Huawei Y7 Prime (DUB-Lx1) 2019 Factory Rest Protection/Google Account Lock Bypass

Today we will learn how to bypass google account lock on Huawei y7 prime 2019 (DUB-Lx1) you can see I have a y7 prime mobile phone in my hands power off the mobile phone we will remove frp lock with MRT tool first, we will open the phone remove back cover, it can be removed easily unplug fingerprint strip carefully open all patches that are shown and unplug back cover to remove frp we will get test point beneath the cover to unlock factory reset protection need to joint the test point if you are first time at my channel subscribe how to flash and click on bell icon so you can get all new videos notifications joint these two y7 prime test points check mobile in device manager mobile is connected or not remove battery open device manager check Qualcomm port is enabled if you see Qualcomm port in device manager it means mobile connected. joint y7 prime 2019 test point and insert USB cable you can se port is enabled open MRT frp remove tool to bypass y7 prime frp lock in this tool easily remove the account y7 prime latest security can be bypassed by MRT tool Go to Huawei option click on Huawei flash tool mobile should be in Qualcomm mode Click on erase the account Click on start button it is a safe method to bypass google account MRT is a paid tool processing is done now remove the USB cable plug battery and power on mobile select language skip all option Google account is removed thanks for watching Share & like video subscribe channel

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