Ingraham: Coronavirus pandemic spreads through US

Ingraham: Coronavirus pandemic spreads through US


  1. Faux has stoop to a new low. Politicizing a pandemic. The blind leading the blind. Don't argue with me the proof is in the pudding. If we had mass testing and numbers were low you'll have a great point but when it's hard to get tested and you use soup up number to prove a point. The only people buying this are house ninjas or cult members.

  2. Should be a panic-demic….People just can't use common sense. Ridiculous. Very disappoint in my fellow americans unjustified panic.

  3. The media is a vile creature. The fear they are creating. This is their hail mary. This is their recession creater. The more people that die, the better for them. It's sickening.


    THE US is a very strange territory. May the evil that Obama and his imps are struggling to put in place, fail. May the ones they have put in place not live after them. Evil is on the prowl. A collective exorcism for this group is recommended. The Roman Catholic Church, please note. Pray for Trump and Judeo-Christian Western Civilization's Values, Ways and Norms.

    THE advent of the CORONAVIRUS via China and at this time, was designed to cause both Economic and Political damage. Destabilise the US booming Economy and ruin Trump's chances at re-election. AND Obama, Bloomberg, NWO Proponents and the Dems are jubilating…

    The difficult, strange, inhuman and dastardly thing to understand is why China is willing to waste some 60,000,000+ of her people and countless others from other countries for such stupid and impossible objectives. THE US ECONOMY WOULD REMAIN STRONG FOR SOMETIME AND PRESIDENT TRUMP WOULD BE RE-ELECTED WITH BREXIT SERVING AS A FORERUNNER…

    By the way, Senator (Motion without Movement) Ingram, Acting COS Mulveney and FBI's Christopher Wray, are fake. They share the same plumage with whining John Bolton. AG Barr… Hmmm

  5. Trump fired the Pandemic Response Team in 2018 and cut back the CDC Operations and Trump blames Obama for the Virus, Trump has lost his F$*^%King Mind.

  6. This isn't our first virus, first major illness, first great panic. We survived polio, diphtheria, repeatef flu, atomic testing and high power lines. Some people enjoy panic.


  8. For every one wanting to blame president TRUMP for this your crazy as H*ll …. I blame Democrats and Barry Soetoro wannabe Obama come on in through open borders give us your viruses here's your check… 🤬🤬

  9. It was two years ago when Trump ordered the shutdown of the White House National Security Council's entire global health security unit.

  10. We all need our Social Security now we need a whole bunch money which I’ll get it at one time not every month it’s ridiculous

  11. All networks should be focusing and talking to the Medical experts. Let's hear from the CDC to give us the real facts! Not the politicians. Let's sideline the politicians for now and pour all the resources to the CDC to figure out what the magic meds can eliminate this "bug". The politicians will not give you the truth may it be the left or the right. This is an election year..remember that!

  12. U.S. RESPONSE 'MUCH, MUCH WORSE THAN ALMOST ANY COUNTRY': The World Health Organization is sharing the latest global coronavirus updates. Ashish Jha, who runs Harvard's Global Health Institute, sas the U.S. coronavirus response has been 'much, much worse than almost any other country that's been affected.' He used words like 'stunning,' 'fiasco' and 'mind-blowing' to describe how bad it is, NPR reported. 'I still don't understand why we don't have extensive testing,' Jha said. The best estimates are that the U.S. has conducted about 13,000 total tests in the past two months; in comparison, South Korea is conducting 10,000 tests per day.

    —Thanks Mr Trump…thanks for nothing

  13. NOOO, you are wrong and the numbers are wrong !
    Over 3000 cases
    7 deaths
    Over 1500 cases
    41 deaths !!!
    So, where do you think where the problem is ?
    You have more infected and dont know it because no tests !
    Carry on with econemy and Trump election ! When you dont change there will be no vote anymore !
    Your super not existing healthsystem will only help the rich, dumbheads !

