I Turned My Passion into a Business | Abby Sparks Jewelry Designer Spotlight

My name is Abby Sparks. I own Abby
Sparks Jewelry. We are a fine jewelry experience, and not a store. I have been
making jewelry since I was about 5 years old, My grandmother gave me beads, my
father gave me beads. It started from there and it’s always been in my life and I
finally about five years ago, I made it a full-time job. So I don’t like jewelry
stores, I’ve never liked jewelry stores, but I love jewelry. I’ve always loved jewelry, I don’t know why I love jewelry, I just do. The sparkle,
the magic, the soul, but I hate stores. I want to touch things and I want to have
more creativity, I don’t want to feel judged, I don’t want my budget to be
judged, so where my passion is is working with people and making something outside
the box, pretty intangible. Somebody who’s not a
designer, I want to make it easy. It’s not just about the love, and the
story, it’s like at a soul level. It’s defining your existence. At times, a piece
of jewelry, because of a marriage, allows you to even exist. So it’s really, there
are very few things in life that we hold on to, and we pass on to generations.
Jewelry is one of them. So my passion is offering a jewelry experience and not a
jewelry product. Talking to people, engaging with people, designing around
their aesthetic, their view, their lens, because we all have that really unique
part of us. We’re all unique and for me your jewelry should be too. I am really
proud of Abby Sparks Jewelry and myself because it’s taken so much work to get
where we are right now, and so much sacrifice, and not everybody believes in
you, not everybody believed in me. I don’t
have traditional story, I was in business for years. But my heart guided
me to this and I followed it and it’s really it’s hard to sometimes take those
big risks and follow your dreams so I’m really proud that after five years I am
where I am. I have an amazing team and I’m learning everyday and I’m proud of my
learning. It’s been, you know, it’s not been easy, but it’s allowed me to have
even more of a sense of pride because out of that struggle that beauty
happens, magic happens, dreams, you know, actually come true. So I’m proud for
where I am because it’s taken a lot to get there
and I’m a work in progress, so.

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