic Patrol in becoming one of the absolute best
space cops there is indirectly taking initiative in doing something about all
of the crime and negative impacts within the galaxy itself we see how Maris
actually went along ahead to be confirmed by jockle of course to even
arrest 7:3 sagem bo Shima Rica and Yuma and the
reason why those individuals were actually in prison is because of Maris
but if I’m being honest here I think the concept of Maris being the angel to Moro
who was in fact a former god of destruction is really fucking stupid and
this is why right for example if Moore was a previous god
of destruction then how come beerus is not aware of
this right if anybody should take action first within universe 7 don’t you think
that would be beerus if beerus knew the fact that this person who was once a god
is now out and about free of will destroying everything within the
universe itself getting stronger as he does so from a standpoint of having
power wouldn’t beerus actually feel threatened in the fact that moral could
potentially take his title of being a god of destruction to begin with and one
rebellions that so if anybody should have taken action first I think we can
all agree that beerus would have been that person if he was fully aware in
cognitive that this former god of destruction is now on the loose within
his own universe although I love the concept I really don’t think it makes
sense so the other major theory and concept floating about it is perhaps
Maris is or once was a former student of least now that in and of itself would
make the most sense in the fact that a least would have went along to teach
Maris about what ultra instinct is being the fact that we stood the exact same
thing to Goku and Vegeta following the events of Dragon Ball Z resurrection of
F when he told them about having to train their bodies to move on their own
and learning disability to wear beerus was even having a hard time in figuring
this out and be if Maris was in fact a student then it wouldn’t make sense in
the fact that he knows so much he’s able to move so fluently but at the same time
why would we want to change the law of the angels if in fact he wasn’t an angel
and in the beginning a lot of people believe that just because his skin tone
was blueish purple-ish and based on his height alone perhaps he was an angel
perhaps he wasn’t so many people were kind of
misled by the ideas of what the manga was presenting but now we’re getting
more and more clues that perhaps maybe Maris is an angel but if he is or at
least once was an angel then where did he come from
did he come from one of the previously destroyed universes that Zeno had
completely wiped out is he in fact an angel or existing angel
from a different dimension different timeline to that we don’t know but what
does serve its purpose is the fact that if he ends up actually being an angel
then what does this mean for Wiese what does this mean for universe 7 and what
does this mean for the hierarchy going forward by introducing the concept of
another angel in universe 7 that’s why I don’t think that moral is in fact any
kind of God of disruption because if he was in fact a former God then what was
he doing in prison if it really wouldn’t make any sense right because if a God’s
job is to literally wipe out an entire civilization and destroy planets
endlessly then certainly if that doesn’t warrant them going to prison then what
exactly did moral do if in fact he was a former God now led him to go to prison
to begin with right so one of the other popular theories going around is the
fact that Maris is perhaps a Nephilim half human half angel or part angel and
part something else but if that wouldn’t be the case then what exactly is he and
what would lead an angel to actually mate with a mortal or with a different
being to create such a person and if in fact he is part angel’ and part
something else then how come this wasn’t touched upon before could it have been
perhaps he was masking his identity in not wanting any of the other angels to
find out or something of the sort right if of course that kind of power was
given on over passed genetically to someone like Maris then what does that
mean for the current hierarchy of the angels now perhaps maybe Reese wants to
include a different order to where Maris can become a second angel to universe 7
or maybe something else along the lines that falls within the law of the angels
because as of right now we don’t truly know what the actual laws of the angels
are other than angels having to remain calm
Wheatly neutral in not getting in the way of mortal business and not having
any free will to choose to do something good or bad as their position is to
solely look after the gods of destruction and make sure they don’t get
out of hand that’s what makes this situation so complicated but if in fact
that theory were to be true and we end up finding out that moral is in fact in
some way shape or form a former God or has any ties to that then that would
simply blow the lid off the story in the fact that here we have all of our heroes
coming together to not only fight a former god of destruction with the
assistance of that destroyers former angel but now we have morals cronies we
have the Angels getting involved so this seems to be a massive massive story
that’s going to lead to a massive massive fight down the line and the
thing is with morale right now there is no telling as to how strong he’s going
to become given the circumstance the number one he’s going to earth and he
has no problem going there given the fact that he wants to fight everybody
take their energy take the planets energy and then go off on his own little
merry way in doing his own thing as I for one would prefer to actually for
once see beerus get involved because since battle of gods up until now beerus
had hardly done anything so that’s kind of sad but if it were up to me I would
more or less have that be incorporated if more were in fact to turn out to be
some kind of a former god of destruction but at the same time to me it seems kind
of fishy that Marus is trying to push Goku to his stride in finally achieving
ultra instinct to the point where he wants to fight moral while at the same
time moral being able to steal energy literally from planets and people I find
it kind of mysterious that marys seems to kind of only imply that Goku’s ultra
instant power is going to work here whether or not it’s genuine how crazy of
a twist would it be if Maris wasn’t the person that we all thought he was from
the very beginning however it’s also that in the fact that perhaps maybe
Maris was supposed to be symbolic in becoming the next angel but being the
fact that he was given at this order and command in becoming neutral if he were
to be a part of this I find it most interesting in the fact that the
entirety of the hierarchy involving the Angels now needs to change
simply because Maris now is in the picture now
this is also quite interesting because if Maris in fact is some kind of an
angel or at least was then where is this halo what about that halo that all of
the angels have he doesn’t seem to have a staff right so where’s his staff his
clothing is different as well so is it masked perhaps did he take it off that
he refused to have the exact garments that the angels where did he refuse his
positioning or is there something deeper to the story because when looking at
Maris he seems to know everything he seems to be moving just like the angels
but he doesn’t look like an angel he doesn’t certainly function like one
in having to keep that neutral status being the fact that he’s a cop so is he
evil is he truly a good person we may never find out but we are going to learn
of more or less what’s going to happen in the next issue of the Dragon Ball
super manga with of course moral having to give the ultimatum that he will be
coming to earth in two months and guess what Maris had also told Goku that two
months is in fact all he probably means in order to tap back into ultra instinct
but the question is when Goku does that then where do we go from there is Wiest
going to intervene is the grand priest going to intervene and more or less more
importantly if Maris does in fact come from one of the outside universes that
was originally destroyed then is this a result of Android 17 having to make his
wish from the tournament of power in bringing about not just the erased
universes that the Omni King had destroyed during the tournament of power
but also those that were destroyed perhaps eons ago and with that we have
Mara step in but again that doesn’t seem to make any sense either because a long
time ago in the manga we learned that Maris had apprehended seven three she
Muraki Yuma and all the other criminals including Saddam Bo and that
so includes the information provided and the knowledge provided behind morals
apprehension originally ten million years ago so this story right now is
really in the hands of Toyota taro to further expand on but I do like the
concept idea that Maris perhaps was about to become an angel but he simply
chose not to because of course with his status of being one of the most absolute
best cops within the force for the Galactic Patrol it really does go as far
as to serve its purpose that Maris had been a cop for quite some time and he
genuinely enjoys what he does but perhaps because of this is he breaking
some kind of a law I don’t see morale being any sort of a former god of
destruction if anything they should keep that story of an ex God for another arc
I think that would work best because morale doesn’t seem like a person that
really cares about the god status but instead he wants to just obliterate
peace so in the end I want to get your thoughts in the comment section below is
Maris an angel was he an angel is he a demonic entity perhaps maybe working
with morale is he in fact in some way connected to moral status in being a
former God and thus having to be his former attendee I want to get your
thoughts and feedback in the comments section below again who is Maris I want
to get your thoughts and concepts in the comment section down below guys thank
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  2. Merus been a suspect from day 1, my guess is his the Grand Priest brother, or Merus was an Angel and Moro was his God of destruction

