I broke my camera PT2 & found a business mentor

I broke my camera PT2 & found a business mentor

– Hey everyone, it’s me Hallease, endeavoring to persevere as always, back with another motivation
Monday for you all. For those of you who don’t
know, this is a weekly vlog that I put out on my
Patreon for Patreon producers only, where I just talk about
what I’m doing as a full time creative to get things going,
and answer your questions, your more specific questions
that you may have about just being a full-time creative,
owning a production company, what it looks like, all of
that kind of stuff, so yeah. Before I get going though, I
actually have a few new Patreon producers that I want to
welcome to the production team. So hello Kyra, hello Sharletta,
hello Ayana, hello Stephanie and hello Tiffany. Welcome to the Patreon production
team, I am happy to have you and I am excited to get
to know you better, thank you so much for joining us. I appreciate you. So let’s get right on into it. I wanted to update y’all on
my camera, on the last Monday motivations, I said that my
camera had broken and it did, it was really unfortunate,
and I ended up contacting Sony directly because it is
technically still under warranty, ‘cuz I just bought it this year. I figured out how much
time it would take for them to fix it, it would
take them 5 to 6 weeks. 5 to 6 weeks y’all, to fix my camera. And I was like, that’s not cool. But then I noticed that Sony
had a pro services extension which basically allows you
to send in your camera and they’ll fix it within three
days and send it back to you and so, again, because of
y’all, because of the Patreon production team, I was able to
pay that fee that essentially expedites them to fix it and
yeah so now later this week, I will send in my camera and
hopefully have it back within like a week, basically. Because you know, it takes
time to get there and then, the three days and then they send
it back, so it’ll be like a week, a week and a half,
instead of potentially 5 to 6 weeks without a camera,
like, that’s not okay. So again, it is because of
y’all, I really wanna reiterate that, it is because of y’all,
Patreon producers, being part of my production team, y’all
really are helping a lot. Thank you. So yeah, but that was the main
thing, I really wanted to get on and just let y’all know
like, this is what it goes towards, this is like the nitty
gritty, it allows me to be flexible with the production
company, it allows me to allocate resources, all that
kind of stuff to keep the channel going, to keep everything
in the background going. Again, in the last video too,
I also talked about how, when I realized my camera was
broke, I actually had a shoot later that week that I had to
do and I went, I was able to go out and buy a simple extension
to one of my microphones and still keep rolling
as if nothing was wrong. That’s because of y’all,
Patreon producers, y’all are holding me down, so
yeah, thank you so much, like seriously thank you. So yeah that’s the main thing
that happened, for the rest of the week though, let
me look at my journal. So on the last video, Lillian,
you actually mentioned the Beast Cast and how you
were bummed that it was kinda going on hiatus, but then
you also mentioned me kind of revamping it potentially into
something else and I was like that’s an interesting idea,
so now I’m kind of meditating on that, and kind of figuring
out like huh, if I were to revamp the Beast Cast into something else, what would that be? I don’t know, I have to like
think about it for a minute. If any of y’all have any ideas,
let me know in the comments below, that’d be really cool. And then we can kind of go
from there and just see, ‘cuz I’m open, you know? Like maybe Mr. Hallease is
just a guest every now and then but for the most part it’s me,
I don’t know, I don’t know, what would y’all want
to have in podcast form? I’d be curious to know that, you know? The other thing that’s
happening later this week is we’re shooting more episodes
of Say it Loud which is the PBS digital studio show
that my production company produces in partnership with
KLRU and Austin, Texas so we have another shoot this
weekend for that and so that’s what a lot of this week is
going towards which is prepping for that, making sure
everything’s good to go, you know, working with KLRU to make
sure everything’s good, just a lot of prep work to making
sure the shoot goes as smoothly as possible so that’s
happening later this week and so that’s kind of where
a lot of my attention will be this week is just making sure everything’s in order for that. Oh, right, so last week I
also mentioned how I’m in sort of pitching and proposal mode, that’s still going on, I
actually finished a proposal document just putting forth
my idea onto a page and doing so in a way that, no matter
who you are, when you read or see the document, you
understand the idea, which is something that, you know, in
the creative industry you have to get good about doing, like
being able to communicate effectively a full idea. It’s one thing to have an idea
in your head and have this kind of grandiose vision, it’s
another thing to then put it on the page, stating the
resources that you’ll need, stating, you know, what your
production timeline looks like, if you have a pilot for it
or what a proof of concept could possibly be. All of these kinds of things
that, entities that be, will be interested to know, and will
need to understand in order to potentially consider your
idea, so I finished that proposal document this last
week and I’ve sent it to a few colleagues of mine, people I
trust, you know, people I trust who I consider better writers
than me to kind of look at it, give me feedback, let me know
what’s working, what’s not, what about the idea doesn’t,
still seems vague, you know that kind of stuff and
then that sort of thing so they’re gonna send me their
feedback and then I’ll go from there, the next step for me is
then taking that proposal and drafting an email that, you
know, introduces the proposal to said entity, and making sure
that’s good to go and now what I’m working on is, you
know, being on LinkedIn and figuring out who are the
right people in certain fields or in certain, you know, just
in certain distribution arms who would be interested
in this idea that I have. And figuring out what their
