‘In 2019 we demanded change. In 2020 we begin building the alternative’ Extinction Rebellion 2020

the world has changed so significantly
since Extinction Rebellion was launched over a year ago inspired by activists around the world arm in arm with other movements thousands of us have come to
be a part of that change people from all walks of life united by courage and purpose world leaders are finally admitting we’re
in a state of crisis they are offering no solutions and the immediate impact on this exploited world are being ignored they are not brave enough to do what’s
asked of them this is their own story of inevitable failure and that doesn’t have to be ours it will take real courage to do what we need to do in 2020 we have to give leadership to eachother and rise up to do what’s needed together
we have listened to your feedback and we’ve looked beyond our movement to understand
the context of our work the perception and the opportunities these are the
first building blocks of the UK strategy this is an ongoing process where we’ll
be using current and future peoples’ assemblies and data led research
we are in a collaborative open rebellion so what goals do we have for 2020
we’ll get the first million active supporters of Extinction Rebellion out we’ll make sure
that fifty percent the nation sees the climate ecological emergency as their top priority we won’t wait for our demands to be met we’ll enact them we’ll have new systems in democracy media and economics that all can participate in
we’ll connect Extinction Rebellion with the UK’s wider ecology of change movements we will
build relationships and partnerships and co-create an alternative vision for the
future we will improve our internal systems will care for our rebels we’ll build
that regenerative culture we will learn by doing teach by showing and we will live the change so what and how are we gonna do it
we are a decentralised movement of individuals brought together by the
necessity to rebel this year our rebellion will no longer
be a short period of time when we take our strength to the streets of London
when the cost of doing nothing is so great we have to embody rebellion in
everything we do over the first half of the year we will be connecting and
increasing our work with diverse and local communities recruiting new rebels
and we’ll be launching a new rebel hub which will provide the information and
resources to take actions locally to support more communities to mobilise up and down the country we need to recruit more volunteers get more trainings and
hold more peoples’ assemblies this can only really be done with your generosity please donate and share this video


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