How to Know if a Website is Secure? Experts Answer!

How to know if a website is secure? You type in your username and password, everyone can just listen up those and record them on the network as they go. The “green lock” is just not enough. In the olden days, people were told just to look for that little green padlock that says that the site has a security certificate on it. But that’s not enough these days. So the green lock what it means is that your connection is being encrypted from and to from the website. So if you’re connected to a malicious website, your connection is going to be encrypted but it doesn’t mean a website suddenly is going to be a safe website. If there’s no lock icon at all,
there’s no HTTPS connection so your connection to the server is not encrypted. This basically means that anyone listening on to the network you’re at is able to see all your discussions with the server. For an example, if you type in your username and password everyone can just listen up those and record them on the network as they go. Now what I like to do is,
I like to look at these webstores. I like to look at the information they’re giving you about contacting them. Is there a phone number? Is there a location?
Is there a physical address in a country you trust? Well simply put:
if you ever need to put your own data on any website at least make sure that it’s going over an encrypted connection. Try to double think if you should really give your data on this website or not. To know if a website is secure in terms of malicious code on the website, you can’t really tell. It’s good to have some endpoint protection software
for that. I also like to look at websites like the Wayback Machine, which stores old copies of websites. And I like to see when was the first time this website appeared as it is know. Now if it’s a brand new webstore, only been online a month or so, and six months ago it used to be a different website entirely… Something fishy is going on. Maybe somebody just picked an expired website that had some traffic back in the day, but fell into disuse and it’s trying to use the same address in the hopes of attracting people who used to come to the website before. So that would definitely be something
I’d be very suspicious of.

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