One of the biggest challenges RVers face is how to connect with each other when you’re only
in a new place for a few days for weeks at a time. After all, for many of us it’s not only about the places we go,
but the real joy of travel is people that we meet along the way.
Leave it up to chance and you might meet your neighbors while walking your dog or when backing into your spot. But
you’ll never know that the rig three spaces over hails from the same
hometown, or that the couple a street away is
looking for a golf foursome. so many connections and opportunities
for social interaction end up being missed. Introducing – RVillage! is a super simple and FREE social network for RVers
which lets you easily connect with the people around
you right where you are. See what you have in common, introduce
yourself, plan an event and get out and get social
with your neighbors! With RVillage – an RV park full of
strangers… becomes village full a friends! And when you hit the road, you’ll be able to keep up with your friends across the country. Plan future rendezvous together it easily find RVer friendly
businesses & services wherever you go. is a
revolutionary new way to make new connections on the road and stay in touch no matter where you roam. Try it today and welcome to RVillage!


  1. Interesting concept — and a resource that will feel familiar to those already comfortable with social media.  

  2. saw the video. sounds interesting, but where do we go to "join" is this just on FB and social networks? I just keep getting the video pg. no JOIN button.

  3. Sounds great, but be forewarned that if you don't allow the site to use your location from your computer because of security concerns then you will not get to login. 

  4. I know you folks are just getting started but when us Canadians join we are unable add our town or city when setting up eg Toronto, Ontario I have to enter Buffalo, NY as it is the closesr American city. So whats happening with the Canadians….. eh?

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