How to connect to Azure SQL Database from Azure Data Studio | Data Exposed

[MUSIC]>>Hi. My name is Anna Thomas
and I’m a data and applied scientist on the Azure SQL team
here at Microsoft. Today I just want to record a very short video to
show you how you can switch an existing database
over to a serverless database. Let me just hide that. But you
can see what I have is I have an Azure SQL database and I’ve hit the “Configure” button and I’m
brought up with this page. Now I have some options to
choose from but really I just want to switch
my compute tier to serverless, and we see we only have
the Gen5 option available for that. Next, I have to go ahead and scale the vCores to the max that I want so it will go between
the min and the max. Right now on our preview, we only have a max of four vCores. Finally, I have to set
the Auto Pause delay. So this is how long I want it
to not receive any connections before I decide to go ahead and pause it and I’ll just
leave it at the default. Then if you haven’t signed
up for serverless before, you may have to come in here and accept the terms of
the public preview. Then I click apply and
that’s basically it. It takes a few seconds to
scale my database over. But once it’s done, I’ll
have a serverless database. So I see I get a notification
that my database has successfully scaled and by scaled we mean moved over to
a serverless instance. So thanks for joining me today. I hope this was useful. Give us a like and subscribe
to our channel and let us know what you are using
Serverless for. Thank you. [MUSIC]


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