1. Mam please talk only in english because i dont understand ur language. ( i think u speak hindi )
    Pls consider my request mam

  2. Read "Rich dad Poor Dad" book. You will be able to know better how to save money and get rich.; After seen this video i could say.
    All the best!

    keep Doing Good!

  3. This video build up my confidence, and i found that my research is going in right path. The topics u covered in this video are the same things that i'm searched for in the internet. Tq madam. U inspired me a lot.

  4. Make sure you talk in English 90℅ I can manage 10℅ hindi but if you talk like this in next video I may not be undetstanding that video also like this one… 🙄🙄🙄

  5. Started learning share market, saw 1/2 video's on share market, Then found CA Rachana Ranade…Ma'am..the thing which i liked is the way you taught those 2 lectures…..very pin point discussion…no extra unwanted word.. Excellent fluency & flow…i can save those lectures as my favorites. Thank you.

  6. Hello madam …mi shares trading risky asate madhech mahiti asayache….pan tumache video baghitala var interest yeto aahe ….thank you so much….for people like mi who do not know a b c d of shares, trading….tumache videos & friendly discussion khup helpful ani apalya lahi with yr guidance yeu shakate ase vatate…other friends used to talk like " buy kar ke sale pe baitha hun…. fir buy karunga sale karake buy pe baitha hun…fir sale karunga….etc….
    😅.."yane he khup vegale aahe , not easy vatayache….pan yr videos make new person also comfortable in this topic…Thx 😊👍

  7. Me Born in Pune….Pune thithe kadhich une navhate…ani with God's grace kadhihi nasanar…. specially real subject learning madhe….😀👌👍

  8. Apaki speech lajawab hai.ap hindi, english,bahot acchi bolate ho agar apako marathi aati hai thoda marathi bhi bole to apki speech me char chand lag jayege .meri apko request hai ap thoda marathi bhi bolo.

  9. Really she is very exciting and great teacher… something unique is there in her deliverables that create passion amongst audiences

  10. You have given a basic knowledge about a stock market, but give an AVAIRNESS how to invest in the stock market. Example take some broker website like trade tiger etc to know how to deal with in stock exchange market in BSC Or NSC that will be good👍 (you have good teaching staff by which everyone can understand perfectly)

  11. Yes mam I want to meet you please guide me about financial planing bcoz i don't have any idea pls reply me i m waiting .i m in pune

  12. your style of teaching is completely different from everyone. and i feel that everyone should see your videos once because it contains so many information which actually needs to know. Really, every youtubers says that, yes you can save the money but how they don't tell, or in the stock market no one digs down such deep details like you. And also i feel that you are not sponsoring your products like dr vivek bindra, or you are not telling, isme aapka ye hogi bo hogi, hamare lacture sunengenge to aap billionaire ho jayinge ….. I genuinely feels that we should support you, we should buy your lectures, which in the real world actually help us

  13. I am citizen of US and Canada.
    How can I open Demat account as being foreigner?

    Men I am very proud of you and your initiative of starting this course.
    I hope people especially young can implement on this.

  14. I cannot become expert like you or mr jhunjhunwala
    Tell me a strategy of few steps that is at least 60 percent successful in intraday

  15. I have already opened acctt. With zerodha (sharad chand srivastva)
    NOW tell me a strategy of few steps that is at least 60 percent successful
    In intraday.

  16. Thnx for making us financial literate, very useful information, I like to watch your videos, waiting for another one …..😊

  17. खूपच सुंदर आणि सोप्या शब्दात
    स्पष्टीकरण करतेस
    ग्रेट वर्क RR

  18. Very Nice Video Rachana
    During Watching this video in Middle opened Calculator also and calculated 20% of Net Salary …. decided to Save 15% …20% Jada ho raha hai Impossible 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😄

  19. There are also sharks and wild animals which eats smaller fish and cute animals, don't make your savings as fish are cute animals. There is no certainty that a company grows contineously for 20 years and become zeero in 21st year. Saving is important but not to just feed sharks.

  20. Hey miss have you ever tried "Alice Blue" which offers very very very less brokerage charges as well as 20 times future trading margin…. so this is literally the best broker available today … Give it a try

  21. U wasted my 15mins nothing on saving money only one rule u make 15min ke video me & only selling ur affiliate link

  22. Rachna,aap intrday trading karna chahiye ya nahi…Aap kya karte ho…Long term investment ya day trading

  23. Thanks for ur lovely video. What is the possible way to invest share market for NRI? Please discuss pros & cons.., procedure about this matter

  24. Mam,ur one of my inspirational teacher,the way u explain,the way u give examples is really awesome,this kind of teaching makes an average student bookworm.

  25. Hello Madam i have an HDFC demat account i need a suggestion how to start trading.Request you to guide me how to start i can provide you further details regarding earning and saving cycle

  26. Mujhe apka khud ka naam bolne ka style hi bahut acha lagta hai…
    C.H. Ranade😍😍
    I always love to hear your name only by yourself.😍😍
    "Hi guys C.H. ranade here"
    This is your first line in your every vedio..😍😍
    I love it.

