1. We buy about 2 cases of Starbucks every month here. Currently have 2 cases stocked just in case. 😂😅😅 (spouse loves Espresso, Verona and I’m his barista) ☺️☕️

  2. Ha they each grabbed each other’s used mugs at 16:16. No big deal but they were being so careful up to that point to have separate mugs.

  3. Rhett: "The average person spends 4 hours each day on their phones." Me: Are you kidding me, that's insultingly low.

  4. 1 tbsp compared to 1 teaspoon is 2 teaspoons they made their instant coffee 2 times stronger than what it needed to be

  5. I used to make pour over coffee pretty much daily until I tried a French press. Way easier and tastes so much better.

  6. pour over coffee can be controlled by the user so it can be super good or super bad. In this case, i have very little faith in these two making a decent cup : (3

  7. Link's a Star Wars guy yet let a perfect moment for an 'Outer Rim' reference pass right by him. "Start in the outer rim towards the inside, like goin' from Tatooine to Alderaan."

  8. It was entertaining to watch you guys try your best. But please please please do a blind taste test with professionally prepared coffee vs standard coffee.

  9. I feel like 4 pours is a bit excessive. They should have just told you what the individual steps accomplish to give you a sense of what you were doing. Instead of basically assembling Ikea furniture with a Chemex. 😂

  10. So the best coffee is a millennials version of a time tested boomers automatic drip. Pfft millennials complicating things again.

  11. The way Link looked when he said “I don’t want it to get hard.” Made me laugh sooo hard. I rewound that part several times and laughed each time like it was my first time seeing it. Well played!

  12. I looked in my settings and my daily average screen time on my phone is actually 4 hours and 5 mins

  13. I think Link is the type of guys that jumps 18 steps in a funny interaction and goes straight from super funny to punchable.

  14. 1st thing's first: start a timer.
    Link: man… i don't like timers. Lolol you don't say. God, I feel like Link and I are the same person lmao

  15. Are we sure there not secretly married to each other and it really doesn't matter how you pour the water into the bask for pour over coffee

  16. I just dump some grounds into the french press, put some boiling water into the press, mix it until it's like a tar, and them press it. Easy and extremely strong

  17. you ever spend 20 minutes working/thinking really hard and after 20 minutes you feel like you accomplished nothing. I think that's how Rhett and Link felt at the end of this video

  18. Who cares about how much time anyone spends on their phone. Technology is advancing each day. How can anyone not be on their phones? We all need to accept this and move on.

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