Ingraham: Premature poll positioning

Ingraham: Premature poll positioning


  1. The Socialist Democrats are so delusional and ignorant they have no platform to run on, it's all garbage and no good for America and it's people. Trump in 2020.

  2. are they just that stupid. they said the same thing last time. morons and just very bad humans. done deserve to be called people.

  3. The "oranges" don't matter, you folks keep talking about the "oranges" there is only one orange that matters and he has to go, that is all that matters. And one day the head orange will lose his immunity and then the head orange will go behind bars, the so called "orange bar"…for real…!! 🙂 lol

  4. Berny is going to be presidente and a.o.c vice presidente.i took a poll in my city.if its a poll it must be true.🤘🤡🤘

  5. Our idiots that thumbs down Laura Ingraham need to stop watching her show… We love you don't stop with the voice

  6. 12:50 Another thinks he's smart dummy criticizing Trump for tweeting, which is one of the big reasons Trump won in 2016.

    The idiot also thinks Americans want socialist health care – they're clamoring for single payer. People have lived the results of socialist health care with Obamacare. They don't want more of what has caused health insurance costs to skyrocket.

  7. people elected trump to get the Economy going, and it Happened ,that's what people think is most Important! "Period " ! Trump 2020

  8. Joe Biden can't run a small state like Delaware how is he going to run a country? I live in Delaware. The place Joe Bidens from. This is a very small state. The city of Wilmington is so small you can trip coming in and fall out the other side. Wilmington has shootings and murders up there with huge cities and he couldn't fix that or slow it down. Delaware has only gotten worse since Joe Biden.
    If you believe in these polls after the last election then your behind help. Every time I hear about one of these polls I wish they shove them up their a$$es.

  9. Oh really the democrats have no governing plans ??? ALL LIES ! HERE ARE SOME FACTS !!
    Obama decreased unemployment from 10.0 to 4.7%. ( a 5.3% drop) Then Trump decreased it one percent more to 3,7%.
    So only 1 % of the 6.3 % combined drop in unemployment 2009 to 2019 came under Trump — that's 15.9 percent of the combined drop.  
    Some 84.1 percent of the combined unemployment drop came under Obama. 
    Trump has been in office 31 months to Obama's 96 months — one-third of the time.
    About 10-12 nations among the top 40 economies worldwide have LOWER unemployment rates, or higher GDP growth rates or higher stock market performances than the United States — while Trump for years has lied and boasted that HIS economic numbers are the hottest economy in the world.
    Hell, Trump  — during a worldwide economic boom — could not even beat Obama much less a dozen other countries.
    I guess the Chosen One calls this his trademark  — "truthful hyperbole".

  10. FOX NEWS IS THE BRAINWASHING MACHINE OF THE OLIGARCHS WHO ARE DESTROYING THE WORLD ! FOX NEWS IS THE FAKE NEWS, MORONS !!! I can prove to you that they lies, just when they talk about UHC that I have in France !!! UHC would save you all a lots of money, and you can see any doctors you want and will always get the best treatments you need ! GOVERNMENT NEVER DICTATE OR GET INVOLVED IN THE CARE YOU NEED, BUT YOUR INSURANCES DO !!! no deductible !! AND YOU PAY TAXES FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH CARE !!! TAXES YOU WOULD PAY, WOULD BE MUCH LOWER THAN WHAT YOU'RE PAYING TO YOUR THIEVES OF INSURANCES AND FOR DEDUCTIBLES ! I AM APPALLED AT ALL THEIR LIES !!
    They are lying about democrats, democrats are a government FOR THE PEOPLE, republicans are government for the RICH OLIGARCHS AND YOU ARE THEIR SLAVES !!! THEY HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOU, TO THEM YOU ARE NOTHING !!! how can you be so dumb to believe all the lies that come out of fox news ???

  11. I can't stand this lady. Stupid autoplay. I can't even stand bearing the sound of her voice. Hannity too. They are two of the most obnoxious people.

  12. Never again will we elect tax-and-spend Democrats. They're all a bunch of criminals and why can't you lock them up? We will have to March and wipe them out ourselves

  13. This election is interesting basically if trump looses than most voters are stupid and if that’s is true trump isn’t even the problem! Seriously would you prefer someone who is nice but can’t do the job?????

  14. They are back trying to claim the President is unstable and needs to be removed by 24th amendment. President Trump is the President of the people. Democrats are the enemy of the people, along with the democratic controlled media. The Democrats need to have Biden win, so they'll be able to control him, at all levels.

  15. Democrats GOt GOGGLE! not russia but GOG they fix mill votes stil mr trump won! and win AGAIN! nsa against president so sad! nsa 4 hillery.

  16. those rigged polls are a precursor to the real election coming in 2020, they are stupid enough to believe everyone will buy it and then vote for a dem they like the most, hmmm any dead Dead they can vote for is better that anything they have now, if Trump loses it will be a 1000000000% rigging by Counters and machines, remember Obama in some states had nearly 100% votes, the demonic dems will be hell bent on finding anyway to fix the election that even if Killary's name is not on the polls, she would win

  17. Ms. Ingraham you are one outstanding woman. We Americans are blessed to have you giving us honest and precise news. I watch everytime you are reporting. Please do not stop doing such a brilliant show. God bless you for what you are doing. Wish most women today would follow your lead by how you so boldly give us the positive thoughts and news. You are a Gem.

  18. Anyone on the Left wis an ideal candidate for China. They lead globally from position of weakness., just ;like Obama.

  19. And why am i not ahead by 50 points lol but you were Hillary they gave you 86% chance to win on ellection day hahaha The Polls hahahahaha the only Poll the democrats will remember is the one their ridding and humpping lmfao

  20. liberals are dome, they have nothing to contribute except disaster, please conservative republicans stand up to these losers or were done as a country.

  21. The ONLY 2 that have a chance of beating Trump, is Bernie (that has lost some fire from 4yrs ago) & the only "technically a Democrat" that I WILL vote for if nominated – Tulsi Gabbard. But since she wouldn't be fluffing & lining the Old Guard's pockets, I would highly doubt they would EVER nominate her – sadly. Trump is my only 2nd pick after Gabbard tho – yes, I am one of those horrid swing voters that every other party hates. Lol

  22. Biden is weak and incompetent, and obviously bought and paid for. The question is who's back pocket is he in? To all you still sleeping AMERICANS, if you vote for this guy, you're voting for the vary people who want to see our country destroyed. Start thinking about what kind of future you're children, nieces, and nephews are going to have if these traitorous, self serving cowards are allowed to keep selling us out to the highest bidder.

  23. Tell the DemoRats that they can't take back something which they've held hostage in traitorous criminal corruption for decades. I've been kicked off Twitter since defending the president last summer 2018.. Like I need Twitter.. lol 😀

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