  14. Its kinda funny Italy and South Korea were having the same amount of cases then Italy just blew up in cases and deaths but not South Korea their cases slowed and their deaths are less then 1/10th of Italy's so why aren't we seeing what south Korea is doing? Because drug companies won't make any money using a prescription that already exists ..!

  15. Looking forward to see and hear American men women and children suffering and weeping their own loses and the loses of loved ones at the hands of that mighty micro virus, a little payback for the calamities they caused Afghanis and Iraqis during the past 30 years. The American army had full support of nearly all elected Congressmen and Senators and Americans are, as far as I know, very proud of their "great" armed forces achievements.

  16. A country, thats led by a completely untrustworthy and hopelessly pitiful President Donald Trump, who has preached economic isolation, for the past 3 years, as well as blatantly been lying about the effects of the Corona virus, will undoubtedly be extremely hard hit, both in terms of the number of US citizens who will be severely and critically ill, as well as financially (and the economy always comes second, in most of the European countries, including Denmark), while a hopeless President like Donald Trump, will always set the economy higher, than the lives of American citizens.
    In Denmark, we have a joint hospital system, that does not have to make money (it is paid over our taxes), while in the US, there are several different private hospitals, that have to make money and therefore the US, will be extra hard hit by the Corona Pandemic.
    Sad, but true.

  17. while here in North carolina wake county schools continue to stay open because "no one has been tested here yet" … huh I don't know what to do I believe now they are putting the children at risk considering the Governor canceled all functions with over 200 people.. umm.. how many people are in schools..yet they aren't canceling it….i'm bewildered as their excuse mount up children can deal with it better if they get it one person says..children who get free lunch and breakfast will have no food etc etc I just don't know what to do here

  18. I have not met anyone who has been affected by it. Yes, there is a lot going on because of it, but I don't know anyone who has it.

  19. Socialism by crisis, you mean like ww1 and ww2? The federal RESERVE bank seizing gold and taking over our entire nation and through unelected agencies the whole world through us?…

  20. Fox literally didn't make this seems like a serious thing until now…. but Laura kids has been out a school for a week now???? Really ???

  21. From Wuhan, China. Dear Ms. Instragram. Next time you decide to have another facelift surgery, Please make sure that your Chinese surgeon doesn't have
    any of CoroNAZIvirus when he is doing you while you're unconscious. God Bless America.

  22. Compare this to the way our media treated the swine flu outbreak in 2009. Just Google it. That one was far more lethal at the same stage that we're currently seeing with the Wuham coronavirus.


  24. 1,600 cases out of 300 something million people? Why is this causing a panic? Do you know how many people died in swimming pool accidents last year? I don’t see people screaming that all pools are filled in

  25. If we knew 100% people crossing the border were carring a deadly virus the Dems would want a wide open border anyway (for votes) and disregard the Americans who have to pay for it , and with their lives. Dems make no sense.

  26. Here is a major red flag, someone who was in China not Wuhan, they changed airport location at last minute than spent weeks in Bangkok, than Manila Philippines and came back into NYC and never was tested. Yet, the Media causing mass histeria? What's their Angle? Lol

  27. Now that the demoncrapts have showed their true colors. President Trump will Declare a State of Emergency and then he will sign into bill what we need

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  29. Oh No! Princess ivanka has been exposed. How will she do her job? Oh wait, no one really knows what her and jareds jobs are anyway. Unless you count getting eye rolls and laughter from "actual officials" of other countries.

  30. The Dems use this to push a Controling Fed . Government. Look at the VA under the Dems, or the Indian Reservations or Obama care failure or the CDC being slow with tests. I know lets let the Federal Government handle this they do such a good job. Tired of Europeans bragging on their centralized (line waiting) governments. Ours has proven terrible. The private sector gets things done much faster, that is why Europeans come here for surguries they have to wait forever to get there.

  31. So her position is let the people starve because they're stuck at home unable to work, or get help because of the work requirment? I understand its much better that we make them work risking the spread, then providing something as socialist as paid leave! How dare they even think, people should be able to seek medical help. Without exposing themself to crippling debt.

    Oh the untold horrors that will be caused by food, paid leave, and healthcare!

