How to watch Google Play movies on Apple TV

How to watch Google Play movies on Apple TV

Apple TV is a really convenient way to watch
all the movies and TV Shows you’ve purchased from iTunes on your TV.
But what about all the content sitting in your Google Play account?
There’s no Google Play app for Apple TV, so does that mean you’re out of luck?
You won’t believe it, but one of these apps actually contains all your Google Play videos
already. Keep watching to find out.
The trick to getting your Google Play content on the Apple TV lies in the YouTube app. YouTube
is a subsidiary of Google, and it’s a little known secret that you can watch your Google
Play movies and TV shows pretty much anywhere you can watch Youtube.
So, open the YouTube app on your Apple TV. On the top menu, move across to My YouTube.
If you’re not signed in already, you’ll be met with a screen like this. Make a note
of the web address and the code. Now open a web browser on your computer or
tablet, and head to the address Type in the code on your TV screen, and click
Next. Now sign into your Google account. If you
tend to use more than one Google account, make sure you sign into the account you purchased
your movies with. Then click Allow, and you’ll be signed into
Youtube over on the Apple TV. Now for the really cool part.
Staying in My YouTube, you need to move down until you get to Purchases. And there are
your movies. Did that work for you? I love a success story,
so please let me know in the comments below which film you’re settling down to watch
on your Apple TV. If I helped you, please help me by clicking
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  1. I found this trick when I was desperate to watch the first Kingsman film on Apple TV! What will you be watching from Google Play tonight?

  2. This does work, however I have found that most movies are limited to 720p via the youtube work around, not 1080p, let alone 4 k!

  3. I cannot get my
    Purchased content to play through YouTube on Apple TV. It plays fine on my iPhone but when I go onto it on Apple TV it says the episode is not available. Does anyone else have this problem?

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