How to fix: Nothing happens when you click on Google Chrome

How to fix: Nothing happens when you click on Google Chrome

Let’s look at a problem where you click
on Google Chrome, and nothing happens. In this video, I’m going to show you how
to get Google Chrome working again on your Windows computer. This is Dave’s Tech Rescue, where I solve
your problems with computers, Internet and technology.
If you have a question you’d like to ask me, leave it in the comments below and I’ll
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my next video, where I might be answering your question. Today’s question: Nothing happens when I try to run Google Chrome.
How do I fix this? If possible, I don’t want to lose my bookmarks. Well, it should be possible to fix this problem
quickly, without losing any of your saved data. First, we need to uninstall Chrome, and there
are a couple of different ways to do this, depending on which version of Windows you
have. If you have Windows 10, click on the Start
Menu, then click on Settings. This is the gear icon. Then go to Apps. Scroll down this page, and look through the
list of apps until you find Google Chrome. Click Uninstall, then Uninstall again. Now this is the important part. If you want
to keep your bookmarks and other data, do not tick this box, leave it blank. Just click Uninstall, and Google Chrome is
uninstalled. If you have another version of Windows, like
Windows 7, there’s a slightly different way to uninstall Chrome. I’m going to try
to show you this on my Windows 10 computer. Click on the Start Menu, then click on Control
Panel. And if you don’t see Control Panel, type
‘Control Panel’, then click on it. When Control Panel appears, click on Programs,
then Programs & Features, and Uninstall a Program. You’ll see the list of programs. Find Google
Chrome, and click on it. Then, at the top, click on Uninstall. Make sure you don’t tick this box, if you
don’t want to lose your bookmarks. Then click Uninstall, and Chrome is uninstalled. If you run into any problems or errors when
you try to uninstall Chrome, just restart the computer and then try to uninstall it
again. Once you’ve removed Chrome, you just need
to install it again. So, open another web browser on your computer.
You should still have Edge or Internet Explorer. Go to this web address: Click on Download Chrome, and click Accept
and Install. Then click Run, and wait while Chrome is installed. Then Chrome will open up, and you should see
that your bookmarks are still there. Please let me know in the comments below how
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  1. So, if i shift to Firefox from Chrome,do the chrome bookmarks directly go to Firefox or would i have to import it?

  2. Thank you very much. I fixed mine immediately. I searched regarding this issue and your video popped out 1st. Liked and subscribed!!

  3. Thank You Very Much for the information… It really works… I recommend this vid to everyone who's also experiencing this kind of troubleshoot…

  4. When I just took the things you said it didn't workand it said this type of file can harm your computer is it going to do anything bad to the computer

  5. My google chrome shows that it is running on my actions tab, but the window won't open for some reason. I would click on the icon to open the window, but the window won't pop up. Do you know how to fix this issue? Thanks a bunch if you do and can share that in a video!

  6. Thank you – i was starting to despair – all the other sites were so complicated but i took one look at yr face and knew you were a simple guy ( joke) -subbing

  7. Whenever I try to open mine it just loads for a second then doesn’t open :/
    Edit: thank you, you helped me solve the problem!

  8. It just directly un-installs, it doesn't ask me if I want to delete history etc. Grrrrr… Will see if they automatically restore when I install Chrome again.


    Okay today, well yesterday, I had a serious heart break. My PC broke and this is how it happened.
    I was just playing world of tanks blitz on my PC and I got bored. Exited out of wotb and razer game booster. I went to my file explorer but it froze. I powered it off and powered it back on. Signed in and it said preparing windows right after it said welcome. It was a temporary account as my other account was corrupted. I followed steps to get it back but nothing was working so I did a system restore and waited. I booted it up and signed in. Some things looked normal while others don't, firstly my wallpaper is just the windows logo, not what I had it last, second all my files and documents are fucking gone. As for the similarities, steam, wotb, YouTube, Hangouts and some folders have returned but not all my stuff. Is there a way to get EVERYTHING back to my PC and if so, do I need to take it a PC repair shop? Please tell me!

  10. Thanks very much for this. It was very clear and easy to follow. As it happens, I had exactly this problem – clicking on Chrome resulted in no response at all. I ran a quick scan on Superantispyware and that fixed it.

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