emails are, and then sending it to them, and introducing
myself in a way that, you know, is not annoying to their inbox, you know? But again, the worst thing
people can say to you is no, so what’s a no, you know what I’m saying? And sometimes a no is just a
not yet, that’s a thing too, you know, so that’s where
I’m at with it this week, I’m gonna start being on LinkedIn
and like, doing that stuff. And we’ll see how it goes. And then finally, the
other thing this week, so I have two meetings this week. One is with my YouTube
manager, or YouTube partner, they’re called YouTube partners, yes. One is with my YouTube partner
who y’all have actually seen, she’s been featured in a vlog before. Daniella, she’s super cool,
so I’m supposed to be meeting with her sometime this week and
she’s gonna talk to me about the ins and outs of this
channel and what I’ve been doing that apparently is working and
what isn’t working and stuff like that, you know, again,
the channel is mostly here to document my life and showcase
what I can do as a video producer with little to no resources. So that way then when I come
forth to someone and request and want to partner with them
in regards to resources they can see what I’m capable of
doing when there’s very little to no resources and it’s just me. But at the same time too, I
also do wanna grow, here on this platform because I like being
on this platform, I like engaging with all of y’all
and so yeah, having a YouTube partner is just a cool way
to, for me, take a step back from it from the creative
mentality, which is how I kind of focus on this channel, I really
do focus on it purely from like documentation, just creative space. But then pivot and look at it
from the YouTube’s point of view of like the science of it,
the algorithms, and you know being topical and all that
kind of stuff, and you know, are your thumbnails good? You know, like all of that
stuff plays a factor and so, yeah, it’s good to have the
YouTube partner to kind of learn about that stuff, and be just
reminded, be cognizant of that stuff and decide when I wanna
flex it and when I don’t, you know what I mean? So, yeah. I’ll have a meeting with her
this week and the other person I’m gonna meet with, hopefully
this week, if there’s time, is my mentor, my business mentor,
and this is something that I really would stress if you’re
in a creative industry and you’ve just went freelance
and you’re kind of on your own trying to find someone who
can mentor you, is really cool and super helpful, so, I have
a business mentor and he is basically someone who is in a
full-time creative field, he owns a production company as well. And the production company
caters more to creative work, so more around narrative
and documentary and stuff like that, you know? Pitching ideas, all that kind of stuff. And he’s basically where I
would like Hallease Beast to be in five years, his production
company is where I would like mine to be in about five. And I just kind of stumbled
onto him, you know, just kind of putting it out
into the ether, if you will, manifesting, I know a lot of
people say that, if you’re of the Christian faith, to me when
I think about manifesting I essentially think of that as like, it’s just your prayers, you know? Praying out loud and letting
God know what you feel like you need and seeing what God
say back, that’s how I consider manifesting but for you it might just be, just visualizing, I know a
lot of people have a vision boards are hot right now on
YouTube, I see a lot of people talking about their vision
board, you know, to me I think of it as just like saying
my prayers out loud. Anyway he, I hopefully will
have a meeting with him and it’s been really good to just
talk to someone who is in the same field as you and can
let you know that the things you’re freaking out about are
normal things to freak out about frankly, or even sometimes,
you just need someone to just validate how you feel
because in this industry, usually you’re kind of doing a lot of
it alone, and you’re stumbling through it alone, so just
finding a mentor can be just really, really just
helpful on a mental level, you know what I mean? Like I don’t think he’s
necessarily said anything that I didn’t already know to some degree but it’s just always good to
get that validation and again you know, similar to the
video I put out on the channel on Saturday, you know, hearing
from the outside that you’re on the right track, you
know, you’re doing it, you’re in the nitty gritty of
it and you’re doing it. So that’s always really good. So, yeah I’m really excited
about just meeting with him again because it’s been, it’s
been really good to have that. Yeah, so that’s pretty much
what’s been going on with the channel, with me, with the
production company this week, again these are my Monday
motivations, they’re for Patreon producers only but
I just wanted to give y’all a follow-up to the whole camera
thing, and let y’all know that it’s getting handled and
a lot of that is because of the production team on Patreon. Thank y’all. In that same vein, I also want
to thank some producers that have been holding me
down for a minute, okay? Nicky Paige, Philomena, DeAnna
Boyd, and Ineola Falarn, I hope I’m saying your name right, girl. I see y’all in the comments
all the time, I see y’all on the Patreon app and such,
y’all have been holding me down for a minute, I
really appreciate y’all, thank you so much! Oh, final idea, a new idea I
was thinking about too was like figuring out a way to do
some kind of consultation via the Patreon somehow, and
like what tier that would be and like if y’all would be
interested in that, just a way for you to like have 30
minutes with me on the phone, or like a Google hangout,
you know like Google meetings or something, so I’m like
debating on that too and like if that’s something y’all would
be even interested in, if you would be let me know in
the comments and I’ll start figuring out what that looks
like, you know, on there. Yeah, so that’s pretty much
it, again, this is Monday motivations, this is where I
let y’all know in a very more informal fashion, what I’m
doing on the channel, how I’m trying to grow, what I’m doing
with the production company, being a full-time creative,
what that looks like and answer your questions, so
I’ll see you when I see you, Patreon producers, I’ll see you on Monday.


