I Tried Parenting With Kylie Jenner Nails For A Week

I Tried Parenting With Kylie Jenner Nails For A Week


  1. Omg that drawing of your family at the end of the video is so beautiful. Love it. Your kids make me laugh. You’re a great mom

  2. Sos so you have any tips for dealing with a dramatic toddler, my 3 year old is starting preschool in the fall and she still cries over EVERYTHING, if anybody has any tips I'm desperate at this point

  3. Another factor to keep in mind is that Kylie has had nails like this for a long time and is very used to doing things with them, it’s a lot harder when your not used to it

  4. I could never! I have shorter nails on and I almost mauled my eye trying to take my contacts out tonight! But, if you can rock them, I say go for it!

  5. I always lowkey get annoyed when people assume I can’t do anything just bc I have nails 😂 yes, I can open a can of soda.

  6. The reason why the long nails become a buzz is because you can accidentally scratch or poke your children and if you are not diligent enough to wash and clean your hands the nail can collect dust etc. But if you are comfortable with that and already used to the long nails also if you are always cleaning your hands before doing anything that related your children it wont be a problem… I mean it is your children and your way of parenting. If people suggest you about your parenting way you can accept it then it is your choice to do it or not

  7. It’s easier when your real nails are that long because they’re attached to the hand properly and you learn as they grow.

  8. When you spot the exact same boppy and swing/bouncer in someone else's home and you're like, "yes mom, I see you. We're the same. I too am the world's ok-est mom!"

  9. Wouldn't this just be a practice makes perfect thing …she's always had them and learned how do stuff with them…while this is your first time with them so of course its gonna be hard

  10. I really love your content.. but videos like this are so underwhelming for me. Please do some better content ideas than this! Love you x x x

  11. I’ve been wanting to get my nails done so bad but ever since I gave birth to my son I’m scared I’ll poke him 🤦🏼‍♀️ and I love long nails but I now I have to get them short 🙄

  12. I’ve got acrylic nails too but no way as near as that length. My nails always break when they get too long so acrylic nails for the win to feel more like a girl whahaha

  13. My mom for as long as I can remember has had acrylics about that same size. Its so weird seeing her without them😁 and I would say I turned out just fine☺️


  15. Lol you took Kylie Jenner as you’re role model for this ?
    That woman doesn’t do quarter the stuff you do for your child she has helpers 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  16. I have had way longer nails then that for a long time and when my daughter was born i had them off for a month and i got them back on long again and i didnt have any trouble doing anything. I never scratched my daughter. I was able to take her a bath and change her diaper and clothes. If you are not use to them everything seems hard at first until you wear them more you will start to see that daily task arent that hard.

  17. Okay so I know that this may be way too personal, but since I know my dad has and many men do…. If you are done having kids would your husband consider getting a vasectomy? It's incredibly personal so I would understand if you didn't but it would be an interesting conversation and could be educational! Just a thought.

  18. I think this was more difficult for you because you're not used to having nails on. Which is totally fine, but if you're used to them things aren't so complicated. You learn to adapt your hands to do stuff.

  19. This video was so in theme for me today. I recently got acrylics and I cut them shorter out of anger. They slow me down especially when I type 😭😂

  20. It’s 2020 why is mum shaming still a thing? A mum can have her nails and makeup done and still be just as good as a mum that doesn’t do her makeup and nails, in fact a mum that looks after herself and her babies at the same time is a women that clearly can handle her life well

  21. Girls can relate: when you have long nails your knuckles are you fingers and your nails are your tools

    -Person who watches Karina Garcia at 3am

  22. I love your nails and yes most things are hard do with long nails. Yet as famous as Kylie jenners people are watching her every move and going to judge her for everything. So as I see it you got more good commons than she did because she is famous celebrity.

  23. Y'all gotta keep in mind Kylie's been wearing long nails for years so she's already gotten through that weird adjustment period where you have no idea how to use your hands

  24. Hannah wearing her sunglasses inside, slippers and hair-bun was a mood I absolutely didn’t know I needed but indeed, definitely did.

  25. I got this big nails for my wedding.. by the end of the week. I wanted to kill myself to even think of getting this big nails

  26. Omg as a momma, this crossed my mind as well 😂 I used to grow my nails and stopped as soon as I had my baby. No sh*t bath time is THE scariest

  27. Frist of all if your not used to wearing long nails of course you won’t be able to do much I started wearing acrylics at 17 now at 20 I can do everything since I’m used to wearing them

  28. I am a mother and looking at Henry’s soft spot on his head it looks really dipped in and that could be a sign of dehydration, my widwife told me this I know you’ve had 3 kids, you’re doing a fab job mama keep going!❤️

  29. Kylie has long nails on a lot, she's used to doing things with long nails. when I used to babysit my nephew's I used to have long nails and I used to be able to change their diapers and put on little snaps and buttons and now with my baby I'm able to do all that in my nails are pretty long

  30. As a Mama with long nails, you get used to it and adapt to them. Obv having them for 7 days and never having nails before everything would be difficult, even before kids my friends would ask how I can function with long nails (they weren't even that long) and its like.. you don't notice it after a while?

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