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  2. Great strategies. I've read FB will be putting a lot more attention on Groups in the upcoming future, so this is great information to have,

  3. Excellent tips and strategies!! Thank you for sharing. I think Facebook groups have so many incredible advantages.

  4. I totally need this to grow my youtube channel and increase my blog trafic! Thanks for these Golden nuggets

  5. I still havnt started my FB group but I know its so essential to exploding your online business. Did you have a hard time naming your group when you first started?

  6. This was great – I definitely need to join some new groups and dedicate some time to using them properly! Thanks 😀

  7. I love using facebook groups to grow my blog! I have not only gotten some amazing followers but made a few friends in the process.

  8. You've done a great job of explaining why groups are important!! I have a relatively new group with daily share threads as well, would you be interested in adding it to your spreadsheet?

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