  27. Madam mene aapka video dekha bahut achha laga . Knowledge full raha but or videos dekhe vo complete English me the to unko samajhne thoda problem aayi . Because me science background se hun to mujhe kuch bhi samajh nahi aata hai

  28. I got some light on financial management and share market, Thanks and appreciate your effort. and but for Demat a/c and sharemarket lot of restrictions for NRI's. kindly clarify.

  29. ★★★ Excellent Video !!! Very Informative.. While we all enjoy this video let us also not forget that -'Those Who Do Not Learn from History Are Doomed To Repeat It'. -It is true & there is NO doubt that the brutal & fanatic Islamic Mughal rule in India faced stiff resistance at different periods from the great RAJPUT warriors, fierce AHOM warriors from Assam, the Vijayanagar and Hoyasala empire from South & from Punjab the brave SIKH warriors…India's strength lies in Unity in Diversity. Rightly did the great Hindi Poet Bhushana, who forsook the royal favours of the Mughal court to come over to Shivaji to record his glories, he sang :-“काशी की कला जाती, मथुरा की मसजीद बनती, अगर शिवाजी ना होते तो सबकी सुन्नत होती.” meaning : (Had not there been Shivaji, Kashi would have lost its culture,Mathura would have been turned into a mosque and all would have been circumcised.)

    If not for Shivaji and the Marathas, there would have existed a continuous Islamic belt from Morocco to Indonesia. What addition of 1 billion more adherents to Islam would have done to the world power balance or what would have happened to Indian legacy like yoga, ayurveda, music, art and philosophy, is not difficult to guess….

    It is worthwhile examining the 'what if' of Indias history, Aurengzeb, Akbars great great grandson, had embarked on the 'Islamisation' of India. The Marathas, inspired by Shivaji, fought Aurengzeb and saved India from following the fate of Persia. The proof of Maratha victory lies in the fact that Aurengzeb lies buried, not in Lahore /Delhi or Agra , but near Aurangabad in good old Maharashtra…

    Indian history before Shivaji's advent reads like a chronicle of military disasters. Shivaji changed all that. He used Guerilla Tactics very effectively. Shivaji, as a great warrior & visionary laid a strong and solid foundation that after his death in 1680, there was a series of battles fought between Marathas and Mughals from 1681 to 1707 known as 'War of 27 years' and ended with the death of Aurangzeb in 1707, about 2.5 million of Aurangzeb's army were killed during the Mughal–Maratha War of 27 years. The Marathas eventually emerged victorious and consolidated their lost territories and further expanded by the Peshwas. The Maratha empire reached its peak in summer of 1758 with the conquest of Attock, which is banks of Indus river in Pakistan today. Its eastern frontier was today’s Orissa, being ruled by Raghuji Bhosale of Nagpur. Maratha armies had also reached upto Murshidabad, but then retreated and settled for tribute from Bengal and control of Orissa. To the south, in 1758, territories upto the fort of Gurramkonda in Kadappah district were held. Also, Tanjore (Thanjavur) was under Marathas, but that was a different line. In 1761, the PANIPAT war was lost to the Afghans but Marathas RESURRECTED quickly like phoenix bird from asheswithin 10 years and brought the whole of North Indian again under their control during the 1770's under leadership of Madhavrao Peshwa.

    Marathas also comprehensively defeated the Nizam of Hyderabad and kept Hyder Ali- Tipu Sultan of Mysore in serious check.

    Eventually, the Marathas grew stronger and fought the British in three Anglo–Maratha Wars (1775–82, 1803–05, 1817–18), In the First Anglo-Maratha War (1775–1782) the Marathas emerged Victorious. A Vijay Stambh (Victory Pillar) erected to commemorate Maratha victory over British is located at Vadgaon/Wadgaon Maval, close to the city of Pune. The 2nd and 3rd were subsequently lost and British established themselves which was followed by the Uprising of 1857 .

    (-By the way, just for your G.K, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is today considered as the 'Father of the Indian Navy' AND Apart from Jijabai, 3 well known Women personalities emerging from the Maratha empire were Maharani TARABAI, Devi AHILYABAI HOLKAR from Indore and RANI LAXMIBAI of Jhansi also known as Manikarnika.-)

    मराठे कभी थकते नहीं | मराठे कभी रुकते नहीं | मराठे कभी झुकते नहीं और मराठे कभी बिकते नहीं | Hearty Salute to the sacrifice made by our Great Sikhs, Rajputs, Marathas and Ahom warriors for standing up to brutality and defending Mother India !

    India as a secular country needs UNIFORM CIVIL CODE.

    Jai HIND !!! VANDE MAATARAM !! ★★★

  30. Loved this video mam..next video please on mutual funds for students maam. And about the mobile apps like growth app for mutual funds.

  31. PLEASE Make a Video on Books to read before investing and also certain books to read while Investing.

    Peace !!

  32. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

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