How to create database in phpmyadmin WAMP SERVER

hi and welcome to how to create a database in PHP my admin using wamp server welcome my name is emily and if you haven’t subscribed yet for my channel please do right now and this is one server which has PHP my admin and PHP my admin is the user interface form is correct so now I think it’s clear we are going to use MySQL on PHP my admin through vamp server so you can download mysql from here go to downloads or PHP myadmin from here all if you just want to use the vamp server perfectly fine go to vamp Cybercom and download it hit on download and you land on this page here choose an appropriate download for you 64-bit or 32-bit download it on your operating system microsoft operating system once it’s downloaded make sure it’s running you may have to restart the system boot shop and then launch it so this is my run server which is already running all the services mysql PHP and apache so in this video I’m going to first of all cover my PHP my admin and how you can create a database using PHP myadmin and then i’ll go ahead and show you how to create with mysql console the same database okay and that will appeal and you would be able to manage with PHP man so whichever one is good for you you can start using that so this is PHP my admin you can visit on any different browser localhost / PHP my admin and just hit enter you will get good page here so when you launch it for the first time there is no user name on it but you already have a username created for you without any password so give it a name that’s auto boot our oot and then hit go so on this user interface to create a username there are two options you can go to databases all you can go to new and this name whatever you want to come what may meet my DB and then you create it on create this database has been created you can see it’s been already selected now to make changes to this database or create I user name for this database to create a username you go to privileges you already have a root username created with global privileges on it with no password on localhost okay to create a new user you click on here name it hostname choose local and password or you can generate a password okay you can give it a global privilege here come okay and then you say go this is how you can create a username on the database in case you want to delete the database you have two options you can go to databases here select my DB and drop it from here oh you can go to my baby here and go to operations and then hit my drop database tick then say okay that’s the first way to create a database in PHP my admin on van server on one server you’re getting my SQL console as well so you can use that go to mysql mysql console and as you know there is no password on your mysql so click enter you will be getting this prompt here that says welcome to my school monitor commands end with semicolon or /g da so you can see it gives you idea how it works okay so we are going to create a database first create data base this was ever my DB and then you see a semicolon it is command and switch to my college so hit enter one query had query oak in one row affected so you can go back to my admin and dis refresh it you’ll get that mighty be created for you you will have the same thing up I username with do with no password root user name is no passport with all group global privileges now to delete the database you can plea go to drop it could be up against a little gay to the matter drop but standard one is a placate the command especially drug data base not to be semi column sorry about this and then you hit Enter query okay literal effective effective and then with refresh it you’re my DB has been deleted or dropped here okay you can see so this is how you can create and delete data bases are NPH you might admin using wamp server PHP my admin interface or mysql console so they do the same thing thank you so much whichever one is good for you you can start using that one so thank you again and have a good day thank you for watching please like share and subscribe leave your comment below thank you and have a good day Bye.. Bye.. !!


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