  3. Beerus is probably sleep again that’s why he’s not confronting Moro and even if he was I don’t think he would be threatened by Moro seeing as he can just destroy him like he did zamasu and if I recall beerus don’t really care because he basically let frieza and the saiyans run wild destroying planets as he pleased for a very long time and it’s the same reason he probably didn’t confront broly either and we all know broly power was off the charts u would think beerus would want to know who that is with that crazy power level right?

  4. The Omni king erased him for interfering with the mortals siding with good but 17's wish brought him back. Perhaps

  5. Man, they should start DBS season 2 already, they have more then enough content to start it up. Hopefully by 1st qtr of next year.

  6. Yo evryone I just thought of this , all the angles are named after alchol so what is merus a pun on!!!! Like this so evryone can see my idea

  7. It does make sense that Moro is a former god or god of destruction and Merus was his angel. Here’s why and how:

    Moro has an awesome ability to siphon and steal energy from others right? We saw this with Goku, Vegeta, Dio-Ki, etc. How dangerous would this ability be if were to use this against other gods or angels…..especially against Zeno or the Grand Priest! And I believe he did just that, he tried to use his ability to steal the energy of Zeno, Grand Priest, and higher angels!! When he was defeated, he was imprisoned and Merus was no longer duty bound to be an Angel!! That’s why Whis is checking the Angel Laws, since Moro has shown back up on the scene and his former Angel is still around, does his role as an former Angel change? I’m sure that’s why Merus is training Goku in the Time Chamber away from reality and laws.

