I Mailed Myself in a Box AND IT WORKED! 100% REAL! (24 Hour Human Mail Challenge)

I Mailed Myself in a Box AND IT WORKED! 100% REAL!  (24 Hour Human Mail Challenge)

I think we are family now I peed in front of you Hey guys! Welcome back to another video Today I´m gonna be doing this new trend that´s going around YouTube It´s basically, putting myself into a box and actually shipping myself somewhere it’s way cheaper than a plane ticket. So i definitely wanna try it out i feel like a lot of the videos on internet are fake so i want to do it for real, umm So i’m gonna get Jordy to help me and i’m gonna blog the whole experience I’m taking you guys with me So wish me luck, I hope this is okay, i hope nobody arrest me, I don’t know if this even legal? Probably Not, I don’t know where do i wanna get shipped yet But We’ll find out, Okay, Let’s go do this, I’m excited Lets go guys what am I gonna do I’m so frustrated I mean I completely understand where Joey is coming from I know he’s just worried that I get kidnapped or that i’m gonna get lost which is a fair assumption I know I could do this and I think it will be an adventure And I get to make an awesome videos for you guys how bad could it really bad and I know also he’s a bit worried cause of his past ex-girlfriends but that’s just not me, I’m not thoses girls I love him so much and I would never ship myself in a box and just never come back he needs to understand that and he needs to be able to trust me maybe i could just put little holes at the bottom of the box like little foot holes ok since i’m gonna be in this box for a very long time good thing about this too is that once I drink this I could pee on it after right and I’m gonna go to the store now and get lots of healthy vegetables that will last me throughout this trip do you want to come with me? I don’t know where i’m going but do you know wanna come Ok i need to get supplies babe yes this is a lot of bananas I like bananas ok I think I need more bananas careful you might break the box oh oh oh my god ah ah ok I really need to pee now. there is so much built up ah ah ok what a relief I made it. I MADE IT!! turn off the camera!! Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video totally real not fake, i swear


  1. For everyone saying that it is "fake" … that was the whole point of the video! Its satire, I'm making fun of the challenge. The only real part was the dinosaurs 😉

  2. if i open a box and you where in there, with this heartmelting look in your eyes, i would say, with my deepest voice: welcome to the wolves den! 😂

  3. omg that was so funny! thank you for making me laugh! i just had three shots and i have to take two more! thank You!

  4. Girl, you scared me half to death. I believed you for the entire video, except for the end. Please don`t lie to us again.😨

  5. It’s not my birthday
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  6. still don't think it is real, like who is holding the camera, i know that you are supposed to hold the camera, but when you opened the bottle of water i saw both of your hands on the bottle.

  7. Omg I found out something weird she said no I cant mail myself and the title is I mailed myself in a box… hmmmmmm uh ok azzy is now on level 10000

  8. Hey Azzy!!! I'm from Ireland and I love these videos!!! Thanks so much for giving me something good to watch on the weekends!!! Great Work!

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