How to Get a Free SSL for your WordPress Website

How to Get a Free SSL for your WordPress Website

Hi guys welcome to Website learners Today we’re going to see how you can get
a free SSL for your wordpress website Now if you go to your website and you see
this not secure message on your browser It means that you do not have SSL Now if you want to change this message
into the secure lock symbol You need to get an SSL for your website So this will make
your visitors to trust your website So let’s get started We’re going to get a free SSL
in just five steps The first step is to
‘Create an account on a website called cloudflare’ So this is a website
which is going to give us the free SSL So to create the account
let’s go to And then click sign up Now enter your email And password And click create account Okay so now our account is created Next let’s go to step two Which is to
‘Add your website to this account’ So just enter your website name And then click add site Then click Next Now select the free plan And click confirm Then scroll down And click continue Okay so now our website
has been added to cloudflare So next let’s go to step three Which is to ‘Change your nameservers’ So we need to add these nameservers To your domain So to add these nameservers You need to first login to your
domain provider’s website So to find out your domain provider Just click here And you can see that
our domain is provided by godaddy So to add these nameservers First let’s login to godaddy So we’ll open a new window And then go to Now click sign in And then sign in into your account So here you can see that we have the
same domain which we added to cloudflare Now to change the
nameservers of this domain Just click DNS And then scroll down to nameservers And click change Now click here And select custom And now here you need to enter the
details which is provided in cloudflare So let’s go there And then copy the first value And paste it here Then copy this one And paste it Now click save So now we have successfully
added the nameservers To our domain So let’s go back to cloudflare And then click continue Now to check if the nameservers are changed Let’s click recheck now And you will get this message And now if we click refresh You should see this green icon Which means your nameservers
have been changed Now even if you don’t
see this green icon immediately You can still go to the next step And everything will work
at the end of this video So once you have added your nameservers You can now go to step four Which is to install the
cloudflare plugin in wordpress So to install the plugin
let’s go to WordPress And then go to plugins And click add new Now search for flexible SSL And you will get this plugin Now let’s install this plugin by clicking here And activate So now we have installed the
cloudflare plugin in wordpress So once you have installed the plugin We can now go to the final step Which is to ‘Enable SSL in cloudflare’ So let’s go back to cloudflare And then click this lock icon Now scroll down to Always Use HTTPS And turn it on Now as soon as you turn this on Your website will now be secured with SSL So let’s check it Now if you go to your site You can see that
before we had this not secure message But now if we click refresh You can see that we now have the lock And the HTTPS Which means we have now got the SSL So now if you click here You can see that our browser says The connection is secure Now if your site didn’t load properly Just wait for a few minutes And then load it from a different device It will work after a few minutes Okay guys so this is how you can get
a free SSL for your wordpress website Now if you want to learn
how to create an e-commerce website You can watch this video And if you want to purchase
a domain or SSL from godaddy You can click here So thanks for watching
I’ll see you in the next video Ba-bye


  1. When I click on 'I need help in changing my name servers' this takes to "Select your registrar" which 4 options ahead, GoDaddy, Namecheap etc.

  2. I did exactly as instructed in the video, But now my site is broken…only text and no images… how long do i have to wait ?

  3. How many no of sites we can add in single cloudflare account. Suppose we are installing for multiple clients.

  4. Hey,
    I with many other viewers (as i can see in the comments) did as you told us. But after doing so, our website got broke. No images were showing and the text got disorganized.
    I have already tried to contact you from your website and many people have tried it through comments on this video.

    You have replied to NONE ! Help us solve this please.

  5. and how this didn't affect your website after changing nameserves already pointed to hosting? it's strange!!!