  32. Socialism by crisis.
    Not to be cold and uncaring…but frail people die every day.
    This is not a real crisis.
    It’s promoted by the leftists. They will do ANYTHING to take down Trump, but we will
    re-elect him anyway.

  33. Why is Fox News scanning views of people wearing masks? It's driving me crazy. Mask hysteria. Stop it Fox. Masks don't hinder the spread of the flu or anything else. Stop!

  34. Fox News: Deregulated Capitalist economics are failing to save people or the economy. And now people more seriously considering a touch of socialism. Whhhhhhaaaaaaat!? You know the old saying, if the same strategy fails over and over again then just keep failing.

  35. So… WHERE is the news about the stupidity of trump to inject 1.5 TRILLION in the stock market that were lost in 1 hour?
    trump supporters, you were born stupid or just try hadr?

  36. So… WHERE is the news about the stupidity of trump to inject 1.5 TRILLION in the stock market that were lost in 1 hour?
    trump supporters, you were born stupid or just try hadr?

  37. So… WHERE is the news about the stupidity of trump to inject 1.5 TRILLION in the stock market that were lost in 1 hour?
    trump supporters, you were born stupid or just try hadr?

  38. Y2K, N1 H1, the bird flu, Ebola, SARS it's all going to end the world
    I thought America was smarter than this but after seeing what happened in 2016 where Hillary Clinton got millions of votes, my eyes were open this country is not that smart at all.

  39. It wasn’t that long ago that Donald Trump was calling COVID-19 a Democratic hoax.
    Now that the very stable genius has educated himself on the truth, he speaks of how we are testing and doing all sorts of things to get a grip on the impending health crisis. Yet, we know little is happening because it is all Trump BS. People can’t get tested, etc.
    The horse is out of the barn and Trump is doing little to get the horse corralled.
    Trump is doing a much better job of “nothing” than Brownie did (for George W.) during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

  40. Democrats push socialism ? You mean like the NIH ? The CDC ? Free tests ? Free treatments ? The whole socialized response ? Here comes the corporate socialism …. Scary, huh ? Better leave the US if you don't like socialism.

  41. just shut down the UN in New York okay it's just a precaution it's not like the world is going to explode or something like that

  42. Democrats are sleazy gimmedat recruiters….make no mistake….they want to keep the slaves on the plantation…..

  43. People are being ridiculous!! It’s no worse than Flu A or B….the globalist have finally gotten what they wanted……PANIC in the streets. Hard to believe so many are falling for it…..

  44. Yeah ,the leftist want to protect the worker if sick to be paid, instead of giving it all to the banks. the nerve. is propping up the bank not socialism!!!!! better the common getting help. then the rich

  45. This woman giving news with smirk on her face like… It is all a matter of politics and she is on the right side. Can anybody tell her people are dying by the thousands

  46. Everyone is getting a GIFT
    What about us SOCIAL SECURITY recipients?
    If my COLA going to INCREASE? This YEAR was only 1.6, but my RENT in CALIFORNIA went up 4, FOUR
    PERCENT, thanks NEWSON

  47. Quit making this out to be worse than it is! The media needs to be held accountable for all the stock market bs and they need to be fined!!

  48. Set the record straight: Air travel trackers showed hundreds of planes from China to all Continents between Dec 15 (absolute latest USA arrival) through January 15th before it was deleted from the internet. The absolute latest date of "community spread" in USA heartland (after airports tainted) was on New Years Day (diagnosed as common flu with pneumonia)! The virus was already established in the USA before any futile quarantine efforts were even mentioned.

  49. Oh . . Now Fox News Believes in Coronavirus? You guys must be joking where did all the "politicizing" go. Fox News. Dumb News

  50. my life has not been impacted at all by the virus, but then, i am 65 yrs old and never once in my adult life have I ever been RICH enough to take a vacation. So i guess I don't have to worry.

  51. I believe people are GOING to die faster more from this EXTREME PANIC that they're in-than the "Virus" itself!! OMG!!- Fighting with each other OVER T.P.!!!!!

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