  1. I personally would like to see the beastcast make a comeback!

    I’d like to hear how you are making steps toward your goal of taking a year off. It’s a doable goal, and I’d love to watch it manifest.

  2. You could maybe revamp the Beast Cast into an interviewing type of podcast for a season where you talk to other couples about marriage, monogamy, polygamy, LGBTQ+ issues in relationships, etc. and broaden the scope of what a "relationship" is and how it works. I've always wanted to see an episode with your parents to hear their take on what a prolonged relationship looks like. That season of Beastcast could just explore the simple question of "what does a relationship look like to you (a.k.a whoever you're interviewing at the time)?"

  3. Also, I'd like to see more scriptwriting and camera "how to videos," like you did with the video where you boiled water and showed how you slowed the shot down and made that cool effect. I'm going back to school for Digital Media and I would love to see more practical application videos where you spit knowledge about your craft since I truly admire your work and the video products you put out.

  4. I so love your JOY it's radiating through this video! You're going to always win because you have the right intentions. Bless!

  5. Congrats on finishing your proposal!! Those things can be hard. Beastcast or no, your channel is great and I think people are just behind all of what you're putting out now, Monday Motivations, journaling your freelance lifestyle, production how-tos, etc.I think these are all things that can translate nicely to a podcast format.
    Although I do see how video format suits you're craft as a visual creative. Videos like this one are sort of like a podcast we can watch.

  6. You're looking beautiful today Queen. Hair is looking lovely today. Sorry about the cam dilemma. Glad it all woks out.

  7. Yay!
    More "Say It Loud"
    You are really growing
    You are quite intentional
    You're gonna go far 🙂

  8. Maybe for the podcast you could talk about spirituality or vision board stuff how do you talk to God?.

  9. I'm really excited to see your company grow the way that it has been growing recently. I'm trying to get to the end of the semester, but once I get a job this summer I would love to support you on Patreon!

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