I’m Hiring: Work on an Entrepreneurial Project in Lisbon!

I’m Hiring: Work on an Entrepreneurial Project in Lisbon!

I’m currently hiring for a new
and unusual project so this is not the
kind of ad where I’m trying to sell you something. This is an ad for a job
opportunity. I’m putting it out there
because I want to reach the
right kind of people. I’m looking for filmmakers,
marketers and people
interested in doing creative and
entrepreneurial – and
challenging – work to help me with a brand
new project.
And more than that. I’m looking for growth minded
people. People who are into self
development and who want to grow their skills and have
intense learning experiences. So if you’re a fan of creators and writers like Tim Ferriss,
Matt D’Avella, Nathaniel Drew, Dan Mace, the
Yes Theory guys and if you want to
create that kind of content and you want to live by the
kinds of values that these people demonstrate and
talk about then this might be an opportunity for you. My name is Shane Melaugh, I’m
an entrepreneur and like I
said I’m starting a new project
which will be based around creating a lot of video
content as well as online courses. And for this project I’m
looking for extraordinary, growth minded
people. This job offer here is not
just, I’m not just looking to
hire, like a video editor, you know. Someone who sits there for
eight hours a day editing
videos. I am trying to put together a
tightly knit team of people who are fully
involved in the work and I want to see if I
can do things a bit differently. For me, personal growth and my
personal development have
always been important but I think
that often we have this problem where we
have to do things to kind of pay the
bills that may be at odds with our personal growth
goals. So it’s almost like our
personal growth is something
we have to pursue in our free
time. And I want to see if there’s a
better way to do that. So my goal is to put together a
team and make personal growth and
skill development an integral part of how we
work. I don’t want to make this too
long but if that sounds
appealing to you so far check out the link where you can get to a page
that explains this project in much more detail where you can take the next


  1. i have core competencies in multiple areas covering business, programming, design, video graphics and animations. and would love to work with you. even as a remote/auxiliary team member.

    sending my submission

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