How to Delete Google My Business Listing (2020 Version)

How to Delete Google My Business Listing (2020 Version)

Hi there. In this video we’re going to
look at one of the biggest questions people ask about Google My Business. The question is… How do you delete your Google my business entry and we’re going
to look at it in the very latest version of Google My Business Hi I’m Zane from Zanet Design and I
help businesses and entrepreneurs benefit from my 20 years experience. Now
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benefit your business in the coming weeks, months and years. So let’s just
think for a moment, when it comes to SEO Google My Business is a real gift that’s
been given to businesses particularly if you want to benefit in a local way and
the biggest question that comes up is what happens when maybe you’ve put a
wrong entry and you just want to delete your business entry. So that question. How
do you delete your Google my business entry. Let’s have a look at this if you
go to Google My Business and if you go to the sign-in screen and just sign in
as you normally would and then you’ll come up with your locations and maybe
your businesses you’re running. The answer really simply is this to go to
the location that you’re going to delete. So in this case I’ll go to my business
location and there under actions you now can do several things and one of the
things you can do you can transfer location so maybe that you’re just
moving offices and rather than delete it you want to transfer but actually the
one that you may want to go for is either permanently closed or even remove
location. Remove location… I’m not going to do that because that would
closer and remove my business altogether. But by pressing remove location in
effect that’s deleting that entry. You may say well Google is still showing
it weeks or months later and of course Google will still show entries things
have to be spidered and things don’t always get removed straight away but
that’s the control that’s how you delete Google My Business using the current
settings. So I hope that’s been useful for you there
many other tips I have on my channel so make sure we subscribe and hopefully you
can join me again soon thanks


  1. Hi Zanet, Im wanting to keep my business listing up but I'd like to delete the free website google provided for me. I now have a new website but the google site is still showing up when searched and that is hurting my SEO for the new site. Can you share with how to delete it?

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  3. How do I delete my business and set up a new my business because I have a new name for the business I have not done the Verification yet on the first one

  4. "Couldn't Remove Location. Check your permissions, or try removing locations individually" I get this error message when I press ''Remove location'' ??? There is no listing or nothing else and I am the PRIMARY OWNER

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