How to Setup localhost on a Mac/ How to setup a website on a Mac Version 10.6.8 and under

How to Setup localhost on a Mac/ How to setup a website on a Mac Version 10.6.8 and under

how to set up localhost on a mac first go to apple in the menu then choose system preferences on the third line, you’ll have sharing click that look for web sharing and now let’s click that let’s turn it on and once it’s on let’s quit out of system preferences now open up a browser I prefer chrome go to the address bar and type localhost forwardslash tilda your username press enter here we see the default website to edit go to your finder window. click your username, then sites here are the default files that are rendering your current page let’s delete it now refresh your localhost it’s empty and we have directory browsing on. Now lets open up text edit, which can be found in your applications. Notice we have a formatting menu this means we aren’t in plain text mode Go to format in the menu, then choose “make plain text” Now we can make a quick page. Let’s put in the opening and closing html tags, as well as the opening and closing head and body tags … and now let’s close the head Here’s the body tag and now lets close the body tag The head is where we add meta information. Let’s add a title open title my site close title nobody Now in the body let’s add some content. Let’s add a heading H1 My site and close the H1 And let’s add a paragraph And quickly explain what the site is. and close the paragraph Now let’s save the file go save as or command S Navigate to Sites Let’s create a new folder, so that we can work on many different sites. Now, let’s save the file as index dot html We use index as this page will come up if we navigate to the folder via your browser as a rendered page instead of a listing Now let’s refresh the page in the browser Click your folder, here we are! Now apart from localhost we can also type


  1. running  OS X 10.8.5  .  no web sharing option . only internet sharing .
    seems like  apple removed the feature or there is somewhere hidden
    i enabled it through a a  preference pane i downloaded called web sharing it typed localhost in safari and says  '' IT WORKS ''  but i don't have access to the sites folder  of my home  folder 

  2. thx! running osx 10.7 and worked perfectly! But i have a question, How do i share so its on my network so i can access it on my iPad?

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