  6. It's not working I follow every thing correctly and everything is same nochange , it don't enable ssl certificate so please help me to get out of this challange

  7. Hey my website is not the same as before! It looks dull now. Everything has gone. The theme is not visible. One can only see texts

  8. Thank you so much . You are the reason I am able to make my website. Thank you so much .
    After loading ssl like you said in this video, my images uploaded in website, are not displayed in my website in windows , mi , android . Though they are visible in Mac and iPhone .
    In an insecure website images are displayed in all platforms . Only after ssl they are not visible . Kindly let me know how to fix my problem .
    Is there something on image optimisation which I don’t know . Kindly make a video on that
    My website made possible because of website learners is –

    Thank you

  9. A video that is actually helpful! I'm a novice and I was able to follow your directions to a T. Worked perfectly, thank you so much!

  10. [7/15, 11:24 PM] Pavan Kallem💪💪🤟😎: How to append text from one text box to another textbox means,in one textbox we we write text that text should be append to another text box content in WordPress or in Java script please help me to solve this problem

  11. Bro my site is not loading pages and my site is not opening it saying this site cant provide a secure connection

    I think its broken now, my website is only displaying text that too in a weird way.

  13. how can we add new nameservers (Cloudflare) to the domain service provider account by removing our existing hosting nameservers?

  14. hi bro i did all your steps and it's working i got my website is secure but already my website have astra theme not working properly that images not showing could you please help with me…

  15. You currently have TLSv1 enabled.

    This version of TLS is being phased out. This warning won't break your padlock, however if you run an eCommerce site, PCI requirements state that TLSv1 must be disabled by June 30, 2018.

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  17. its not working ..plz help me out … i made my website watching your videos its not getting secure me out

  18. After downloading this ssl certificate plugin will my word press website slow down ??? And i have few videos and images in my website so will i get mixed content error ??

  19. Thanks for the information about the SSL certificate.

    I have purchased an SSL certificate from

  20. I can't remove my existing name servers since I'm hosting on different company. Can add alongside with them?

    Can I change my nameservers for the IP rather than domain name?

    I use AWS EC2 instance as my server so I've to keep the name servers in my domain registration company.

  21. Really thank you this is the first instruction that worked for me the other ones doesnt worked for me realy thank you

  22. Is this works properly if we our domain provider is GoDaddy but hosting provider is some other company..?? Please guide..

  23. I have applied your steps on my wordpress websites . and my website content is not loading properly .. now i am trying tp apply default setting on godaddy DNS seetings .. But it is not applying default .. please help in this matter .. Thanks

  24. Hey great video thanks a lot …..however after completing the steps I am still not seeing the green lock instead I'm seeing an exclamation sign and when I click on it it is saying "your connection is not fully secured"

  25. Actually, I have installed ssl through cloud flare but it shows mixed content in web browser. How to get rid of that. I am using it to full .Firstly, I was unable to use force https only .In that case user can still use http .When more question, what if I don't use plugin

  26. First I built an ecommerce website from your other video then I did this and it is still showing your site is not fully secured. On cloudfare I turned on the tab to for mix content to https as well.

  27. I deleted the entire WordPress and I reinstalled it and did nothing accept install Cloudflare and it still says that the site is not completely secure

  28. My hosting and domin both with godaddy. When i am changing nameservers it gives me error "WE CAN'T DISPLAY YOUR DNS INFORMATION BECAUSE YOUR NAME SERVERS AREN'T MANAGED BY US" in this condition how i manged to changed nameserver or use cloudflares's Ssl??

  29. Thank you so much. But I am not receiving outlook emails after the DNS updation. Please let me know if you have any idea on this.

  30. For all the people complaining about getting problems after installing ssl certificate, install and active SSL Insecure Content Filter plugin. It did the work!

  31. This was really easy and helpful to get free SSL certificate, i really love this video. Thankyou so much. ❤ #Bigappreciation

  32. After installing cloudfare free ssl, my web site, theme, menu everything changed, looking hapazard. And getting a message that "your site is not completely secure" sir PL help

  33. After installing cloudfare ssl. I'm not able see any images on my website. It has totally changed. Please help me out.

  34. BRO IT worked for the home page only. after a tap on some other pages, categories of my blog it's showing not secure. please resolve

  35. Hello sir After activating ssl my website has disable CSS just show simple HTML code written form and not showing CSS design @WebLearn

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