  8. He is because if moro is dangerous as they say why didn't he kill him meerus seems capable enough because if he did he goes to sleep just like the angles so moro is a god of destruction or Akira Toriyama is an idiot

  9. Ayyeeeee nice to see my theory mentioned.

    Also it'd make sense if Moro was a Makioshin considering the fact he knew of Majin Buu as well as Dabura I think it was?

  10. What if merus really is a bad guy and goku cant leave the hyperbolic time chamber…goku thought he was going to train but gets locked in there with merus and now somebody else has to save the world

  11. What if Merus is an angel of one of the destroyed universe's and every angel that his universe has been destroyed chose a universe to stay in !

  12. 1.merus an angel level 2.he rejects to become the next candidates(angel). 3.(merus father)GRAND MINSTER or possibly WHIS SON….and mother unknown? 4. Hell will Break loose if he continues to break angel LAWS!!!..this my short THEORY!

  13. What if Moro is the son or reincarnation of a god of destruction that Merus governed in one of the erased universes. But Merus lost control of him and this father or original form of Moro wrecked havoc upon the 4 universes Zeno eventually erased. But before Moro was born and sent to universe 7 to continue on

  14. @UnrealEntGaming don’t wanna make u feel like a ass but I think u misread the last chapter Whis doesn’t want to change the laws he never said that the way he said what he addressed he’s questioning and trying to confirm what the law of the angels are about when it comes to Merus suggesting Merus May be breaking the angel laws

  15. If Merus is a angel from a erased universe didn’t they mention that angels cease to properly function without their god so could his staff and halo have been taken away or disappeared?

  16. Theory – Could he be the Angel of the god of destruction tied to the surpreme Kai that Majin buu killed? Since the Kai died so does the god of destruction? And the angel becomes inactive so he joined the galactic patrol?

  17. What if Merus used to be an angel but decided to give up his angel status to be good rather than neutral and is now a mortal

  18. Would you do black clover as well? Black clover is getting pretty interesting and intense maybe more viewers will drop in

  19. Can't wait to hear what part Buu and the Kai he absorbed plays in this. The Kai was maybe Moros other half and that's the reason why they are unable to kill one another and they had to lock Moro away because killing one would in fact kill the other 🤔. So yes I do believe Moro is a former God indeed.

  20. didnt whis said before that is taboo for gods of destruction to fight each other? maybe moro was a former god so beerus cant fight moro, even if he is a former god of destruction.

    or beerus is not fighting him cuz he is afraid that moro will absorb his power? imagine how strong he will become

  21. It wouldn’t make sense why he is in a different universe. Out of all the one he just ends up being in the one with Goku and vegeta

  22. I think this will all come back to who was babidi buu(Majiin buu's controller). The resemblance of babidi, beerus, moro cant be a coincidence

  23. merus training Goku
    zeno shows up
    merus looks at Zeno
    Zeno looks at merus
    zeno delete mereus
    goku haul ass
    Zeno delete goku and z fighters

  24. I definitely agree! if Moro was indeed a former god of destruction Beerus would of gave him the Hakai or try to along time ago.
    And the meeting between the two technically should of happened eons ago if it were the case so to me it doesn't make sense.

    Secandly do you think Beerus will eventually come face to face with Moro? Because I feel like they won't simply because of creative tough choices. Does one make Beerus look weak due to Moro's energy stealing abilities, forever tarnishing Beerus's OP image? Or Does one make Beerus one shot Moro and make this ark seem like a waste of time? And that's why I it's not gonna happen.

  25. I think he wanna change the rules to let the sayians as angels cuz vegeta training his control goku learning to tap into ui i think they could b angels once they get stronger

  26. Personally i dont care who he is as long as be teaches goku how to use UI when he wants to. I feel the form is a favorite among fans and its a shame its not being used yet. However i do feel its coming soon.

  27. I like to look @ it as Merus being a ‘fallen angel’ who may have followed Moro but then got tired of keeping the balance and denounces his angelic hood and the demons are coming back

  28. I can just imagine whis looking through his Staff n seeing all of this happening from the beginning n getting frustrated with goku n Vegeta but also cheering them on too lol, but also isn’t telling Berus nothing about what is happening lmao.

  29. The reason Beerus isn't concerned with Moro is because there wouldn't be a show. Beerus would have whooped his ass in the first few manga panels. We know how jealous Beerus is. He wouldn't be letting that slide..

  30. The Beerus lack of interaction is disturbing regardless of a Moro God of destruction background tie-in. Moro is an obvious threat to the universe in an immediate sense. If he ran up on Moro and got outsmarted, then I would respect Beerus somewhat.

  31. Meerus to me seems to be related to Angel's somehow and is secretly training Goku to get him to use UI so Moro can absorb his powers and still have Magic, might be nice to even see Beerus vs Moro at some point.

  32. I think Merus, is the son of Whis and the Angel from Universe 6. Rebellious teen administering law, instead of watching like his parents. Growing into his own powers.

  33. There are 4 other strongest fighters in the multiverse grand priest is presumably 1 or 2 so question is could Moro and meerus potentially be 4 and 5 considering Moro could continuously grow from eating planets and claiming his power was far beyond blue Goku and Vegeta maybe this could explain meerus's and moros high level of strength maybe they are in the top 5

  34. This was my theory but thinking it over again…
    Can you imagine there being only 1 angel per universe? No o e said whis was the only angel, he is probably the leader of the angels in his universe and Merus just happens to be another angel but a lesser one compared to Whis.
    This is why they arent as bound with the angel laws as much as whis because as an overall leader, he has to be much more strict compared to the lesser ones.

  35. Dont know if my comment will be seen but what if all of this to build up to goku becoming an angel with ulta instinct and his other perks and vegeta becoming god of destruction with all of his perks please tell me your thoughts

  36. This may sound like hard to swallow but I'll say it. I'm currently going through major health issues and living to me is not an option. I've loved and will continue to love DRAGONBALL. I just wish I get to live to see the end of this franchise. Manga & anime. Later.

  37. 5:25 but he was a god of destruction before berus came about just like majin boo was a Kai . The Kai inside majin boo would know best of where meerus came from

  38. Wait wait.. but wouldn't the grand supreme kai mention that moro was a god of destruction in the past considering he did fight him in is youth days but saying that… if he was a g.o.d wouldn't he of just haki grand supreme kai in past so it's kinda making me think moro wasn't ever g.o.d because he wouldn't got mentioned as one

  39. I'm thinking she's an angel from one of the other universes that makes most sense considering during the tournament of power none of the Angels were erased

  40. Why does everyone think whis wants to change a law of the Angel's when he only said he wished to confirm something in regards to the laws?

  41. He’s litterlay doing the same as whis, whis trains goku and whis went bsck in time to help goku with the planet, Merus doesnt even use his powers he uses other powers to fight not his angel powers unlike whis

  42. I think merus may of made some sort of sacrifice in exchange to live in existence of mortal life. I also think he was granted, so to speak, to keep some of his angelic abilities and maybe he “specializes” in ultra instinct.. also, perhaps when such said sacrifice was made, it may or may not of made his exemp from “angel laws”. Thus, the laws of the hierarchy forbidding favoritisms toward good or evil are free.

  43. Here's a thought, he's training Goku to become god of destruction. He has no god of destruction to speak of. If Moro no longer holds that title.

  44. He could have been an angel in training simular to zamasu. but only he took the side of good. I think that he didn't want to remain neutral so they banned him. He's probably an outcast angel one that angels want nothing to do with.

  45. One theory that I immediately thought of that I don't see is: Merus was the angle for a Universe that was destroyed by Moro. He probably had to watch his god of destruction die and could not help because of the angel laws. Moro probably came to universe 7 somehow after absorbing everything in the other universe. Merus became resentful of the system due to the PTSD from watching everything including his god of destruction dying in front of him and followed Moro to Universe 7. He then went against the angel laws and helped the Supreme Kai imprison Moro. You are welcome to use this in your next video if you are interested.

  46. Merus is a half angel.

    Grand Priest impregnated a human woman 7000 years ago, and that is how Merus was born and why Earth received the Saiyans and full-circle back to Grand Priest and the other angles

  47. What if Moro is the god of destruction that beerus replaced and that is why beerus is hesitant or outright unwilling to interfere. Just a thought

  48. If you look at his haircut it's one of the worst haircuts of all time LOL also he's trying to fit in with Society that's why I think he's an angel

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